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  1. Yes, you've mentioned it a few times. We can agree to disagree.
  2. Why are we blaming Derrick for anything ? Geez, there are more important shitty things going on than a few comments he makes, usually after comments are aimed at him. Right now, I have nothing to say about Derrick because there 3 other pieces of shit that can rot in hell.
  3. Secret No, and if I'm not mistaken, they dont even have to tell them what the search warrant was for.
  4. Correct. And Derrick's in-laws are big pieces of shit.
  5. I would bet everything I have that Josh still gets paid, possibly even more than the girls. Exactly. Now is the time for Derrick to write his book. I would wait in line to buy it.
  6. Thank you. I wish I could "like" this 1000 times. Sleazy pieces of shit, each one of them. May they all rot !
  7. That is my biggest hope. I actually don't care if anything happens to Josh, if it happens to be something like money laundering, I want to see JimBooger taken down and buried. I really dislike that piece of garbage.
  8. and his second try. I would take a law degree over a masters any day.
  9. Does anyone know exactly how big the warehouse is ? The finished living space that is.
  10. Westie, I meant on his twitter or instagram. I want to see his head explode
  11. Please, someone post the Daily Soap Dish article on Jeremy's social media...please.
  12. I have a bad memory but did they say she was a CSI or worked for CSI. Maybe she was just a janitor (just an example ) in the CSI building ? Dateline tends to fake us out like that .
  13. My God they are stupid. It makes my head hurt.
  14. The poor girl had to have her wedding in a darn airplane hanger.
  15. Everyone failed Pete. Everyone.
  16. Very ! And talented, but in drag I'm just not impressed. The makeup isn't great and the costumes dont fit and aren't that impressive.
  17. If I have to hear the phrase "game changer" again it will be too soon.
  18. Didn't Lauren's family move there also? Don't have established careers they are leaving ? oops, late to the party
  19. I'm totally disgusted by that little snowflake.
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