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  1. Antonio could have left Voight a couple of times and could have even turned him in for other offenses on PD (despite knowing what Voight was capable of and actually guilty of after the Casey situation). He opted not to. The only reason he is leaving now is because Voight recommend him to head up his own team with the US Attorney's office (which, apparently, may be where Ruzek is going as well). Antonio didn't want to leave when he was initially offered this position and went straight to Voight to basically ask why he was being shoved out of Voight's unit. Voight's response was basically that he felt Antonio was ready to handle his own team. Also, Antonio helped Casey before he really worked for Voight and was brought in to help at Gabby's request. Antonio still agreed to take the job with Voight (and continued to turn a blind eye towards Voight's behavior) despite Voight's horrid and illegal behavior towards Casey, Hallie and his outright hostility towards 51 in general.
  2. You could be right - this all happened in the first season of Chicago Fire, so I might not recall every detail and have not re-watched since the original airing. In any case, the "redemption" of Voight is still ridiculous given how awful he truly was (and still can be, on occasion). The fact that Antonio may have arrested him back then makes it even more irritating that Antonio would agree to work for Voight (and was pretty much his right hand man until he just now is being transferred, presumably, to Chicago Justice) and that Casey would still be involved with someone connected to Voight in any way, shape or form - in this case, that massively manipulative, selfish, needy, she-monster known as Gabby.
  3. Yeah, I've always had an issue with Voight suddenly being a "good guy" despite planting coke in Casey's home, threatening to kill Casey, threatening to kill Casey's then girlfriend/fiancee Hallie, etc. All of this because Casey was honest in stating that Voight's son was driving drunk and caused a severe car wreck. Voight didn't want his son to go to jail, which may have helped sort his son out. Instead, he drops him off at the Army recruiting station and makes him join, yet his son still ends up dead later because of his involvement with drug dealers and other nefarious characters. Had he done the right thing from the beginning and let his son go to trial and possibly serve jail time, he might still be alive, though possibly in jail. In any case, how can you redeem a guy who tried to completely destroy the life of a well respected fire fighter and who threatened to harm not just Casey but also his girlfriend/fiancee? The show acts like none of that ever happened and Voight faced pretty much no repercussions for it. What makes it even more absurd is that, after Hallie did die, Casey got involved with Gabby whose brother, Antonio, worked for Voight. This is another thing that bothers me about the whole Gabby/Casey relationship (Gabby herself bothers me immensely as does her constant manipulation of Casey) - why would Casey want anything to do with someone who had a family member that worked for Voight after all he did to him? Regarding Louie, the saddest boy in the world, we got to hear him say one more word this episode which brings the season total up to three words, I think. He never smiles, never looks happy, etc. Again, I know he's been traumatized and whatnot, but Cindy has said that he has had a great time playing with her and Hermann's kids before. As for bio-dad, given that he is a veteran and served our country, didn't know about Louie before, etc., under normal circumstances Gabby would have a hard time keeping Louie. It doesn't matter that she and Casey are now married as Gabby is the only one on the guardianship papers. Gabby thought that would give them an advantage over a single parent, but from a legal standpoint it doesn't work that way. In the real world, if the bio-dad just learned about the child (or even if he knew about him before he still has not signed away his parental rights), the custody of the child would go to him unless there were some really unusual circumstances. Technically, once the DNA test proved that he was Louie's father, Louie would have pretty much been turned over to him in short order (there would likely be a court hearing to rescind the guardianship as a formality) and if Gabby and Casey wanted to contest that, they could, but the child would likely be with the bio-dad while that happened, especially since, as I mentioned, the bio-dad never signed away his rights.
  4. He was pistol whipped by the guy that car jacked him.
  5. No worries MulletorHater - the more people that see it, the better as it's downright scary.
  6. Wonder if Trump is still in denial over any hacking done by the Russians. From the Washington Post: Might be a good time to go out and buy a generator.
