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  1. Actually, most times no one even looks at the card, especially if it's a chip card and you don't actually hand it over to the clerk. It would be really easy for her to use his cards. But, at this point, Xander doesn't really care about money.
  2. Yes. Instead of them simply deciding to tell Paulina they'll accept a reasonable amount and start a college fund - which various other relatives could also contribute to over the years - we were stuck with an interminable discussion of Lani's past. I didn't think it was possible for these two to get any more boring. I was wrong. I'm also really over having to relive the whole Ciaaaaaara trauma about the fire (so they can presumably have her remember being saved by wonderful, CHANGED Ben). Move along, please.
  3. Except that Tripp is acting too suspicious, which means he didn't do it. Yesterday was pretty standard soap trope where Allie flat out asked him if he did it and, of course, he just stood there looking guilty long enough to be interrupted. This is supposedly going to create "conflict" because both Allie and Nicole now think he did it. It's going to be some lame rando - absolutely no fall out for anyone.
  4. Yes. Statesville really is a fun place - unlimited, unsupervised time to surf the internet, no inspections to find illicit phones, visitors at any time of the day or night (again with no supervision) and people pretty much being free to roam about wherever and whenever they want. And I really don't want to have to hear ONE MORE person say "So that means the real killer is still out there" while whoever they're talking to looks appropriately guilty. We all know the conclusion (have the writers even decided who did it yet?) is going to really suck. Yes. I wasn't really watching the
  5. Let's see..... she came out of her coma, fooled the doctors into thinking she was still in the coma, slipped out of the hospital, killed Charlie for..... reasons, slipped back in to the hospital, and fooled the doctors again into thinking she was still in the coma for several more days. YES! That tracks! Makes as much sense as most of the other random plots going on.
  6. Gosh, for a lawyer Belle isn't really all that bright is she? She was gloating about "getting" Jan without even thinking about how Jan got in to the coma in the first place. I honestly thought, at first, that she was there because she was hoping to mitigate the charges against John. I think most of us saw the timing of Charlie's death proving Sami couldn't have done it coming a mile away. But, even if she had seen someone leaving, how does that explain Ava not calling the police? She could have simply not told anyone that little tidbit, rather than simply pretending she was never ther
  7. And didn't the spoiler say something about there hasn't been any illness drama lately? How about the fact that pretty much every other week someone has been in a coma? That doesn't count?
  8. And WHO sits around at home, with a headache, wearing their shoes on their bed? Shoes on the upholstery drives me crazy. Unfortunately, due to his lack of brain cells, Susan could come right out and tell Brady about the switch and he would come home and confide in Marlena that Kristen seemed "different." Probably, because she misses Rachel so much.
  9. Seriously, HIJINKS????!!!! Are we supposed to be rooting for Kristen? Think of her as a sort of wacky "fun" character now? I'm not finding any of her "antics" at all amusing right now. And if motherhood is just so important to her that it changed her for the better, why is she putting herself in a position where she really can't spend any time with her own daughter (I'm assuming she can't because there is a good chance Rachel could recognize her and out her.) And apparently, Brady is never going to take her to visit Kristen in prison - on the rare occasions he actually goes to visit the
  10. This. I kept waiting for it to hit but it never did. Maybe once he REALLY starts to think about Susan Banks being the one who called him.
  11. So I guess now it's time for flashbacks of half of Salem all showing up at Charlie's door. Since Tripp is next, it's not him right? We need several more visits from various suspects before we find out some random girl scout shot him because he told her to go pound sand with her cookies, right? So are we going to get a scene of Sarah in some institution (possibly even the Italian convent) happily hallucinating that every person she sees is Xander? At this point, the only thing they can probably do is have Xander find her and realize she needs to go to the same funny farm Abigail did in
  12. The time jump happened in 2019. Are you saying that the gravestones (shown in 2020) said 2020 as a death date for people who died in 2019? I never pay close enough attention to notice things like that but I can't imagine Days paying enough attention to detail to do that. Usually they just had leaves or flowers or something covering the dates as, particularly with SORAS, they don't really want to put birth dates.
