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  1. season 3 should be interesting now that david is doubting his own sanity again with the addition of his omega level abilities fully in play.patrick stewart said he would be open to being on the show,so maybe pops will make an appearance ?
  2. stuck with this show all the way just for lockjaw and was hoping for a big reveal of black bolts power "bolt has hulk stopping power" but just got a crumbled wall.this show has ruined any chance of a better inhumans show or movie which is too bad it deserved a better treatment
  3. it's like the writers realised half way thru ep. 7 that they only had one more episode to wrap this story up.out of the blue half the lead characters outlook and personalities change to tie up loose ends.this show could have been so good
  4. every shot of the ocean i expect triton to appear but i think they blew the budget already and can't afford the green facepaint.
  5. really,really trying to give this show a chance love the inhumans in the comics but this show so far is just a waste of time.no fx budget to speak of so they just throw in some gunfights and a storyline that really hasn't progressed much from episode 1.the thing that drives me crazy is how the show has reversed the basic inhuman story the royal family is portrayed as elitest slave owners and maximus the mad is shown in a sympathetic light.this show could have been so much more
  6. and the type of edit the show gave them,each season a person gets an edit for viewers to dislike him or her for ratings.it was noticable during the after show when the brothers are seen in a new light
  7. you know what would make a good season,a season of us internet "experts" competing on the show.I would be a train wreck in slow motion

    S04.E07: Hooked

    seems like a huge waste of energy by brooke and dave to build the cabin when the first shelter was perfect,all that time could have gone to fishing and food search
  9. kinda burnt out on history/discovery shows of this type just a tv version of clickbait
  10. I've noticed that too on past seasons,some drop points are almost family campgrounds while others are barren wastelands.think each one should be the same
  11. started out liking megan but she got caught playing one side against the other,her gameplay was based on her "interrogation skills" and it backfired the wife calls her "Chesty McPlasticson"
  12. cody thinks attractiveness = trustworthy
  13. DNOMAD

    S04.E02: Hell on Earth

    hiker places cam then backtracks and footage is edited,saw that on behind the scenes of "survivorman"
  14. enjoy both shows but they both rehash dr. who episodes
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