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  1. I don't necessarily hate them. If they can try to redeem Ava of all people, and excuse Abigail for trying to kill several people because of her mental illness, I guess it's conceivable that Ben could actually become a better person. I just hate that everyone has immediately jumped on the "Ben is the bestest, wonderfullest, most reformed reformer that ever reformed" train. Everyone acting like he should have a statue erected in his honor doesn't really ring true. People should still be allowed to harbor resentment for some of his previous actions - even if they understand them. What
  2. This makes perfect sense. Marlena, AGAIN, told Eric how incredibly proud she was of him. No one gets told what a wonderful. heroic person they are because they consistently pick up the kids from school/day care. Or that they really stepped up when their partner was going through a hard time at work or the kids were having trouble at school. Eric was in AFRICA!!! EVERYTHING he did there was HEROIC!!! He was making GREAT SACRIFICES!!!
  3. Like (I think) a lot of you, I was pleasantly surprised that they actually had Nicole be real with Eric. I was expecting another version of the groveling, apology tour Nicole that we all pretty much hated in the past. But this time they actually had Nicole deal Eric some hard truths. It's much easier to be the worshipped saint than to stay and actually do the hard work of being newly married with a child, niece and new baby underfoot - especially when pretty much everyone tells you how wonderful you are for making such a "sacrifice."
  4. Love this whole post. I really don't want Nicole with "nice guy" Rafe either. The writers have clearly demonstrated with Eric that they don't know what to do with Nicole when she is trying to be "good." Sami always tries to coat her revenge/hate plans in altruistic reasons but they're never really about that. The problem is, when Sami actually DOES do something for unselfish reasons (like trying to insist that Will establish paternity because she didn't trust Nick) she gets accused of having ulterior motives. She never gets credit for anything good that she does. And yes, whi
  5. I liked that John told Belle that if Sami had quietly told Eric about Nicole, there is a good chance he wouldn't have believed her. He absolutely nailed her intention. I loved the smirk on PT's face the entire time, along with gloating over his money. Yes, Nicole has been so incredibly boring before cheating with Xander. Having her run around town doing her best Gladys Kravitz imitation while pushing around a baby carriage followed by her deadly dull flirtation with Rafe (it's easy to forget he's on this show isn't it?) shows the writers don't know what to do with her character,
  6. Sami DID say a very sincere thank you to Nicole when she thought she persuaded Allie to hold Henry and bond with him. It was right after this that Allie took off and left the infamous note. Sami, of course, decided that it was because Nicole had been manipulating Allie. While I know it was all plot point, I STILL can't believe Sami willingly let Nicole essentially have custody of her grandson - especially after the whole Sydney thing.
  7. 1000X This! I know this is a PLOT POINT party, but who in their right mind would rather spend their (jet-lagged) time with other people (yes, even family) on their anniversary? It's one thing to celebrate a major milestone (yup, I got to be a rather old flower girl when my brother and his wife celebrated 25 years - and I'm STILL taller than the ring bearer) but the cold fact is, your anniversary means NOTHING to other people. Even to people who were there - much less people who weren't. Go to dinner, toast your great love all evening long (while feeling immense sadness that all those peop
  8. Wow. Since I hate danger acts, this is a complete miss for me.
  9. After being apart for almost an entire year do people REALLY want some party? If they wanted a special night out, wouldn't it make more sense to go somewhere they could be alone? I get that they need to move this plot along but couldn't they come up with the standard soap plot device of pretty much every. single. person. in Salem craving a bowl of clam chowder the very next day to get them all in the pub together? Or even have Eric mention to people that he's back and will be visiting his father? The idea that they wouldn't want one night to themselves is ludicrous.
  10. This is why I hate when they put little kids on. The mother was basically saying her son should have been given a pass because HE WAS A CHILD. I HATE when we're supposed to think someone is wonderful because they are "good for their age." NO, it's the same as when some incredibly old dancer comes on and people ooh and ahh because they are X years old and basically dancing without a walker or we're told someone is a wonderful singer because they've faced hardships. People should simply be talented. They should have an enjoyable act. It shouldn't be that they are good in spite of their cha
  11. I kept trying to think who Chanel reminded me of when it hit me. She is the love child of Octavia Spencer and ..... I can't think of who.
