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  1. I have been rewatching this on Amazon, and I remember now that I got to the point that I couldn't stand Lindsay, because she was so sanctimonious, self-righteous, and smug. And somehow her clients were ALWAYS innocent. I'm into S6. It's still good, but the quality of the show went down after Season 5.
  2. I just finished binge-watching this. This is a really fun show, but I think next season should be the last one. The story has run its course. I want Liza to end up with Charles, because I think it's more realistic, and I think they're far more compatible than she and Josh are. I think they have really good chemistry, but based on many of the comments here I may be in the minority on that. I wasn't sure what to make of that last scene with them. I suppose there has to be some conflict in S6, but now that all the obstacles have been removed for them it will be hard for the writers to not make it
  3. I laughed the hardest at Jackie bringing Russian dressing for the salad. Heh heh. I liked it so much more than I thought I would. Lecy was pretty stilted except for her interactions with Sara. It seems like those two clicked right back into their original chemistry.
  4. I have liked this show more this season because it seems like they're at least trying to be more realistic -- like in the season premiere when Marissa was trying to get Bull to be more aware of expenses, and telling him how expensive his company is to operate. I think she also said something about how they'd blown through a $250K retainer from a client or something. Similarly, early in the episode where Cable told Bull her former roommate had reached out to her, I liked that they didn't go with the standard trope of Cable not coming clean and trying to prove the guy's innocence on her own.
  5. My oldest daughter, bless her sweet little heart, got me one of Ree's cookbooks for Christmas. She doesn't know that I only watch her show to see what sort of new atrocities she's going to commit against food. I will read through it though, and see if there's anything worth trying. I will hand it to Ree -- I made her Cloverleaf Rolls for Thanksgiving, and they turned out very well. And the recipe on her blog had truly idiot proof instructions when it came to working with yeast, how long to let the dough rise, and so on. It was much appreciated as it was the first time I'd ever made bread. It w
  6. My husband's absolute favorite thing is a meatloaf I make with ground beef, ground buffalo, and ground pork. It also uses oatmeal rather than bread crumbs, although I've never chopped it up in the food processor first. It really soaks up the juices, and by the time it's fully cooked, it's pretty well incorporated. I also give it some zing with some hot sauce (I know, very Ree-like behavior). I got the recipe out of a cookbook put together by the food columnist for a now-defunct paper here, who did a feature called "Recipe Please" where people would ask for recipes from restaurants around town,
  7. Well, I have to hand it to Ree. I made her Cloverleaf Rolls for Thanksgiving, and they were really, really good. I'd never made any kind of bread before, and I'd always wanted to give it a try, but my husband is diabetic, so we are a low carb house. I saw her make those on a Thanksgiving clip show, and I found the recipe on her blog from about 10 years ago. It looked simple enough for a beginner. The recipe came together just as expected, and made exactly 36 rolls. It's a no-knead recipe, which was nice. and my daughter helped me roll the dough into balls, which she thought was fun
  8. My husband grows watermelons in our garden, and we're in Colorado. Last year the were OK, but this year they were pretty tiny and sad.
  9. Is Mateo supposed to be a spoiled, undisciplined brat, or do the writers of this show not have kids and think that's how all children his age behave?
  10. Oh, I agree. It's certainly not worth getting into any kind of confrontation over. I also had another thought this morning while driving to work. It's possible Randy didn't say anything about being a coach in that league, or offer my daughter a spot on his team, because he didn't want us to feel obligated to sign her up anywhere one way or another. Our daughter and their son have played football together for a couple years, and although we don't get together with their family outside of the sports stuff, we've do have a pretty friendly relationship. Maybe he was trying to stay neutral so we co
  11. All these dynamics of kids' sports are really interesting. I'd heard about them, but until I had a kid of my own I didn't really get it. It's all worked out for the best. The coach we ended up with is a really nice guy, and the girls all played a great game. I wouldn't want her on a team with a coach who didn't want her there. I never thought I'd be a sports mom, but it's what my daughter loves, and it beats princesses any day of the week.
  12. My daughter is a super sporty girl. She is the only girl on her flag football team (and also the QB), she does tae kwon do, plays softball, and tried rugby over the summer. Enough people who don’t share DNA with her have said various versions of, “Holy cow! Look at that arm/swing/throw/shot!” to know that it’s not just me being a proud mom when I say that she’s a very talented and gifted athlete. Last fall, one of the flag football dads (let’s call him Terry) sent around an email to see if there was any interest in forming a basketball team. My daughter wanted to play, so we signed her up
  13. For some reason, the description of Pa as a "prairie detective" made me laugh and laugh.
  14. Spoilers mean not discussing episode content before the episode airs, but I don't think we need that here. Go ahead and discuss the episodes, and I'll try and figure out how to get rid of the no spoiler tag. It may mean closing this thread down and opening a new one, but one way or another I'll get it fixed.
  15. I will admit to being a bit Ree-like in this regard. My husband grows peppers in the garden every year, and every year it's a pepper avalanche. I'm still working my way through a huge Ziploc bag in the freezer of the jalapenos from last summer, and over the weekend, he brought in the first 2 Santa Fe peppers from what he planted this year. Argh! I also have a huge bag of Tobasco peppers that I've been working on for awhile too -- those get used up more slowly because they're pretty potent. At least peppers freeze well.
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