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  1. Agreed. Ru was being a big bitch and it wasn't a good look.
  2. You're right. But, Jan got negative stuff on her runway and her talk show. I wonder why scarlet didnt throw that out there.
  3. Personally, I dont think that was the correct choice. Based on the whole challenge and runway.
  4. No you're not. I'm the one who hopes and prays and will beg anyone that will listen, to send JBooger and Hairball to jail right with Josh.
  5. Holy crap ! Amy only pays $1548 a year for property taxes,,,that's insane. (very low)
  6. Okay, I'm curious, could someone send me the link? I'm still searching
  7. I deep down think that Joy thinks Josh is innocent. Go Amy !
  8. They talk way too much during the episode. Sorry guys, on this show, you're not the stars.
  9. In all of LAX that's who they took pictures of? Probably staged. Well, to be fair, picking your nose is a big deal. lol
  10. I wonder if she thought it was too sheer and needed to cover up ?
  11. I think Jessa was put in charge of deflecting the bad publicity.
  12. Does anyone else wonder if Josh is still claiming that someone else was on his computer and that he is innocent ? And some of the family actually believes him ?
  13. What's really fucked up is if he is paying support payments to his ex partners with her money.
  14. I wonder what's going to happen when they dont want him in promo pictures? I'm sure they dont now, but as her star rises they wont want him around at all.
  15. Claire's flowers were absolutely beautiful.
  16. I'm still a bit shocked by that. It was like watching a whole different character.
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