  7. This isn't necessarily the case. I go to France often, including Paris as well as more rural areas, and have never once been treated poorly. I speak fluent French, so I imagine that helps, but they definitely know that I'm American. I've also gone there with colleagues and friends who don't speak a word of French and they haven't had any issues and have been treated well, as have colleagues and friends who have gone there on their own without knowing a word a French. What the French seem to take exception to are obnoxious Americans (like Trump, for example). They are aware that some Americans think that they are all snobby, pretentious and rude. That is just not the case. They are also aware that some believe certain stereotypes about them, like they don't bathe regularly and that the term "French shower" is used to describe a person who just puts on extra perfume/cologne rather than take a shower or a bath. They also get offended when Americans (or anyone, really) starts treating them as if they're stupid because they don't speak English (or don't speak it very well) or if they shout at them thinking that will make a difference. They don't expect everyone to speak French, but they also don't want people to get frustrated and upset and stereotype them as it just isn't fair. Americans, or any other group, don't think its fair to stereotype either so we should be careful not be hypocritical and assume that all the French dislike Americans. Are there some snobby, pretentious French people? Sure. Are there some snobby, pretentious American people? Of course. It goes both ways and you'll find different personality types wherever you go, but the majority of people that I come across, and I've been around the world and back at this point, are kind, helpful and respectful. As I mentioned in a previous post, I run into more issues in certain countries because I'm female rather than the fact that I'm American (and British as well, but born and raised in the US). I can say that, in general, the French, and those I have come across in other countries, definitely do dislike Trump, however, and they know that he does not represent the majority of Americans and what we stand for. They are fearful and concerned just as we are as they know whatever he does will have a global impact.
  8. So will the FBI be waiting to pick up and arrest the two who are on their Most Wanted List or are they just going to let them scurry out of the country until Trump takes office? I'm sure Comey doesn't want to arrest them given the role he played in all of this as well. It wouldn't surprise me if the orange asshat pardoned them, but then we'll pretty much know without a doubt that he owes the Russians and Putin "bigly" (and not just the money he's likely borrowed) for helping him steal... er... "win" the election.
  9. I'd rather it be a kick to his balls, but since he probably doesn't have any, a kick to the face is good enough.
  10. Regarding the hacking by the Russians, as has been mentioned, Trump has stated that it is “time for the country to move on to bigger and better things.” He said this after President Obama announced the sanctions against Russia. Clearly, he does not want this investigated further despite the threats it can pose and that it can make the US vulnerable to attacks from other parties/nations as well. Just more evidence that the man doesn't give a damn about America or its citizens. According to the Washington Post, Trump is now claiming that: Right – Trump is actually going to meet with intelligence leaders when he can’t even be bothered by, or begin to understand, daily intelligence briefings. He’s now claiming he will meet with the same agencies that, some time ago, declared that Russia interfered and hacked e-mails and whatnot. This isn’t something he should have to be “updated on” – this has been ongoing for some time and these intelligence agencies have proof. The Washington Post also states that: Again, how much more proof does Trump need at this point? Sean Spicer has stated the following, according to WaPo: Again, what further fucking facts are needed? All the intelligence agencies agree that that Russia interfered and that Russia hacked our systems. Two of the Russians on the list to be expelled are on the FBI’s most wanted list largely for cyber crimes. Spicer's delusions about "how big that win was" is just comical at this point. Trump lost the popular vote by basically the largest margin in history. Trump is NOT America's choice. Spicer also claims that the DNC itself is to blame for the hacking. Per WaPo, he stated that: Is Trump taking measures to protect his beloved toy Twitter? What happens when he is President? Will he keep using his personal account? What about the private servers that are likely being set up for his kids and whatnot who will surely have access to confidential/classified info (he's even stated that he wanted them to be able to have access to such info)? Where is Trump’s responsibility not to launch us into WWIII by sending an idiotic Tweet in the wee hours of the morning just because someone or something rubbed his ever so fragile ego the wrong way? The man is an imbecile – plain and simple. He calls computers/technology “the cyber” for fuck’s sake. He has no idea what he is doing with his insane rants via Twitter, the only app he appears to be able to use.
  11. Apparently, it seems that two of the Russians removed from the US today by President Obama's EO were actually on the FBI's most wanted list. From Bloomberg: I wonder why nothing was done about this earlier, but, in any case, it makes Trump look even worse if he reverses the sanctions and lets these two back into the country. I have found other stories that give more detail to their crimes, but haven't had a chance to fully verify the claims. In any case, according to one site their crimes are described as follows: At any rate, it appears that we had Russian criminals working for the Russian government living here who most likely have the skills to hack various computer systems. If Trump jumps out in support of these people by lifting the sanctions that were just put in place, people who the FBI (meaning his buddy Comey) had on their Most Wanted list, he will show his ass to the entire world yet again (something I'm quite certain no one wants to see). This will truly show everyone what team he is really playing for - we all know it's team Trump first and foremost, but since he likely owes Russia a ton of money, they are probably a close second if not a tie for first. The American people fall much farther down on his list and that is becoming more and more obvious with each day, with each appointment, with each Tweet, etc. The man is completely unfit and incompetent and has clear conflict of interest issues. He also just doesn't give a damn about the world, diplomacy, the economy, the environment, etc. I think a lot of this is down to the fact that he just isn't nearly intelligent enough to even begin to comprehend all that is going on and he is so myopic in his thinking that he cannot see what impact one Tweet or one statement may have on the world as a whole. He also can't see how each action is linked and what long term (or even near term) issues he is causing. He's flat out too stupid to be forward looking enough to see this horrible chain of events - and even if he could, he likely wouldn't care. He also shouldn't have to be "interpreted" by KAC or one of his other deplorables (a.k.a people being paid to pretend to like him and stroke his ego constantly whilst continually cleaning up after him every time he shits on the carpet). "Trump speak" should not be a language that the world has to learn.
