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  1. Sierra is her sister's cat.
  2. I want Liz to be in the post office - where everyone is, of course treating her with kid gloves. I then want a special delivery package to arrive. It is a picture of Red, Dembe, Agnes, the 3 dogs, and the 2 cats frolicking on a beach (they were at least humane enough to get his daughter's cat - I'm sure Liz hasn't given it a thought.) Mrs. French is with them - she was really pissed that Liz is such a shitty mother and decided to join them on vacation.
  3. That's the problem - NO ONE WAS SCREAMING. I kept wondering why no one was calling for Harold. Chloe should have a great set of lungs on her and excellent breath control being an opera singer. She should have been able to scream so loud they could hear her at the Horton Town Square. Instead she just let Kristen hold her and didn't really make any noise.
  4. A coma! Wow! No one has been in a coma in a really long time! What DRAMA! We will all be on the edge of our seats wondering if he will ever wake up! So the writers are apparently just throwing darts at the plot board now right? Let's see, fighting to be CEO of DiMeara or Titan, spending time tied up in the DiMeara wine cellar (or otherwise being kidnapped), in a coma, and people somehow being forced to move in with other people/ being the never ending house guest in someone's magically expanding house/apartment. Am I missing anything?
  5. Yes, suddenly EVERYTHING falls in to place. Shawn and Belle get their stupid brainstorm (and no matter WHAT the writers try to tell us, it is really stupid) and get Jackass Doctor to hand over the security footage within all of about 3 minutes (Sure, every doctor just hands someone HIS hospital laptop and leaves the room - this happens all the time). They find the exact "evidence" they need in about 3 more minutes. Currently, they are hatching a plan to get "proof." They are doing this without even bothering to secure the evidence they already have - any lawyer not Justin would have no p
  6. Maybe I'm just old and out of touch, but wasn't that an awful lot of cleavage for an interview outfit? Where was Allie applying for a job - Hooters?
  7. I never had kids because I realized that I would probably be the type of mother who would forget them on the bus (and then be kind of pissed because I also left my best Tupperware with the kid) - which probably explains why I was not in high demand as a baby sitter. But even I would know better than to leave two babies with Chanel. Does Lani really believe that EVERY woman is capable of caring for children simply because she is female? Is this 1957? Oh, that's right, she actually thinks Kristen is a good mother.
  8. Oh, I agree completely that she isn't a better person. It's just that we've had to spend how long listening to Brady and now Marlena blathering on about how motherhood has magically changed her into this wonderful person who was determined to do better. Not to mention Lani basically giving her a free pass for any terrible thing she's done,
  9. You're right. All this stupid "Susan" crap and schemes could have EASILY been avoided. If she was trying to be a "better" person, the minute Sarah found out who she was, rather than doing what she did to her, she could have asked Rolf for some magic drug to make Sarah forget the last few days (I know he doesn't have one but if he can make masks that not only change your face but body type and voice I'm sure he could do this in his sleep.) Meanwhile, she could get rid of Chloe, go back and let Susan out of prison and then let Sarah surface. She could be found wandering around with a minor
  10. So, we're to believe the FBI doesn't have the technology to duplicate a machine used over 50 years ago and must use the ACTUAL clunky machine? OK, sure - they've convinced me there wouldn't be some easy to use computer program that just allows you to input data as if you were using an old machine. Yup, I'm buying that. (A really quick Google search told me otherwise, but OK.) And Liz, a criminal MASTERMIND we've been told, gets access to the machine, inputs her message and seems baffled that she only got a string of numbers? She needed Ressler to tell her what they meant (after the FB
  11. Wow, Eli and Lani have a magical apartment the same as John and Marlena and Nicole. Eli and Lani went from having a bed in the kitchen to how many bedrooms now? They have room for themselves, the twins AND Chanel? John and Marlena have Susan, Brady and now Sami ALL visiting at the same time while Nicole had no problem accommodating both Allie and Henry. Do they all have large staffs to clean these ever-expanding apartments?
