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    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Yeah, I loved it! It was a really well made B movie. There was a remake in the 50s (can't remember the title) but this is the good version. This one also has Chester Morris and Allen Jenkins, two actors I just enjoy in everything. I was watching Pillow Talk off my DVR a few days ago, and the old man operating the elevator seemed awfuly familiar. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out who it was and then suddenly I was like, "OMG, it's Allen Jenkins!"
  2. Lokiberry

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I love 3:10 to Yuma! I think it's better than High Noon. Ford gives such a complicated, seductive performance.; while Van Heflin excels as an everyman who takes a dangerous job just to get enough money so he and his family can survive and then has to face fear, temptation, and a growing need to do the right thing. Those last few minutes when they try to get to the train are real edge-of-your-seat stuff, and put to shame similar higher budget efforts. And, that ending where Heflin's wife is waiting by the tracks to see if he made it out alive, and he waves to her from the train and it starts raining is one of the most satisfying endings ever. Ford and Heflin made this movie. I've always loved Ford, and I think Heflin is the best actor I've ever seen. He wasn't the most attractive guy in the world, and I suppose that stopped him from becoming a really big name star, but he was just so damn talented.
  3. Lokiberry

    Swamp Thing

    This was a disappointment. It felt like a particularly slow moving episode of the X-Files. From one of the later seasons. Too much time spent on nonsense and vines creeping on people before we got around to swamp thinging Alec Holland. Also, unless Crystal Reed shot Virginia Madsen's daughter just to watch her die, I don't care. I floved Doom Patrol, Titans irritated me with it's wangst, and this is boring and a more than a bit gross. So, that's 1 for 3 for the Dc streaming service.
  4. Lokiberry

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Remember when Drogo fell off his horse and his khalasar fucked off with a new leader? They didn't even stick around for the funeral. The Dothraki turn on their leaders if they show weakness, and getting shanked by her boyfriend was weakness. The Unsullied may honor Dany's memory, but the Dothraki stopped caring about her before her body was even cold.
  5. Lokiberry

    Doom Patrol

    I mean, wow, I don't know where to begin. This show is the most insane thing I have ever seen. Beard eaters, sure. Sentient Gender Queer streets, ok. Giant cockroach and rat same sex lust, why the hell not? And, still the whole thing was deeply character driven. Chief caused everyone's "accident" in order to achieve immortality. Does that include Vic's as well? I mean, Silas knew that's what he'd been up to, but he didn't make a connection between what happened to Vic and what the Chief had done to the the others. Was he just being obtuse? Also, Danny's now a brick. That's not as much fun as a street. They can't have the karaoke bar on a brick. They can't fit a haven for all the misfits on a brick.
  6. Lokiberry

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    From the moment anybody on this show ever met Dany that had to listen to her drone on and on about how self-important she was, how entitled she was to rule, and how if they didn't bow down to her they would meet a violent end. But, of course, Sansa giving her dirty looks is exactly the same as burning people alive. The people of Westeros are better off having a tree rule over them. At least they won't have to sit through 15 minutes of vanity titles every time they need to go and see him.
  7. Lokiberry

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    When the Northmen return with tales of the unimaginable horror Dany rained down on King's Landing and how it was the Stark children who ended her, brought peace to Westeros and independence for the North, it's only going to solidify Stark rule. The Starks have ruled the North for 8000 years. Those that opposed them or failed to honor oaths are all dead. A Stark rules in the North and the South. The North's not going to turn on their rightful ruler now because of petty politics or because Jon shanked the crazy foreign queen who burned thousands of innocent men, women and children alive. If anything the outcome of this mess will only strenghten their belief in the Starks.
  8. Lokiberry

