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  1. innocuouspuff

    S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    I looked up the title as I was pondering who the fallen angels were, and it's a Frankenstein quote: Which makes "Shelley Island" and the kid being named Adam hilariously literal. But that's the show for you. (Did they forget they'd already had an Adam in S1?) I thought it was interesting because it suggests that Lena as hubristic 'mad scientist' is entirely what they're going for.
  2. innocuouspuff

    S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    Ha, yeah, comics is super referential and the show has done fun cover recreations before. I sort of can't believe they've never done a Pietá shot now that you mention it, unless I'm forgetting one. I'm still getting weird déjá vu on that shot of Supergirl on the ground - it wasn't just her pose but also the CoL on the edges of the frame. Very comic book-y. The chains are also a beloved Superman/girl motif (bringing us back to allegories, lol).
  3. innocuouspuff

    S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    That shot was so specifically composed that I thought it must be a comic book cover as well, but the only hits I'm getting on google for Superman Jesus pose are that infamous shot from Man of Steel. Maybe that's the reference. The reasons for only attacking Kara would be the same as the reasons for getting Guardian to make that video and staging this whole scenario on Alien Ells Island - terrorism. It's about getting their message out and intimidating other aliens.
  4. innocuouspuff

    S05E07: Baby Steps

    This is an excellent point. I think this is part of what annoys me about Conrad suddenly deciding he needs Henry to guide him through doing the right thing - Bess and company have all been out here trying to do the least harmful thing since season 1. Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes they didn't. But they were working at it. Now after all that, Henry shows up in his pontification jacket, with no previous stakes in the issues just fancy degrees, and is the one to be listened to on ethics? Come on. Bess at least was underqualified but adorably (over)invested - Henry's whole detached, I'm an expert on the troubles of poor Lao women because I studied philosophy in my ivory tower vibe I found so uncomfortable to watch this week. It was cuter when it was random bits of wisdom in the kitchen. But suddenly Conrad is particularly impressed by those degrees? *shrug*
  5. innocuouspuff

    S05E07: Baby Steps

    My question is, how did POTUS manage to make ethical choices in the approx five or six years his administration existed before he brought an academic ethicist on board. Of all of the bizarre uses of Henry and random tasks he's somehow been the only candidate for, this is the weirdest.
  6. innocuouspuff

    Masterchef (CA)

    I like Beccy. She's so refreshingly a teenager, with her zero politicking skills. I think one of the dudes takes the trophy though. The judges seemed to be giving Beccy points for at least having a solid, high-end concept. If Eugene had gone forward on spaghetti and weird meatballs we'd be complaining about that, though it was odd that he was so stumped by a basket full of meat. Usually that's all the chefs want to cook. I have zero idea what Nadia thought she was doing.
  7. innocuouspuff

    S03,E20: Dark Side of the Moon 2018.05.28

    It did come off much like a dream sequence, with the lack of emotional weight to what should have been a huge moment, the lack of urgency, and Alura looking the exact same as she does in Kara's dreams/memories. I suspect that was just sketchy directing though. I wonder if Kara will have to entirely sacrifice the place in the end? Thus bringing Krypton learning from its mistakes full circle? They can't just be setting up regular visits to chat with mom. Can they?
  8. innocuouspuff

    S03,E20: Dark Side of the Moon 2018.05.28

    We'd be side-eying anyone who proposed that as a General Zod type, wouldn't we? I was okay with the Argo residents not jumping to leave - people make less than logical decisions about not abandoning their homes all the time. Once they give up on Argo, Krypton and its culture, artifacts, etc are officially extinct. But yes, the ep was in general epically boring. My interest in whether they cure Sam or just murder Reign dead is zero.
  9. innocuouspuff


    I thought it was implied that the general was a natural, accidental baby. If Lyta married and got permission to procreate with someone, it would have been a known thing in some public records database, or at least gossiped about. The fact that General Zod had no way of knowing because Lyta never told him, and that she was apparently single (and grouchy) the whole time, seemed to suggest it happened the last time she and Seg were together. If that's a thing, and the baby can still be a full member of your house, then why Nyssa was worried about baby "permission" in 1.01 is a little bit of a mystery. But the show likes to contradict itself like that. Some epic moments in this finale, though. I loved Adam wandering around Brainiac-frozen Detroit.
  10. innocuouspuff

    S19.E39: Finale, Winner Revealed

    Yeah, I totally believe it. He apparently said something about not needing to relive the past by watching, which is not an unusual thing for some varieties of egomaniacs too imo. If it happened in the past, that's just as uninteresting as if it happened to someone else. Also, he's not actually a BB fan, and it's a lot of eps to sit through. This season 18 video of him telling Rob C he wouldn't change a thing cracks me up, it's okay to admit you might have messed up Paul: https://mobile.twitter.com/Teagan_Lad/status/910745145112502272 One thing that I always think about bitter juries, is that if you live with someone for 70+ days you should have gained an idea of what will motivate them come voting time! Paul just had no idea and didn't stop to think about it. First and last post of the season! I've been lurking, thanks for entertaining me through this nonsense. :)
  11. It wasn't really an issue of just an Anglo accent which I don't think anyone would comment on; he added random nonsensical vowel sounds when French is pretty predictable to read out loud. It threw me off because one of the racers did it and I was amused, then Jon made the identical error and I wondered if I was the one seeing my screen wrong. A Give'r upset would have been hilarious, but the minute Kenneth admitted to not taking his time on the rooftop I knew they were in trouble. What a lot of Race brain Ivana had, with talking to all the bonhommes, then searching the rooftop itself. Lol. It would have cute if they won but they were outgunned. Korey is a total sweetheart.
  12. innocuouspuff

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    Sure, she should have figured out that Brad wasn't going to follow any instructions from her that he didn't fully understand. But we've been watching survivors miscommunicate and do illogical things for 34 seasons, so I don't see what's so unique about this that she absolutely must be lying.
  13. innocuouspuff

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    She explained to Rob C that she was hesitant to give Brad too much information. Which seems fair - next thing Brad is running down the beach announcing that she's flipping and she's the target. But she took responsibility for her poor communication - I'd also think that a post-hoc lie would try to make her look less incompetent, lol.
  14. innocuouspuff

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    I don't really see why Michaela would be lying about her Brad/fishing reasoning, when she and Brad voted together against Andrea. To be saying, go get me fish before you leave, she would have had to actually vote for him to leave?
  15. innocuouspuff

    Live Feeds Discussion

    I think it makes sense for Karen, actually. She can't win comps and should be Demetres' ideal final two. She should be everyone's ideal final two! Dillon should definitely want the competition beast out though, what the hell. Ika's actually dead in the water anyway imo - the only person maybe taking her to the finals is Demetres and Sindy pretty clearly instructed Demetres to cut his girl if he wants to win a jury vote. Which I think he really does. ps I realise that Karen logic is not Earth logic and this may not be her reasoning.