  12. She told Sarah she learned the skill from Dr. Rolf. And yes, apparently they're pretty much the equivalent of baking cookies - pretty soon Holly will come home with a Girl Scout badge for mask making.
  13. Boy, the plot holes regarding Charlie's murder just keep getting bigger and bigger don't they? First hole - Jan would have been on machines if she was in a coma. There is NO WAY she could have come out of it, committed murder, come back and pretend to still be in the coma for a few more days. You can't fake being in a coma - but apparently in Salem you can? Second hole - Jan told Trask that the recording was during "some kind of session." No judge in hell would EVER issue a search warrant for a psychiatrist's recordings/files because they suspected the patient had witnessed something
  14. First time commenting on this show. Really enjoying all the comments here. So, some random woman claiming to be Mrs. French (who is, OF COURSE, French) tells Liz to follow her and Liz blindly does it? She then proceeds to move in with this person and dump her kid off on her (REAL Mother Of The Year stuff there) without so much as a google search on her? She just assumes she can trust her? Well, obviously, that's why Liz is such a cracker-jack agent for the FBI - she just knows who to trust. And this woman, who has no idea what her husband has been up to for many years, simply invites
  15. Yes. Us younger boomers were only late 20's early 30's when the internet really started taking off (can ANYONE of a certain age ever forget that sound when your dial-up connected?) We really wanted to learn the internet so we did what we needed to do. So, for us, streaming is really just a matter of learning another step. I agree that the reason most boomers still have satellite and cable is convenience and familiarity. I waited far too long to cut the cable cord - simply due to laziness, but I've been seeing more and more older people (particularly on NextDoor) looking for ways to cut ca
  16. Most of the time when NBC streams Days there are commercials (I use the NBC app but I'm assuming Peacock is the same). However, there are FAR fewer commercials when they stream. Since there is really only about 34 minutes of actual content every show, streaming usually takes somewhere in the 45 minute range per episode - not great but still better than watching live.
  17. Especially since they had that stupid plot where Philip tried to kidnap Claire. He throws away is own child so he can kidnap someone else's?
  18. Best exchange of the day: Lucas: You against Susan Banks is like Bugs Bunny against Voldemort. Sami: Oh, thanks. Yup, only Sami would see that as the compliment it is. These two just get better and better together. Also loved Lucas with Kate today - the facial expressions alone were gold.
  19. This is NOT the way I was hoping it would go for these two.
  20. I'm sort of with you, as long as they DON'T go all TWU WUV. I want them to actually be fun - to team up to be a thorn in people's side. Not necessarily do anything bad or illegal, just irritate people. I'm hoping they both figure out they know exactly who the other person is, and use that to cause a bit of mayhem.
  21. Kristen has become the one thing that can never be forgiven on a soap - tedious. Apparently the writers never get out of their bubbles or read ANY social media or message boards. I really wonder what percentage of fans want them together over the (I suspect) VAST percent of fans who JUST DON'T CARE. Kristen is not amusing, she is not interesting and she has done nothing to move any plot along except the one that many people did NOT want. It's time for her to be REALLY, REALLY (FOR REAL) DEAD.
  22. I thought it was an extremely stupid idea. But, since the doctors at Salem hospital are all apparently really incompetent, it makes perfect sense that not one of them would actually look at Jan's monitor history/ medical records for the entire time she's been in a coma. Of course no one would notice she woke up. She probably walked past them, still in her hospital gown and they never noticed that either.
  23. Either Kristen tries to break up Jake/Kate or Vivian exposes her to everyone.
  24. I get that Sarah MIGHT come back, but this seems like major speculation that she comes back and is angry about the "marriage."
  25. I really don't get how they're writing Theo now. I understand we're supposed to think that because Ciara is just so wonderful, of course Theo would still have feelings for her. But what is supposed to be his plan? Is he simply going to go along hoping Ciara never actually remembers anything that happened over the last few years and whisk her off to Africa where they'll start their wonderful life together? (It's pretty clear he's hoping she won't remember anything.) I REALLY hope they aren't setting it up so that Ciara can now be hurt because Theo tried to "take advantage" of her because of
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