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    She just "happened to gain followers"? Did she just happen to wander by Krazny's slave dealership and all the Unsullied ran out and followed her home? Did she kill all the khals, climb on Drogon and tell the rest of the Dothraki, "Well, I'm off to Westeros to get the Iron Throne. See you on the flip side!" No, she used her magical specialness to encourage these people to fight and die for her, help her amass a fortune and gain political power. I don't understand how the story can be racist when the Unsullied and Dothraki choose where they want to spend their lives post-apocalypse, but not when the White Savior Lady uses their lives and bodies for her own personal benefit.
  9. Lokiberry

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    For years, Dany used people of color to fight her enemies, and increase her personal wealth and power. Was the story racist then, or only now that she died and Davos offered to make Grey Worm Lord of the Reach with the Unsullied as his bannermen?
  10. Lokiberry

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Did you miss the part where Yara ended up in charge of the Iron Islands, Sansa became Queen of the North, Arya became Christopher Columbus (hopefully without the enslaving part) and Brienne became Captain of the King's Guard? The Only woman who got destroyed was the one who decided to be Medieval Hitler.
  11. How do we know he dies? Is that a spoiler?
  12. You think showing her face while she was roasting innocent civilians would have helped her case any? Do you think she was sobbing, "I'm so, so sorry!" as Drogon rained down fire on women and children? If anything, cutting back to her in the midst of the slaughter would have made it worse.
  13. Lokiberry

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    Yeah, no. It's not Sansa's job to grovel over Dany's 1001 vanity names. She's behaved correctly, if not exactly warmly, to the (Oops, Not Really!) Rightful Heir To The Iron Throne since she got there. Sansa referred to her as the Dragon Queen in a conversation to her own ex-husband in her own crypt. If Dany can't take a rebuke as mild as that then she's going to make just as bad a ruler as her daddy. Oh wait, she's not the Rightful Heir to the throne. That would be Jon. Maybe he'll renounce his superior claim in exchange for Northern independence.
  14. Lokiberry

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Sharon Carter might be huge in the comics, but in the movies she's a minor character. Every time Nat was used in a movie it was because she was an Avenger, not because she was somebody's girlfriend. She deserved every minute of screen time she got and them some. When Infinity War rolled around and there was no mention of Sharon Carter at all, let alone any relationship between her and Steve, it was clear to me at least that whatever plans they made for that pairing had been abandoned, and Endgame explains why. Steve's ending might not have been what I'd chosen if I'd had my druthers (Stucky shipper here), but it was made very clear that it's what he wanted. He sacrificed so much, and fought so hard, he deserved a happy ending, and I'm glad he got it.
  15. Lokiberry

    Doom Patrol

    This was one of the best episodes of the season, not because of the Karen plot, but because of Danny Street. I loved the concept, the characters, the Bureau of Normalcy, the musical interlude with Larry and Maura Lee. I loved everything. Comparing this show to Titans is like night and day. They're both dark, but while Titans is mostly Pretty People Wangst, Doom Patrol is a deep and dark and weird tale about broken misfits looking for a reason to keep going. This is the show that DC Universe should have lead off with.
  16. Lokiberry

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    OMG! Vina and the singing plants and an opening recap of The Cage! I was squealing so loud through all of this, I think the neighbors are concerned! That being said: look show, I'm on your side, but can you ease up on the lens flares? This isn't the JJ Abramsverse. This is the first episode where they've really bothered me. They were particularly bad during the Pike and Vina scenes.
  17. Lokiberry

    S11.E05: The Tsuranga Conundrum

    Liked everything but the male pregnancy story line. That was awkward and clumsy. Loved the Pting. It was just the right combination of ugly/adorable. It was just so cute when the bomb went off in it's tummy and it had such a look of bliss on it's face. I get that same look when I eat cream horns. I'm sorry they killed off Astos so quickly, but I guess it was necessary to give Mabli a chance to shine. I wish there had been more time to get to know the General, her brother, and the android. All in all, an ok episode. Decent mid-season filler.
  18. Lokiberry