  12. Yes, they aren't writing Ciara as someone who has finally realized she is in love with her best friend and really wants to get married. She's using her relationship with Theo as a cudgel designed to inflict the most hurt in addition to going out of her way to be a bitch to both Claire and Ben. Is this supposed to be witty banter designed to make Ben (and us) feel affection for her? Move over, Noel Coward.
  13. Yes, I guess if Jack can still be alive despite the fact that he has no internal organs what's a few scars.
  14. So we're seriously supposed to believe that Bonnie and Justin have never had sex? I guess show has just forgotten that Adrienne has had a double mastectomy and has scars. Maybe they went the same place Philip's amputated leg, and Brady's heart transplant scar did? I don't expect the writers to remember every detail but at least a LITTLE continuity would be nice.
  15. While I could have done without the Ben worship, I was glad to see Claire finally getting her spine back. Ciara WAS being a stone cold bitch and it's time someone called her out on it. And Shawn should have done more to shut that shit down. This is is daughter, who struggled to become healthy who's being trashed.
  16. I know Piff the Magic Dragon and Tape Face both have acts in Vegas - even though neither one won. I think one of them actually uses a phrase like "Lost on AGT" in their advertising.
  17. So are we giving up the fiction that this show is about finding a Vegas act? I know of virtually no one who would pay money (especially in Vegas where options abound) so see a "poet," (Yes, I know he won. I just don't believe there is a line of people looking to buy tickets to his headline show) a choir, an act based on a "surprise" or gimmick (which has already been revealed) or a lone contemporary dancer, regardless of age. As 3 minutes in a variety type show, some of these acts would indeed be successful, (it might give people a chance to actually SEE their entire act rather that multipl
  18. What's also really weird is his lack of passion in his apology to Sami. He showed passion when sparing with Gabi so he's capable of it, but his apology to Sami sounded sort of like "Sorry I spilled wine on your dress. I know you liked it." Do people REALLY answer calls from unknown numbers? Both Brady and EJ answered Kristen's calls. The whole point of caller ID is so you don't get those calls.
  19. This is the first time I've really liked her character. She actually seemed like a human being rather than a cartoon. He wasn't wrong about Theo - that's why it's called puppy love. Ciara dumped Theo a long time ago when she decided he wasn't exciting enough (she was going to make a play for Chad.) She only really wanted Theo back after he became involved with Claire - and I STILL don't see how people thought Ciara was in the right when she wrote that letter to him and somehow Claire was wrong because she kept it from him. Ciara has ALWAYS felt she is entitled to whatever she wants
  20. I confess, I've never really liked her in any of her roles (that I've SEEN) as they have always struck me as more caricature than character. So when she came on and was really OTT I wasn't expecting much. She hasn't been overly grating here but I can't say I'd miss her if she was gone.
  21. I really hope the Town Square mess happens sooner rather than later. Since we KNOW they won't destroy the legacy of Tom and Alice this whole plot is just really boring.
  22. She is a terrible liar. When Lani heard her saying "Abe can't know about this" all she would have needed to say is that she was planning a romantic surprise. Trust me, Lani would NOT want details (I don't want details about their love life and I'm not even related to them!) And why would she consider telling Lani the truth? She knows that Lani would tell Abe immediately so why not just tell him?
  23. Couple thoughts about today's episode. When they told Jake he was out, why didn't Gabi use that as an opportunity to tell everyone that they also were out - of HER house? Why is she letting them all stay there when they've made it obvious they have no intention of supporting her or Jake? Abe and Paulina have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Maybe the fact that they're forced to act like teenagers who just had sex for the first time in their lives is the reason. Eli really needs to start finding other people to interact with. Between Lani and Rafe, they've managed to suc
  24. Because she found out that the random woman who SAID she was her mother wasn't really her mother. It doesn't matter WHO Red kills as long as it isn't Liz's MOTHER (who Liz loves tremendously, even if she doesn't know who she is.)
  25. And why is she lying in bed - under the covers - while fully dressed? Who does that? Loved Chad being the asshole he is to Kate. And he's right, she really is coming across as pathetic.
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