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  1. Eh, I like the hair, and the thing is - it's HAIR. It grows. If she gets sick of it, she can change it. I think it is FAR better than the botox fish face that seems to be all the rage with the female actors lately. They get so much botox, the only thing that moves is their mouth - and not the entire mouth, only the lips. They then get the lips plumped - giving them fish mouth. I really don't understand why someone (especially someone as naturally beautiful as Nadia) would want to do that to themselves, but, it's their body so I guess they can do whatever they want with it.
  2. Yes, another person who had the potential to be a good villain, wasted. When will the writers realize that we don't really want all-powerful big bads, capable of doing ridiculously over the top things? I think the kind of menacing characters, who have done bad things in the past, but MIGHT be redeemable/capable of good are much more intriguing. We don't really know which way their character will go in any given situation.
  3. Boy, they're really writing Phillip as an ass now aren't they? He's acting like somehow it was his great maneuvering, rather than daddy's guilt trip/pity that managed to get Xander out of the company. I'm looking forward to him and Gabi working together, but only if he can reign in the smug. They didn't really show Laura's funeral at all - just the aftermath. Seems like a rather anti-climactic end for a pretty major character.
  4. The whole Kristen/Susan thing - are we supposed to be rooting for Kristen to pull this off? Are we somehow supposed to think this is a fun plot? If so, major fail. My only hope is that because of this, Brady FINALLY realizes that Kristen is batshit crazy and dumps her ass. I am, at best, an indifferent cook, but even I would notice if the eggs did not smell right. Again, if we were supposed to find this charming, I didn't. So they brought back Vivian and Ivan just to ruin Ivan? The whole notion of kidnapping the children for Vivian is ludicrous and there is no way he would hav
  5. But doesn't he also have to be related to someone in Salem? Who's next up in the rotation to have a ret-con relative?
  6. Yes, the show keeps TELLING us that they have some epic love and now they're trying to say they have some psychic connection (because of their epic love.) The problem is, they haven't shown us why we should believe that. It really feels like they spent a few days together at Kidnap Kabin and suddenly - EPIC LOVE!!!!! There was no build, no reason for us to actually believe it.
  7. Yesterday when Tripp said he changed the locks on the apartment, (and loaded movies on the TV? - What the hell is that?) it seemed to imply that he was still living there and waiting for Ava to come back. All these plot points are incredibly stupid. Ava is supposedly very rich. But somehow, she can't afford proper security? Especially since it's only one, specific person, not some other mysterious "rival mob" or something, who could literally send anyone so she wouldn't know who to be on the look-out for. And how does a supposed cops daughter NOT know to call 911 first and identif
  8. Gosh, no one saw this coming, right?😠
  9. But someone would have had to have had Rolf's magical serum and administer it within a certain time frame. With Rolf in prison, I REALLY hope we've seen the last of his potion - unless everyone in Salem now has a vial on hand. Who would have snuck in and dosed Laura? It just seems like such a waste to have the characters (and hopefully, at least some of the fans) be sad that a character is gone - some actors really do throw themselves into their grief storylines - only to have the "dead" person magically walk in two weeks later. The ONLY thing they did right with the Ciara storyline was th
  10. Just watched yesterday's episode. Did they REALLY need to have the screaming baby sound effect for half the episode? It added nothing and all I could think was someone needs to shut that up.
  11. This. And when she's right about something or someone, no one listens to her. Ben - the serial killer, Abigail - the crazy serial cheater, and Kristen - the flat out psychopathic crazy person all get more respect than Sami.
