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  1. Josh doesn't care how long it takes. All he has to do is sit around all day and do nothing. No job, no kids to take care of, no house maintenance. Hell, he doesn't even have to worry about mounting legal bills. I wonder how much money JBoob will spend before he finally thinks enough is enough?
  2. They look like extensions. I've had them and I like them.
  3. I'm always the last to know..... (lol)
  4. What I was asking isnt about the Duggar Family Instagram. I was wondering after Joe and Kendra posted the birthday pictures of Garrett on their own page ( not Duggar family) if for instance, Jill would comment and wish him a happy birthday or any other family.
  5. Did anyone else think that dog lady looked like Roseanne ? In her interview with Andrea ?
  6. So, Garrett celebrated his 3rd birthday. Is it true that none of the Duggers posted any happy birthdays on social media?
  7. https://www.tvinsider.com/1000344/this-is-us-season-5-finale-justin-hartley-kevin-wife-future/ Justin dances around a few things.
  8. Well, they sold almost all of them, so someone liked them.
  9. I just thought of something. When Smugger is released from prison, he may not ever be able to step foot in the big house again. He will be a registered sex offender and there will always be young children at the house. (grandchildren) And, my guess is that he wont be allowed by law to be on the premises. Bye bye warehouse. I'm sure a lot of you have posted that, but I'm a little slow.
  10. She already making well into the millions now.
  11. OMG I laughed so hard I had tears and almost snorted. Thank you. Great way to start the day.
  12. Obviously someone does, we are discussing it here. It always seems to come up.
  13. They really go overboard with curtains and drapes They are much too big for the space, it makes the rooms look smaller.
  14. I guess we will find out for sure in 90 days
  15. There have been several articles that mention adopted rather than guardianship. So, who knows anymore
  16. There was no reason given. From Billboard "The moves were surprising, especially so close to the show and because their stated reasons for pulling out were so vague. Barrett cited “personal circumstances” as the reason she is unable to perform at the show in an Instagram post. In a message posted Monday on Instagram Stories, Morris cited a scheduling conflict." My gosh, thats worse than Spurgeon
  17. My God, that is the dumbest name for a book. Every time I see it written, I shake my head.
  18. You're right, she wasnt an average teen. In fact, they lived together
  19. We have a restaurant in town that has this on the menu, now I know where they got the idea !
  20. I will try to tolerate Silky as long as I dont have to ever see Candy Moose again. EVER
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