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  1. That describes the whole episode! Not really. I thought it was great. I can't even remember which sketch it was from, but my favorite line from the entire show was "When can we stop washing our hands?!" I'm still laughing about it.
  2. I enjoyed the runway show this episode, but for a lot of them I couldn't tell the difference between the "accessible" piece and the "showstopper." Tim's role is really weird on this show since the designers already have an established brand and don't really need a mentor. However, I believe he did help Rinat get the win by suggesting a contrasting fabric for the lining of that jacket. And even though Sabato's dress that he loved was so ugly, somehow it was a lot uglier on the model than it was on the mannequin. I could kind of see what Tim was saying. If Sabato could translate his aesthe
  3. Daniel and Minju both seem like lovely people, and I really enjoyed both of their runway shows. However, I knew 15 minutes into the episode that Minju was going to win. I was a little worried when the contestants' families showed up right after the talking head about how Minju's sister has been holding her back. It seemed like her family's presence might cause tension and throw her off. But it turned out the opposite. Her father's speech was so touching, and I was moved to see her sister tear up over how she has squelched Minju's creativity. I can't believe no one has mentioned the p
  4. This episode was the first tv show to ever set off my Amazon Echo.
  5. Thanks to those in this thread who recommended Next in Fashion. It's also more entertaining than Making the Cut. The $250,000 prize, along with no prizes for weekly wins, is a little sad by comparison though. I'm happy to now have two mindless fashion reality shows to watch.
  6. I found this not nearly as entertaining and Project Runway. A lot of the things on PR that make it unrealistic compared to what designers actually do--sewing everything themselves, having only 30 minutes to buy fabric, etc.--are a big part of what makes it exciting. The unsystematic elimination process also lacks drama. Why do we care if the judges changed their minds if we don't know what their minds were in the first place? I think it will get more interesting as we get to know the designers better.
  7. Rachel is truly a leader of the resistance now. Like others have said, her opening segments the last few nights have sent chills down my spine. I am listening to her and her guests and following their lead. I like how she is not just reporting the facts but asking "What do we do?". Just started reading On Tyranny. ETA: On Tyranny is a very quick read! I already finished it. Highly recommend.
  8. Just watched all ten episodes and enjoyed them. The new Queer Eye is too sappy for me, so it was nice to see the two funniest original QE guys team up. However, I could never get my house made over by them because I like old-timey things too much and I don't want anything to do with "modern" and "fresh." In the last episode, for example, I adored the sweet, yellow damask wallpaper. Give me $100,000 and an Anthropologie catalog, and I would have made that place so cute!
  9. There is definitely another season, and it will be the last one. And you may have meant to post this in a different episode thread, but Episode 12 is also not the final episode of Season 6. There is one more after this one.
  10. Jane and Lily guest hosted for Ellen last week. The clips are on YouTube. They are all gold, but to go along with the current theme of the thread, here is one where they talk about the protests with Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.
  11. My thought when Frankie used her box cutter was Nick was clever to have the money built into the sofa. No one would think to look there. I liked that Frankie finally got to use some of the amateur sleuthing skills she is always bragging about, but Nick's clue was so obvious Grace and the FBI officers should have figured it out.
  12. First and foremost, I hope no one goes to the great beyond. I feel like Season 7 has been set up pretty clearly. Shenanigans will ensue with Robert and Sol living at the beach house, but they will most likely figure out a way to restore their own house and move out by mid season. More shenanigans happen with Grace and Frankie trying to get Rise Up off the ground, probably involving how they're going to launder that money. Grace will visit Nick in prison but eventually either divorce or otherwise make it clear that she's not moving back in with him when he gets out. A health sca
  13. This was my least favorite season so far, but I liked the ending. I'm glad Grace had already decided something major had to change in her relationship with Nick before the deus ex machina of FBI agents. Loved the callback to Grace's credit cards being declined. I think she would have kept some cards in her own name, but I'll hand wave that for the sake of coming full circle to season 1 thematically. I have always disliked Nick. Rich guys who constantly brag about their wealth and power and how the law doesn't apply to them are my least favorite types of people. So I am quite happy to
  14. I thought once Mallory and her boyfriend started being honest with each other he would gradually become more and more annoying, but that escalated quickly.
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