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  1. I love this show and am so glad it's back. My only request is we do something about Poppy's wig. This episode it was so noticable.
  2. I don't know how they're going to wrap this up in two more episodes. I'd like for Gemma and Duffy to just stay friends. Zara and Craig are my favorites. Andrew's speech during game night was incredibly moving. I hope he and Tony 2 can make things work. Kash getting fired from his job was terrible. Dude, don't take your phone into an important meeting! Interesting that Ainsley is going to be the one to pursue Dylan McD now. This will hopefully be a catalyst for her to mature a little more in the way she views relationships.
  3. I really love this show. I hope it doesn't pull a BLL and go for a second season. Let's just tie this up in a ten-episode bow. I'm fully looking forward to Fatima and Bash. That was an unexpected delight! Duffy is a Nice Guy. He and Maya had absolutely zero chemistry and his anger didn't sit right. Maya hasn't betrayed anyone. She didn't send the letter and hasn't acted on her feelings for Kash. Maybe his anger was coming from a place of hurt and embarrassment, but that's on him. Not Maya. Also, I wish they would explore why Gemma refuses to let go of her negativity towards Maya.
  4. I loved this read on Dany's actions. Less of a snap and more of following through with what she told Jon about "Let it be fear." https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/game-of-thrones-the-bells/
  5. Was this episode filmed prior to The Bachelor episode? I noticed that Poppy and Mark were still together and I thought they broke up a while ago so the show could move forward with Douglas/Poppy. As an aside, her wig is so distracting to me.
  6. I would love to see this acknowledged. Randall felt he couldn't abandon his grieving mother and they've been enmeshed for decades. Now she and Miguel and leaving for LA I wonder how this will play out in that relationship.
  7. I'd love Katherine to say it's a conflict of interest to help and sashay away.
  8. I'm so confused about how this group of people is SO invested in Maggie, a woman they've known for <6 months, and can't spare a thought for Katherine.
  9. The preview shows Randall running for city council in Philidelphia. How is that possible since they live in New Jersey?
  10. So if Kate gets her miracle child, is she going to demand special treatment over the other grandkids because her baby is, a piece of Jack? Trust me, as an infertility warrior I get wanting to get pregnant, but that was a pretty messed up statement considering her family make-up. This may belong in another thread but we've dealt with that on a smaller scale in our home. We have one biological bean and one bean who was adopted. One day I heard Bio Bean telling his brother that he wasn't a "real" member of our family. I shut that shit down so fast. We rarely yell but I honestly put the fear of God in that kid. Kate is just my least favorite character. Where is her standalone therapy session episode?
  11. Keep it. I can't hate this idea enough!
  12. Mr. Bean and I are respectively Kate and Toby. I have PCOS and he had a low count. After a few years of infertility treatments, we were ready to move to IVF. Our Dr. told us after we met his initial conditions that our chance for a successful pregnancy was about 6% and that he wanted us to really take time to think about it before he took our money. I was devastated, but grateful, that he was honest with us. So many other specialists are happy to just get a paycheck. We didn't pursue IVF but ended up adopting Little Bean. Kate just plowing ahead without her partner completely on board is a huge red flag. Infertility is rough for any marriage hopefully they can get some counseling. Between him flushing his antidepressants and her not being in the flash forward leaves me to believe they aren't together in the future. He seemed like he wasn't quite in the Pearson circle in the end.
  13. This can't be said enough. I know she's young, but Caitlyn is ridiculous. Imagine how she'll act when she finds out her parents aren't really divorced. "Mom, I just want us to be a family again...even though Dad was terrible to you."
  14. All season I was distracted by her choice of clothing. Hai Lai your girls need a little support.
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