    Season 1 Discussion

    I know nothing about the Doom Patrol. I like Robot Man, and what I gather is Negative Man, and Rita Farr (is she a version of Clay Face?), but the "Chief" creeps me. Since they're eventually going to get their own series, I should probably go find out who these people are. This was the best episode so far (IMHO). It was the right mixture of darkness and humor. I hope we get more of this in the future because I don't much care for the Snyder version of DC. I also hope they lighten Robin the hell up. Turning him into a tortured, blood-spattered psycho misses the point of the character (again, IMHO).
  19. Lokiberry

    S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    This was wonderful, better than the first ep, IMHO. My hopes for Chibnall were that he might not achieve some of the highs of Moffat, but he would avoid the horrific lows and that would be good enough for me. This, THIS was something I never imagined him capable of. It felt like it was right out of 80s Who. This could have been Davison and his Companions (only with better writing and special effects). And, don't get me started on the theme! It's like somebody actually listened to the 80s themes! This was both magically nostalgic and yet fresh, because the story and the dynamic with the Companions doesn't feel like what's happened before in NuWho. Some of it was beautiful to look at: The interlude with the boat on the water, the suns and moons. I got teary eyed when Yaz first heard the TARDIS and remembered the line from the 50th anniversary of how that sound brought hope to everyone who heard it, even the Doctor. Wow, it's been a long time since I've gushed this hard about Doctor Who. I'm so excited for the rest of the series.
  20. Lokiberry

    S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    Well, the Doctor didn't pick Leela to go with him, she pushed her way onto the TARDIS over his objections, and I guess he relented. He didn't pick Adric to go with him either, he stowed away on the TARDIS and then the Doctor relented and let him come with him. The White (Black) Guardian assigned Romana to help the Doctor find the Key to Time. The Doctor rarely picked people to be companions in Classic Who. Usually, they came along by accident (Tegan wandered into the TARDIS thinking it was a real Police Box), or because of necessity (Ace was stranded on an alien planet). I might be forgetting someone, but I think Sarah Jane was the only one the Doctor actually sought out to travel with him.
  21. Robbie Amell has been cast in The Flash as the recurring character "Firestorm". In the comic, this character was Felicity Smoak's stepson, so I'm guess he will be reimagined Despite my hopes and prayer (and sacrifices to assorted pagan deities), Luke Mitchell was not cast as Felicity's new love interest in Arrow. However, he has been cast in the ABC mid-season replacement series, Members Only. According to the press release, he'll be playing Jesse, a rough around the edges guy, who goes to work at an exclusivie country club, and becomes entangled with a wealthy family. This sounds like a total soaper, and I don't usually watch those, but I will tune in for Luke. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/home-and-away-actor-luke-mitchell-signs-on-to-bigbudget-members-only-series-20140712-zt582.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  22. Lokiberry

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    Or maybe whenever a host was decommissioned and put in cold storage. Ford upload them into Robot Heaven, so Kohana was already there waiting for Akecheta.
  23. Lokiberry

    Roseanne in Pop Culture

    Good Times was a spinoff of Maude, where Florida worked as a maid. Her family wasn't introduced until she got her own show (I think, I never watched more than an episode or two of Maude). So, technically Florida was a married working mother in a sitcom before Roseanne.
  24. Lokiberry

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Karen McDougal got rolled in this settlement with the National Enquirer? I don't care what Mr. Earnest Face Lawyer says, I don't think having to pay $75000 if she sells her story is a good deal. From the expression on Rachel's face, I think she agrees with me. McDougal should have hired Michael Avenatti.
  25. Lokiberry

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    (Unsubstantiated Rumor) Yesterday, when Joy Reid was signing off, she referred to her show as Morning Joy, then clapped a hand over her mouth and said, "I mean Am Joy", and then as they faded out she said something like "Man, I almost said Morning Joe". Does this mean something? Is change in the air? Are Squinty and Meeka about to ride off into the sunset? Who knows? (/End Unsubstantiated Rumor)