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  1. NaughtyKitty

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    I think also that if it had a better name than "steamed chicken" they would have liked it more. Chicken D'Adrian, Tahitian Chicken, local fowl with aromatics. Anything better than STEAMED CHICKEN. That sounds nasty even to a poor person like me!
  2. NaughtyKitty

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I just think of Mindy's Medium Place as still being in the Bad Place universe and I am OK with it.
  3. NaughtyKitty

    S03.E02: Star Witness

    It was an awesome line, but I hope it doesn't get her into trouble
  4. NaughtyKitty

    S06.E05: Ellis Island

    Please tell me this is the last season. I am so over Micky and Bunchy being idiots, Brig and Connah being annoying, and everyone thinking Ray is God's gift.
  5. NaughtyKitty


    I just saw Taylor Dayne in concert last week so I was loving the bonding over the song. I thought it was a really fun moment. I enjoy the show. It is cute and fun and frustrating.
  6. NaughtyKitty

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    I thought Gabby Sidibe was the worst actor in this show until last night. Sandra Bernhardt was AWFUL! Sidenote -- yelling is not acting! I did like seeing a familiar shooting location though. The computer lab office is Park Place in Irvine, CA
  7. NaughtyKitty

    S03. E06. Fool Me Twice

    I was a little bored and I didn't know that she was married already. Didn't she just get screwed over by that one guy? She moves fast
  8. NaughtyKitty


    I feel like you left out an important part. In the previous episode when Annie told Owen about the car crash she said the trucker's name was Greg F.U.N N-something. Who has Fun as a middle name? In this episode when Paula was ranting about being already pregnant, she said she was going to name her baby Greg "Fuck You Nan" N-something. Her unborn son is the one who caused the crash and presumably Annie's sister's death.
  9. NaughtyKitty


    I do't understand the little robot thing that was on the sidewalk when Owner and his dad were walking to the train station. I feel like it might be important.
  10. NaughtyKitty

    S05.E07: A Christmas Miracle

    I can't believe that no one mentioned Diana's AWESOME dress with one regular sleeve and one giant kimono sleeve. I've never seen anything like it. Only she could pull it of. Amazing!
  11. NaughtyKitty

    S03.E09: Panic at the Deck-O

    I'm curious that if there was the "extra bunk by the crew mess" that looked like a pretty large cabin for the quarantine, why is the staff packed in the tiny rooms like sardines? 2 people could have had a single room. Less Dra-Muh, I presume.
  12. NaughtyKitty

    S04.E01: What's Your Story?

    The walker that Morgan buried was the man in the car he tried to help at the beginning of the episode
  13. NaughtyKitty

    S14.E07: Week 7: Bahamas

    I don't understand why they were grimacing like the conch penis tasted awful. I've had it before and it had no taste at all. The conch salad that "Action" was mentioning is absolutely delicious. Kind of like a ceviche made with mussels.
  14. NaughtyKitty

    S01.E01: Vanish

    I haven't read the book and I didn't see/notice the scars until I read about it here......
  15. NaughtyKitty

    S03.E05: Can I Get Fries With That?

    That's exactly how I interpreted it also. Like a 3 year old.