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  1. I confess, I've never really liked her in any of her roles (that I've SEEN) as they have always struck me as more caricature than character. So when she came on and was really OTT I wasn't expecting much. She hasn't been overly grating here but I can't say I'd miss her if she was gone.
  2. I really hope the Town Square mess happens sooner rather than later. Since we KNOW they won't destroy the legacy of Tom and Alice this whole plot is just really boring.
  3. She is a terrible liar. When Lani heard her saying "Abe can't know about this" all she would have needed to say is that she was planning a romantic surprise. Trust me, Lani would NOT want details (I don't want details about their love life and I'm not even related to them!) And why would she consider telling Lani the truth? She knows that Lani would tell Abe immediately so why not just tell him?
  4. Couple thoughts about today's episode. When they told Jake he was out, why didn't Gabi use that as an opportunity to tell everyone that they also were out - of HER house? Why is she letting them all stay there when they've made it obvious they have no intention of supporting her or Jake? Abe and Paulina have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Maybe the fact that they're forced to act like teenagers who just had sex for the first time in their lives is the reason. Eli really needs to start finding other people to interact with. Between Lani and Rafe, they've managed to suc
  5. Because she found out that the random woman who SAID she was her mother wasn't really her mother. It doesn't matter WHO Red kills as long as it isn't Liz's MOTHER (who Liz loves tremendously, even if she doesn't know who she is.)
  6. And why is she lying in bed - under the covers - while fully dressed? Who does that? Loved Chad being the asshole he is to Kate. And he's right, she really is coming across as pathetic.
  7. Yes. Melinda has the potential to be such a great character - the fact that she pretty much has zero sympathy and doesn't buy stupid excuses (I'm going to pretend that idiotic scene where Lani almost convinced her to let Kristen go - because they were both mothers - never happened) allows her to be a real hard ass. But the writers just keep making her more and more stupid. I want her to at least have decent evidence and a strong case, even if we, the audience, know that the person she is prosecuting is innocent.
  8. Oh, I have no problem with her attitude, but I really hate stupid. Unfortunately, the writers always have her ignoring common sense and complete lack of evidence when she's on a quest. She was going to try to convict Belle based on a button. Seriously, a button. Even if she could prove it was Belle's, she couldn't produce ANY evidence of how or even when it was lost at Charlie's apartment. It wasn't like it was covered in blood so that there would be at least some tie back to the murder. At least with Sami she had gunshot residue. I'm really not looking forward to her trying to make
  9. Forgot to mention that in the Dr. Snyder storyline, I'm REALLY looking forward to Melinda Trask being the same one-note character she's been lately. Sort of "I don't care about guilt or innocence. I'll ignore ANY evidence that exonerates someone because all I REALLY want is a conviction. I will then proceed to cut a deal with people who actually are guilty because... reasons." Yes, another riveting story of an accused innocent either being in the Salem PD (apparently spending several days in a row handcuffed to the desk in the interrogation room) or wandering around Statesville.
  10. And it's probably going to be another stupid accident that, for some reason, can't be explained for MONTHS while Xander is accused of murder. Yup, riveting storyline potential coming up there.☹️
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/blacklist-star-megan-boone-leaving-150058077.html LIZ IS GONE!!!! Maybe we really will get some answers.
  12. A man who jumped at the chance to doubt his wife (and who, while drunk, admitted he thought she was faking her mental illness) is calling someone else a terrible person? And he somehow thinks a relationship based solely on pity is healthy for either one of them? Now I want Gabi to get wise to Kate and find a way to convince Jake she's right. Then I want them to start doing things like moving the furniture around and putting footstools in Kate's way (possibly a water spill on the floor) so they can watch Kate pretend to be blind without killing herself.
  13. This. It was a taped show. If the person was killed it would have been all over the news and NOT shown on TV. I really hate danger acts. Is the goal to hope something goes wrong and you get to see someone kill themselves in front of you? Otherwise, what is the excitement of watching the person "escape" over and over. I also thought the comedian was pretty decent.
