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  1. I used to enjoy Ty on Trading Spaces long ago. Not anymore. Wow, is he loud, and worn looking. The kind of guy I would expect to see in an old bar in Florida sitting at the end of the bar all day, smoking and drinking his life away , talking about the good old days.
  2. I was wondering how many episodes of Counting On Jill and Derick were in, and according to IMDB there was a total of 119 episodes. Jill was in 58 of them and Derick was in 44. What I found odd was it lists Jbooger in 84 episodes and The Hairball in 100 episodes ??? Is that possible ? Do I hate them so much that I have blocked out their episodes in my mind ? Actually, the whole episode cast list seems off.
  3. She says they are, but they sure look like extensions.
  4. I just picked my glasses out today,,,,her style was all over the store.
  5. But even their responses seemed scripted and fake this time. It was just a very odd episode for me to watch.
  6. After years of watching the show and realizing nothing about it is real, I must say that was the phoniest episode ever. What a bunch of crap. And who decided that Ross and Michelle are experts on acting?
  7. I have a feeling her father and his team had those photos posted. Reason 1 - he wants to show she was able to buy an expensive car without permission and Reason 2- she is driving illegally.
  8. Yes yes yes,,,,they talk way too much.
  9. In some way they are all self -employed, so I'm pretty sure they have been collecting unemployment and applying for every small business loan they can get their hands on.
  10. All my friends suggested I watch Shitts Creek, as soon as I saw he was on the show, I refused to watch it. Gross Completely agree.
  11. I read Ronan Farrow's article on Britney, very eye-opening.
  12. They are both a little too loud for me.
  13. It has been discussed here at length that most of the LLC's they all have are for tax purposes. It's also not unusual they can show a loss.
  14. How and why is it better? It's obvious they dont really want to work, so they are all over social media trying to make money. So, Jinger is giving up privacy so they dont need to get jobs.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bRdv05lEgU Great interview with Scarlet.
  16. I guess it's better than getting a job.
  17. Agreed. Ru was being a big bitch and it wasn't a good look.
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