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  1. I noticed that Demi said "A" boom boom room and not "THE" boom boom room. I wonder how many there are. And how many people can boom boom at once...
  2. David was in the room with Matt. He moved in with Lloyd and Mzi since there have 3 beds in that room and the new girsl will be with Matt in the double. HTH
  3. To me, he seems like a minor character in Ray Donovan. Low rent Boston gangster. Not my jam
  4. One of my friends from high school was the patient whose guts came out. That was fun to see. Otherwise, I wasn't engaged by this one.
  5. I think they looked so fat because of a weird prosthetic mask to make them look younger instead of using CGI. That was the only reason I could think of for both of them looking so weird in the flashbacks.
  6. I hope you realize that the judges didn't pick the breakfast dishes to make. Production told them each what to say and saved the hardest for last. I don't like Blaise, but I don't put the blame on him for the tough last order.
  7. The one I have heard the most is: Well, slap my ass and call me Sally Unfortunately, I have nothing to add to the commentary on this episode. I think this is the most awful and boring season I've seen.
  8. OMG - they used to send me their membership applications to my college DORM when I was still a teenager! My aunt's sister has applied for the Senior Bachelor. She is 70 but looks like she is in her 40's. No clue how she does it
  9. I'm guessing they are given a list of several things to choose from for their "theme event". Instead of a white party or a 90's party, they chose naked sushi. I doubt they thought of this on their own.
  10. Any time I saw Benny on screen, with his floppy blond hair and wispy mustache, all I saw was a young David Spade. Just me?
  11. This episode was such a breath of fresh air. I didn’t think I would like Taysha, but she was delightful. And, she had good grammar! I know it’s only the first episode so my opinion may change. Spencer was really good looking. Totally my type, but I do NOT like his personality. I hope he doesn’t stay long. Jason seemed really sweet and well spoken. His good-bye speech was so good. So glad that this show seems to be back in the groove.
  12. I really wanted to like Dale. He is good looking, but I don’t care for his voice and he isn’t articulate. Clare said ”Dale and I’s relationship”. She is semi-dead to me now. The strip dodgeball pissed me off. In the age of “MeToo”, shouldn’t we be a little better than this? The therapy date was super cringy. I could/would never tell a first date all my innermost secrets and feelings and insecurities. Especially on TV. What were they thinking? This is the kind of thing that follows you after the filming stops. The statement I thought of when she lost her shit at the g
  13. I think she had the gloves on because the plates were "too hot" to carry without them.
  14. Did anyone else think that Jillian now looks like Renee Zellweiger? It was uncanny. She needs to slow down on the fillers and darken her hair again. She was so pretty.
  15. For the first time ever I actually yelled "C*NT" at my TV. Say what you will about Kate and Hannah, but that bitch Jenna might actually get me to stop watching. She is so un-self aware. She is catty and cruel and is the worst kind of person. I really hope the others see it as well. I can barely stand to keep going.
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