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  1. Big Baby, great name. I hope all went well for her. So far we haven't heard any 'm o t h e r I s b l e e d I n g" stories. YES
  2. "Tomorrow night we will have an opportunity to hear from Rickey Chelette on same sex attraction." I would love to be a fly on the wall.
  3. This is actually a great idea, as long as he accepts an invitation to mingle with some LGBTQ people as well.
  4. They look like they ran out of youth serum and pretty potion. Not a great photo.
  5. Helicopter Cathy should back off. Derp doesn't need her spoon to stir the pot.
  6. Is this their normal? It's the second 'normal' family vid they've posted. Remember the Duggs have been living a tv life of production and editing, and maybe they weren't as savvy as Jessa (although she still makes massive errors), but Dillards might now be catching on. I think JB had a heavy hand in marketing their family as one dimensional on TLC and the kids LIVED that. Remember when he was asked a question about a politician and he kept giving a different answer with the expectation that the interviewer would just edit to hide the retakes? I think Jill is awakening. I really really hope so.
  7. The Duggars have no problem giving the adult jobs to a 12 year old. Hannie, and the other lost girls, should consider themselves lucky if Jana is 'letting' them have some childhood freedoms, because the older girls didn't get that privilege. No wonder Jana can't leave.
  8. Swooning over Sam! This is a cute little vignette into their lives.
  9. Caught on film: Cdillydumdum and her battle against cancer.
  10. @Sew Sumi agree with you, this is dangerously early. This is a cute announcement. A book and puppies? She has warmed my cold dark heart. It will be interesting to see if this baby is brought up similar to Izzy and Sam.
  11. Same spice cupboard as Jinger. Maybe Kendra will name her child Klove.
  12. I fucking hate myself for even saying this, but Derelict is more attractive than Germy in this photo.
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