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  1. TT, how very kind of you to help that woman find her car. Above and beyond, IMO. The call box with Security to help people is a very nice service, too. Cell phones. I was in TJMaxx the other day and I can't tell you how many people were chatting away on their phones while shopping. Dislike.
  2. I also enjoyed the article about Stan Herman. Thanks.
  3. Me too! And I love her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross on "Blackish!"
  4. Midnight central time. I don't know a lot of the nu-blondes. Who is this?
  5. Oh, so Landon actually lives in Malibu???? Why did Shep need to call her to interrupt his first date with not-sommelier? I liked not-sommelier! Was she too strong for Shep? ugh. I can't believe I'm watching a show about Shep.
  6. The shallow:. Shep's hair looked bad tonight. The opinion: his show is dumb.
  7. Wow -- surprised about Joe Esposito! I liked watching his shows.
  8. I think that was Lisa Robertson styling recommendation -- to draw in at your smallest point (supposedly right under the bust). I found this does not always work, and for those of us more "gifted" in the belly area, makes us look a) pregnant, or b) like we can't button the whole sweater.
  9. JRT's top is too tight, er, "body conscious." Needs a looser top, perhaps longer too.
  10. That has to be a joke about Chrissy being the "producer." Q has its own production people. Sounds like she had the idea and JRT decided to put her on air. Sigh. (For all I know, Chrissy is a wonderful person, but JRT's yakking about her all these years has turned me off her.)
  11. I know, but it's still pretty cool to see the likes of Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph honoring her as a pioneer of women in comedy, hosting her own show in the 1960's. I hated the "Momma's Family" skits (and show). All they did was yell at each other.
  12. Tim Conway is so good at the physical comedy. He and Harvey Korman always cracked me up, especially when Harvey would break character and start laughing.
  13. I'm watching Carol Burnett, too, @CarpeDiem54! Good show. I just commented on Bob over at the QVC forum (here).
  14. Bob Mackie was just on the Carol Burnett special tonight -- he looked great!
  15. http://www.qvc.com/Set-of-5-Illuminated-Glitter-Wax-Trees-by-Valerie.product.H205280.html?sc=PSCH&TZ= I bought these 2 years ago for $40. They are now $49. That's a big increase! I really like them. They have a soft glow.
  16. Wow: I think I started watching around then; at least I do remember Joe Esposito. Had forgotten young Jill, though. I went on to watch a QVC Bloopers clip -- one with Susan Graver reminded me how gaga she'd go over getting to work with Lisa!
  17. Halftime of the game I'm watching, so only caught part of the presentation (and on mute), but what was that dumb faux WaterPik rinse-thing for only $20???? The demo showed black stuff loosely applied to denture teeth, and the rinse-thing sprayed water off to clean the loose black stuff off the teeth. I think we could just rinse our mouth with a cup of water and achieve the same result!
  18. I think those Kringle Express bags are easy and a good deal. I bought some a few years ago and haven't used them up, so not in the market this year.
  19. @Fishy, I think an OAP used it in front of Kerstin a few days ago, and now she seems to have appropriated it! Someone here reported it.
  20. @Denver Hoosier, thank you! I have been putting a lotion with SPF on over the A Defiance lotion, since the SSC products have Retinol. Do you think this is necessary? I vaguely remember Jennifer saying even though it has Retinol, it is slow release (or something) so not to worry about being in the sun. (Except the night product is stronger.) I might look and see if she has an SPF product. If not, I know Dmitri at Evine does.
  21. Saw the feet on the table for the first time myself. Looks lazy and disrespectful.
  22. I've been using some Serious Skin Care "A Defiance" products (HSN) and so far (about a week), like them a lot. Someone here recommended them.
  23. Just caught a glimpse on a drive-by, but think her hair and harsh makeup age her. The sparkly hoof boots are just weird.
  24. Yeah, watching some of the clips from previous seasons, I miss Michael Kors. He had so many great comments, yet so snarkable from our viewpoint. Great TV.
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