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  1. It's an interesting show. I certainly wouldnt want them to decorate my house, but I guess somebody likes it. One thing I do like is they are using affordable materials.
  2. Does anyone know if any of this is true ? The relationships, the Caldwell/Jimboob fight,,any of it?
  3. Wow, it sure is. Wouldn't it be great if they bought knock off/fakes !!
  4. That seriously pissed me off. Have some respect for the person that is getting married and wear the damn dress. Beth should have never, ever said she would change it.
  5. Im shocked that his wife thinks its attractive.
  6. I also think Kendra cleaned him up well.
  7. I knew R Kelly was a pig but I didnt know how bad he was until I watched the documentary about him. There are no words to describe what piece of shit he is and what he got away with. I'm sure Jill didnt know.
  8. A country version of a very low rent Cher impersonator
  9. He is so unfortunate looking. He's just creepy.
  10. Take time to watch the video. It explains it all very well.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG2H8G-4KE8&t=852s This is very interesting. He breaks down just how many years Josh could serve when found guilty, or if he takes a plea. There's not much wiggle room with the feds. Only about the first 12 minutes are about Josh.
  12. Same here. In fact most of Claire's things are pretty trendy.
  13. Yes, they are ladies shoes. Priced between 75.00 to 110.00 depending on where you buy them.
  14. He should have to get a full time job. Supervised, of course.
  15. You're right. That part really pissed me off. And,if thats the best JBooger can come up with, then Josh should just sit in jail.
  16. What I would like to know is if the judge is familiar with these religious freaks that think the wife has no say in all of this and the husband is head of household. Also, I dont think this poor lady is expected to wait on Josh hand and foot.
  17. But, but, but Amazon will let me read it with a free trial of audiobook !!
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