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  1. Because they never acknowledged the pandemic they can't actually mention Covid. I really think this was just someone's way of trying to say that vaccines are safe and you should get them. What I appreciated is that they aren't trying to pretend that Steve is still some young guy. They clearly stated that his target demographic is 65+. People age. Even characters on soaps should be allowed to age at some point before age 90. I also think it's great that both he and Kayla look at least somewhat age appropriate (though still VERY attractive) without either one of them being obviously
  2. This! What is WRONG with these people? So at the end they just end up with a pie plate full of crust? Then what was the point of trashing graham cracker crust if you weren't going to eat it anyway? (Clearly, this is deeply triggering to me😄)
  3. While they've gotten a little better, I still do NOT understand why they insist on showing us the entire audition (including sobby backstory) of someone who then comes out and sings wildly off key while continuing to montage people who were actually selected to be on this show. The minute they opened their mouths, you knew pitcher guy and brain girl weren't going to be picked.
  4. Unless Doug was being actually violent with the hospital staff I REALLY don't see how Kayla could sedate him against both his AND Julie's objections. And, for the record, a psychiatrist can't just recommend someone be committed against their will and bingo, it just happens.
  5. I don't really care how Gabi and Jake fail because their plan is so incredibly stupid that it has absolutely no chance of succeeding. Gabi should know by now that it doesn't matter how incompetent Victor's relatives are at running Titan. He will continue to give them chance after chance after chance. Even IF they managed to oust Philip (a long shot, at best) , it would only be a month or two before Victor threw them out to give either him or Brady ANOTHER shot at running Titan. And yes, Ava spending all her time cooking is REALLY boring.
  6. The possession story line was somewhat interesting at first when it was Doug, (he really did do a great job of selling it ) but they ended that far too early. I too would have enjoyed the devil body hopping and everyone in Salem doing bizarre things. Unfortunately, we are now going to get DRAMA and John gloomily staring at his box of souvenirs for the near future. On another note, have they even written Johnny going to see Henry the Blanket? I know that it wouldn't be interesting to watch all the mundane happenings in the characters life but is Henry just going to stay in his crib alon
  7. And him suddenly mooning over that box that contains ONLY memorabilia of her possession is getting beyond boring. (Seriously, you'd keep all that stuff, in a special wooden box?) It would be far more entertaining if everyone was just going about their usual business and no one had a clue. Instead we get FORESHADOWING!!!!! Apparently, these writers don't know how to do subtle.
  8. Her parents were both cops. Her father rode a motorcycle. By watching them (no training, no education) she apparently learned how to ride a motorcycle, conduct an interrogation and go undercover. Does the girl have DNA or what! 🤣 I'm guessing by watching TV or movies she also knows martial arts and quantum physics. No training necessary!
  9. Normally, I find Anna somewhat amusing/interesting but this whole thing just made her so over-the-top stupid that I found her more annoying than anything. If everyone is going to go along with the plot that for whatever reason John HAD to purchase the necklace for the ISA is anyone REALLY stupid enough to believe that they will be able to keep it just because they bought it? Is Anna really THAT stupid? If they would have simply written that John couldn't tell Anna why he wanted it, and Anna really just thought he was buying it for Marlena it would have been mildly amusing watching the aucti
  10. By doing the stupid save and the judge's pick thing - they are ANNOUNCING that none of these acts can get enough votes even in the semi-finals. Do they really think this will encourage people to come out of the woodwork and vote for them? Why bring in a wild card you KNOW people don't like enough to vote for? And Victory went through for two reasons: 1. She's a child and 2. She sings opera. Opera is something you think you should like because it's "classy." All those people who pretend she is so wonderful would have to be paid a LOT of money to sit through an entire night of opera.
  11. At the end, with the peacock laser thing, I kept waiting for someone to raise their pinky and demand "ONE MILLION DOLLARS," I liked seeing some of the vets, but the whole thing of Billie, Shane and Graham magically transporting from one city to another halfway across the country or even across the world (apparently within minutes - just so they could show up at the exact right moment) was so ridiculous it completely took you out of any semblance of a story.
  12. Yes, Jake keeps saying, "Or I could be in charge" like somehow, HE should be handed Titan after Gabi does all the work to take it over. Abe always seems so uncomfortable with the kissing scenes - like he's somehow doing them against his will.
