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  1. What I would like to know is if the judge is familiar with these religious freaks that think the wife has no say in all of this and the husband is head of household. Also, I dont think this poor lady is expected to wait on Josh hand and foot.
  2. But, but, but Amazon will let me read it with a free trial of audiobook !!
  3. Remember, thats just the retainer, not all legal fees. So as of right now, to retain the hot shot lawyers, Jboob has parted with that much.
  4. I'm going to make an educated guess and say that retainer alone for the lawyers will be $100,000
  5. JB isnt even the smartest guy in the room when he's alone in the bathroom.
  6. You're right, they are not playing. The only thing JBooger has control of in this whole thing is paying lawyer bills. Nothing else.
  7. You're right, they would laugh. Well, let me change that. They might care, but they would laugh if they thought he thought his charges would go away.
  8. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time,,thank you.
  9. Notice how fast they let him back on the show.
  10. They cant do anything until they charged him with something. Making him move would be saying he's guilty before he was charged.
  11. I enjoy Derricks comment. Each time a Iearn a little bit more what a jackass JBooger really is.
  12. I guess that was my point. That would be a common defense tactic for anyone else, but they cant try to blame co-workers because they are all his brothers and they certainly can't use the defense kids play with his laptop at home.
  13. You're correct, but the only other people with access to that computer would be his brothers ? Correct ?
  14. Or he should put his hat on sideways and let his pants droop.
  15. And for 5 minutes JBooger and the Hairball weren't allowed on, but we all know how long that lasted.
  16. And Josh parked a camper right in the driveway. I bet Jeremy was thrilled.
  17. What it all comes down to is none of these people care what we think. And our opinions differ widely, Let's let it go.
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