  12. I don't object if the character is missing and presumed dead (i.e. Abigail and now Ciara). That is pretty standard soap stuff. I don't even mind if a character fakes their death as long as we're in on it. What I HATE is when we watch a person die. We see the dead body. And somehow - Dr. Rolf or some "magic" serum - people just magically come back from the dead. While I like Jack - HE HAS NO ORGANS!!! He was killed, they found a body and all his organs were donated. I want to know where the organs came from. And don't get me started on the travesty of Stefano returning after Hope left
  13. I'm old enough to remember the original Laura and, like you, not really a fan of this one. I'm really not invested in Laura's character either - don't really care if they kill her off. What bothers me is that Gwen had potential to be a really good villain. She would do shady things without remorse. But the writers had to go complete scorched earth on her and for a REALLY stupid plot line. Daddy didn't love me so I'm going to destroy him and his entire family. I would have much preferred that Gwen had met Abby in the mental hospital (I don't really care what reason they used for Abby bei
  14. This X 1000. Again, it seems like the writers just don't get it. Charlie could be a GREAT villain, Because of jurisdiction, he could get off for raping Allie and continue to walk around Salem. He could be accused of pretty much every bad thing done is Salem and sometimes he could have done it, other times not. He could even get off (again) after doing something he actually did. Rather than having, big bad villains terrorizing the entire town (and threatening/kidnapping characters who we ALL know are in no danger whatsoever) the writers could return to the real roots of soap operas - huma
  15. Yes. Has someone actually SPOILED that Laura is going to die or is it just speculation? Laura really wouldn't be much of a who-dunnit - there really are no other suspects than Gwen. I think the spoiler about Gwen asking Jack for help is related to something else.
  16. I really don't think it was the fact that Abigail didn't "kick her while she was down" or that anyone expected her to lay in to Laura. I was irritated by the fact that she kept telling Laura that it was OK and she was only protecting Jennifer - that essentially she did nothing wrong. (I wasn't paying terribly close attention - didn't she actually SAY that Laura had done nothing wrong?) Both Jennifer and Jack (the people she was supposedly "protecting") did, indeed, think she had done something wrong. Especially after discovering Gwen's mother had died. Just because SHE thought Tiffany was
  17. Yes. And in order to redeem or save his character, Lexie would have to forgive him. And, of course, I really think the writers would have made Lexie accept that Abe was somehow "justified" or that HER actions "pushed him into it." This would be TOTALLY abhorrent to me. It doesn't matter WHAT someone has done (I don't care if they have sex with the other person on the middle of the Thanksgiving table in front of your entire family) they NEVER deserve to get hit. EVER. I know many people thought Abbie's punching Gwen was justified, but I, for one, would have had much more respect for her c
  18. Haven't you noticed that people on soaps never go to the bathroom? They also go days (sometimes weeks) without a shower, but somehow their hair remains clean and their clothes (which they wear for several days in a row, while sleeping in them) never wrinkle. It's magic!
  19. I think we're supposed to be aware of how "feisty" or "spunky" Ciara is being. No passivity for her. While I like the idea that a female character should do more than just sit around waiting to be rescued, this isn't really hitting the right notes. Maybe they're going for a "Ransom of Red Chief" vibe - where Ciara is so obnoxious he just accepts her money and lets her go?
  20. Especially since I think we're supposed to believe that it was his psychic connection to Ciara that caused the picture to fall down and break the ever so carefully placed fortune cookie. At least it seemed like Allie was genuinely apologizing to Tripp. I kind of expected more of an "Oops, BUT, I really thought you were guilty so I was kind of justified in everything I did." I'm guessing Nicole won't apologize for her role as the town crier in this whole saga. I hope they write a proper apology for Kayla.
  21. Victor was in the nursery when Sarah's baby died. He came up with the idea then and there. Victor bribed Dr. Raynor to go along with his plan. Since both babies were already in the nursery, Rachel was given to Sarah and Kristen was told her baby died. That was how the "switch" happened.
  22. And since we have seen several rape victims act like it really wasn't so bad, I DEFINITELY do not want some abused woman saying that, you know, she kind of had it coming,
  23. Except the only person who will give him fall out for the mob mess would be Victor - the person who orchestrated the entire baby switch in the first place. Victor basically switched the babies - Xander just didn't rat him out.
  24. I want to agree with everything you said 1,000 times. Phillip got in trouble with the mob while he was still in high school, so this is one time they're actually using history. But couldn't they have had him do something else to piss off someone in the mob (rather than a gambling debt)? Nothing about him owing money makes sense. And Kate has no role in Phillip's story because she is with Jake. Don't you know women on this show can only be involved in other people's stories if they are single? Women are just incapable of both! Yup. Brady just told Kristen a few days ago that she
  25. Maybe someone's actually listening to our criticism about how doctors on this show simply go around blabbing about people's medical conditions with absolutely no regard for privacy laws. Even a lame "Ava said it's ok to tell me what's going on" makes a limp point that the doctors aren't simply going around gossiping about everybody (even though, of course they are.) Now if they could just get the police to stop telling everyone every detail about all their ongoing investigations....
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