  12. Wonder why Kanye isn't performing since he did go the Golden Tower and meet with PE Tiny Hands... I hope Kanye does not actually support Trump. I'm not a huge fan of Kanye's (though I do like a few of his songs and they get stuck in my head on occasion), but I can empathize with what he has been going through recently with his health. Also, as we know, many have been summoned to the Golden Tower who aren't exactly fans of Trump's and have gone anyway. Kanye could potentially have been a bit more vulnerable given his recent illness, but I do hope he recovers fully and never agrees to meet with that racist, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted, half-wit again. He should know by now that his "visit" was Trump and company using him. Trump was essentially putting Kanye on display in a strange attempt to show that he wasn't a racist, that he cared about the views of the "minorities," cared about diversity, etc. Given that the statement Kanye made about W live on the air after Hurricane Katrina is even more true regarding Trump, given who Trump has chosen to surrounded himself with and with things Trump has said, Kanye should realize that he was used for Trump's own petty purposes. I really hope he just went to the Golden Tower as a simple courtesy and doesn't agree with anything that Trump says or believes in. Hell, Trump was probably Tweeting pretty much the entire meeting and they may not have had much of a dialogue anyway. Any conversation that may have happened was likely over Trump's head and he just likely mentally tuned out.
  13. I travel a considerable amount internationally, both for business and pleasure. I'm usually only in the US about one or two weeks out of every month. I have dual citizenship with the UK and spend a good portion of my time there as my husband is a Brit and we kept our home over there. My accent is pretty much American, and most people in most countries know that I'm American, regardless of which other citizenships I may have. I have never once, even being in a few different countries over this current holiday period in Europe and traveling to Asia constantly - including China 6 times a year - had anyone criticize me for being American. I speak 6 languages, worked for the UN for a bit (and am considering going back), and have even been to countries that may be considered less friendly towards Americans, but have never had a problem based being an American. I run into more issues for being female in some countries than I do for being American. I'm in Europe currently, and, when people know I'm an American, I get asked questions about Trump and how he really got elected. There is no hostility, even before I tell them my opinion of him, which is definitely not favorable. They are more interested in finding out what really went on, the types of people who would vote for such an asshat, and they are afraid of what his election will do on a global scale. They are not anti-American, they are anti-Trump. I'm heading to China right after the New Year on business and I'll get more insight from them. I have several close friends over there from Uni and we've e-mailed and Skyped since the election. They are from my generation (I'm just in my early 30's), and they have more progressive views than others and tend to be more fascinated with western culture. They do not like Trump and don't hide it - they also worry about relations between the two countries but they do not hold it against all Americans, especially given that Trump lost the popular vote by a huge margin. They know that this is not what the majority of Americans wanted, and they do not hold his ridiculous actions against the majority of the American people.
  14. I just checked Amazon to see if they were there, but I think it's too early as they just came out. However, I'm sure they will get them eventually and, while I was searching, I came across a lovely baseball cap that had a cartoon of Trump and Putin locked in a rather steamy embrace kissing - it is available in multiple colors and is far cheaper than Trump's Make America Crap... er... Great Again hat. When I go to China in a little over a week, I'll buy as many of the Rooster statue replicas as I can and I plan on sending them to a lot my friends who are democratic, independent and republican, but completely anti-Trump (regardless of political affiliation) in a number of states (including "red" states) and I know they will display them proudly.
  15. This is exactly why I plan on bringing back quite a few with me on my next trip to China right after the New Year. I have many friends who want to do similar things - I wonder if the manufacturer or some other company will even make a version of it that is one of those stress squeeze type toys - especially the kind where you squeeze it and it makes its eyes bug out. I go to China about 6 times a year, so if I don't bring enough back this time around, hopefully I can get more on my next trip. ;-)
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