  13. Stefano should have stayed dead after they had the remembrance "tribute" to him at the Brady Pub. Ruled it suicide by cop and been done with it. That way he didn't get a happy ever after but there WAS a resolution to his life. At least they let Caroline die peacefully in her sleep. If the actor truly wants to retire, give them an appropriate story line and let them either die in a way that was consistent with their life or peacefully off screen. If Julie wanted to stay on, they could have had Doug walking by a building, smelling smoke, calling 911 and somehow either getting hit
  14. I've only watched the first episode so far but the whole Carrie/Austin marriage difficulties setting up Anna and Tony going to the auction is beyond stupid. Seriously, someone has a tiff with their spouse and decides to spend several hundred thousand dollars to "let them know they're appreciated?" In what world could Austin afford that necklace? What happened to flowers or a nice dinner? And apparently Anna packs sequined evening clothes to visit her daughter. Were we supposed to find Paulina's incessant name dropping charming? Big miss for me.
  15. This. She says she's committed to Philip yet insists she stay and sleep in the same bed as Brady (yes, she supposedly made a bed on the floor, but she didn't tell Philip she was going to do that.) I'd be pissed that my significant other did not take the option of leaving and staying in a separate room. That's not Philp being jealous, that's Chloe playing both sides.
  16. Yes to both of these. If an actor is wanting to retire/can't really do the job anymore how is it so hard to write a good exit? The possibilities are endless. Have them go visit any number of relatives. Have them suddenly develop an interest in some foreign country they've never been to. Have Doug suddenly discover that he can motivate the addicted people on Skid Row to seek treatment by playing the ukulele for them. If they wanted to have the actors involved at some point in the future they could have them do video calls at the holidays. Done.
  17. And the fact that other people are still out and about eating dinner lets us know that it isn't 2:00 AM where at least they could use the conceit that there are no cars available. Given it's supposed to be a motel, I'm surprised they didn't use the Hideout Motel set rather than the Salem Inn set.
  18. Especially since it's only about a 2 hour drive to NYC from Wilkes-Barre. There was really no excuse to need to stay in a motel. Also, they're acting like Wilkes-Barre would only have one motel near the airport - it's a fairly big city - population about 40,000 - not like some population 300 small town.
  19. While I also agree that Gabi isn't qualified to run Titan, neither is Philip, Xander or Brady. Over at DiMeara, not sure about Tony or EJ but definitely not Chad or Jake. The writers could have had the potential for so many great stories if there had been some anonymous CEO at both companies and they would have written for the current cast on a smaller scale. Imagine all the really good plotting and scheming they could have had (both within and between the respective companies) with competition for accounts, mid-level promotions, etc. They could have even had various people from diff
  20. At auditions they let a lot of acts through. They then have a night of Judge cuts before going live so not everyone who got put through on their audition makes it past judge cuts. They didn't show that episode this year because of the Olympics. I really believe that since they have an enormous pool of people to choose from, the fact that put idiots like Sethward and the stupid dancing guy through is because they want to make sure they are eliminated rather than some of their favorites. If everyone was reasonably well matched in terms of talent and the only difference between them was the t
  21. I'm REALLY starting to dislike his attitude that somehow he is more qualified to run a company than Gabi. Gabi started a successful business from the ground up. All Jake ever did was basically let Kate run DiMeara (while she was supposedly "assisting" him) and take all the credit. Also, she is the brains behind the plot to take over Titan. Jake was just going to sit around feeling sorry for himself that he was thrown out of DiMeara. Granted not a one of the morons in Salem is actually capable of running a multinational corporation, (maybe Victor back in the day) but she's definitely more
  22. Especially since he started the conversation by saying "I'm going to whisk you away." NO ONE would ever say that about a business trip. They would only say it about a personal trip. Yup. She does. She really gets off on the idea that she is so irresistible she has two men fighting over her.
  23. Well, since she JUST declared that she's going to take her secret to the grave, we all know it's going to come out really soon and in a very messy way. I just hope we don't have to endure weeks or months of her running around talking out loud to herself about how no one can know her secret, and someone - probably Lani, Abe or Eli - overhearing and questioning her about it. She'll then make up increasingly lame lies. At the end everyone will tell her they're really mad at her because she lied again - even though they may or may not have been OK with the information in the first place. I
  24. This is exactly how I felt about today's episode except I didn't find the honeymooners a bit boring, I found them a LOT boring. I get that they want to have "love" (OK sex) scenes but I find people sitting around kissing and saying over and over "Our LOVE is epic. We are so in love. No one has ever been more in love than us." REALLY boring. And the whole "We are so in love we even have the same actual dreams" thing is just beyond stupid. Has anyone, ever, tried to claim this actually happened. And what is the point of Allie not knowing Johnny and Chanel are interested in each other?
  25. Supposedly Victor got a judge to push through a quickie annulment.
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