  14. Yes. I love how Xander is interacting with pretty much everybody - and being a royal pain in the ass. I know I'm sort of repeating myself, but the show needs more "little" drama. More interpersonal misunderstandings, more people being assholes (paging Dr. Snyder) more people just plain old ordinary screwing up and dealing with the consequences (hi Nicole). Not everything has to be murder, kidnapping, revolving door CEOs and the 37th person this year being in a coma.
  15. If Paulina is doing something shady she is REALLY incompetent at hiding it. She has, on the front of the binder, in BIG letters "Plans for HTS." And then she doesn't even bother to make sure it's put away. Chanel wasn't snooping - it was right there in front of her. What was so stupid about Eli being naked in the kitchen is that he spilled coffee and took off his bath towel to wipe it up. Who does that? Do these people not own paper towels? The spill could have waited for 30 seconds while he went and got something to clean it up - especially since he thought he was alone so there wa
  16. But we saw a building! That isn't exciting to you? Maybe next episode we'll see inside! I'm on the edge of my seat!
  17. You forgot fertility treatments for the many 70+ year old Salemites looking to get pregnant. Maybe Vivian really will get her twin babies after all!
  18. I'm getting that vibe. Also, she didn't look too happy when Chanel said she wanted to take advantage of the rent subsidy. I don't think it's just because of the tension between the two of them.
  19. Julie going on about how she didn't want the doughnuts involved in scandal after she found out Chanel had been married to Xander? WTF!!!! Unless you find out that the bakery has been using lard in vegan pastries or that the kitchen is infested with giant rats how can doughnuts be scandalous? I hate to tell you this, but unless the bakery is causing a problem by their practices or things they post on social media as a bakery, no one gives a rat's ass about the private life of the bakers. Chanel could have had 37 ex-husbands (including some not so nice people) and as long as she didn't poiso
  20. So someone left an entire set of expensive knives at Kidnap Kabin? WHO is going there all the time? The place is a burned out shell, but somehow none of the furniture has been rained on or inhabited by animals. And Jan's booby trap was pretty lame. Ben managed to get the fire out in about 2 minutes tops.
  21. Maybe because I never had kids I didn't really relate to the "father" comedian. I didn't think anything he did was particularly funny. The little kid has potential - really good stage presence and good timing. However, I HATE that children are kind of given a pass because they are "good for their age." I think that kid will actually be a successful comedian when he's older and not relying on the cuteness factor, but for now, all the "awws" kind of grate. The little kid singer was OK but was really only relying on glory notes - the quiet parts were a little pitchy. Also, not his fault, bu
  22. I love how Liz expects criminals she's never met or interacted with in any way (i.e. Bino) to simply take her word for it that she's right and Reddington (or Townsend) is wrong. SHE is concerned with saving their lives while the OTHER person is trying to kill them. They're also supposed to feel guilty that she might possibly be killed - like they really should give a rat's ass about her.
  23. And she just stupidly revealed that she's faking her amnesia. Wonder what he'll do with that. I'm all for a villain that isn't an all powerful big bad (a la Stefano or Orpheus) as they both finally veered into cartoon territory, I only hope he's more clever than he seems.
  24. And yes, Dr. Snyder COULD expose her, but she could then turn around and remind him that he would lose his license over HIPAA violations - is a little blackmail worth that? And now that she knows that he's dealing drugs, she has two things to hold over his head - loss of license AND prison time (not that Statesville is exactly a prison.)
  25. And WHY when Ben realized what was happening, couldn't he have taken a moment to call - the police, her father (who is the police) or anyone else who may have had a chance of stopping Jan? Nope, rather than use that thing in his hand as a, I don't know, a TELEPHONE he decides he needs to drive over to the house. Oh... of course... he was going to be the hero, break in and save the damsel in distress. No one ever thinks that the person might not actually be where you think they are by the time you get there. Wonder if he stood and listened to all 11 minutes of the message before it dawned o
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