  13. Since they never really mentioned what year it was before the time jump, I'm going on the assumption that they just went from events in the past to "present day." I really don't think the idea is supposed to be that Salemites are now living in the future.
  14. Finally got caught up on the last two episodes. You've all made GREAT comments about how stupid Ben was to simply toss the gun aside and how lame it was that instead of just shooting them Evan had to talk and talk and talk and talk. Yes, he got in some great lines but he could have done them after the fact - as justification for actually shooting them. And why does someone drive to the hospital instead of calling 911? They can get there faster than you can drive them and start treatment immediately. The best part of the conversation between Sarah and Kristen was Sarah saying she didn'
  15. OK, if they HAVE to keep Kristen around, I only want her kept if she suddenly has to go around Salem pretending to be random people. One day she could be Julie, another Roman, then Rafe, Doug, Chad, Jake, Abigail, Jack. The possibilities are endless. This is the only way I will find this character interesting.
  16. Except the whole conversation with Chad was incredibly stupid! Have the writers forgotten, or do they just not care that it wasn't that long ago that they made a point of saying ABBY CAN NOT DRINK! Chad saying he was going to go get them a special bottle of wine was just stupid and extremely lazy writing. I can understand if they "forget" things that happened several years ago, but when it was part of the current plot? No.
  17. Yes, I really think this theory is right. After their big argument about their daughters, why didn't Belle think to ask Sami if that's what she was doing? I really thought that was where that conversation was going. Apparently, Belle is either letting her feelings for Sami ruin her judgment, or she isn't really any better as a lawyer than Justin. Too bad they had to kill off Ted. At least he was a competent lawyer.
  18. Well David was practically two when they still had him riding around in a stroller with a blanket over him! Not to mention Makenzie/Rachel in a newborn baby bassinet when she was at least 9 months old. Henry will remain swaddled up in that blanket until he is suddenly 5 years old. Yes, the Ava at Rafe's place was stupid to begin with, it only gets more so now. I kind of like Gabi and Abby as frenemies. It really is a shame that they have to be teaming up against Gwen because, as others have noticed, the three of them together would be really a lot of fun. The Sami/Belle thing
  19. DE used to own Gabi Chic and Chad got control and shut it down to punish Gabi - That's why it's been closedf. Presumably, Gabi realized she needed backing to get it back up and running after it languishing for so long. I didn't get Abby trying to tell Gabi that her motive should be that everyone would know that she wasn't the one who drugged Abby. Everyone already knows that. Ciara went from smug "I'm going to be saved, so there" to begging pretty quickly didn't she? She really should learn to keep her mouth shut. I absolutely LOVED Evan's sneering description of their "pure lo
  20. Yes, why did Jake even give Gabi her company back if he was then going to turn around and sabotage her? It makes him look petty and it also shows that he's still really invested in Gabi. If he didn't care about her, he wouldn't care that she was getting on with her life. To quote Dr. Phil "The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference."
  21. I get that they want to keep Nicole around, but in the real world couples would discuss this. There is also a really good chance that Nicole would simply take Holly and go to Africa. She has money, she doesn't really need to be in Salem and it's not like she and Eric have had a falling out. This is REALLY lazy writing.
  22. Yup, just like Kristen. Motherhood has CHANGED her. She is now a good person. Speaking of Kristen, are we supposed to actually like her and be rooting for her? She was unlikeable before - now she's insufferable. Her comment about Ciara just flat out bitch. Now that Charlie is dead I wonder what other flimsy excuse they'll come up with to keep Ava from going back to her own apartment - you know, the one with two armed police officers who were apparently incapable of adequately protecting her. Rafe, you idiot, you aren't supposed to be telling a civilian about shots fired - even i
  23. I still remember my aunt (a devoted DOOL watcher) saying that she didn't think Marlena was really dead, even before she came back.
  24. Coming back from the dead is only compelling if it happens once or twice a decade (and we were never really sure the character was dead in the first place.) It's really boring when it happens every other month. Especially when they don't actually do anything with the characters.
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