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  1. Preach. Never liked her; never understood the hype. She is quite possibly the most insincere, unhappy, unpleasant personality across the franchises (that I watch...) and my god, that's a low, low bar. I mean, Leah and Ramona are obnoxious and awful, but Karen's the one who'll put the knife in your back and say she was just defending herself.
  2. Find someone who loves to brag about you the way Rinna does Scott Disik(?) She is positively giddy. I'm aware that this guy is someone from the Kardashian discard pile, but as one of the unindoctrinated - I don't get it. Was he some kind of big deal?
  3. The only entertainment value Kyle brings to this show is Kathy.
  4. I haven't laughed as hard in weeks as when those things came shooting out of Symone's hair. Glad she won - was pulling for her or Rosé. For such an uneven season, I think there were some strong queens - all stars 7(?)) will be stacked. The problem this year wasn't the queens, it was Production / Ru. Symone is easily one of my favorite winners.
  5. Well, this is disappointing but glad to know before I waste time on another 4 hours of it. I'm not here for the Tiger King perspective of this.
  6. What was with Porsha's voice changing to a monster voice on the intro for next week's previews? Random. Man, this season is so boring.
  7. I'm glad Utica stayed and glad Tina left, but I thought Tina slayed that lip synch, and Utica's soda thing was cringe. Between that and the panel laughing off Kandy's bullshit main stage drag - this show has become insanely arbitrary. Tonight reminded me of when several of the queens got pissed off because Alyssa could "wear some bullshit up on that stage - if I wore that they'd tear me apart - but 'it's okay, cuz it's Alyssa and she's so funny!'" I'd be frustrated if I were any of these other queens who weren't cut any slack for far better drag and see them laughing off that absolute mon
  8. Couldn't agree more. 50 something Becky doesn't seem to line up with her 24 yo trajectory. That discussion was hard to watch, and it was really weird watching her leave in a huff - walking out at a time that would pull everyone's focus and ensure their attention, then refusing to speak or look at people, telling Norm she wasn't his friend anymore...yikes. I can't see 24 yo Becky doing that even, so yeah, seems she's taken a strange & regressive turn over the years, all things considered. Otherwise, this has been a lot of fun to watch and has brought up so much nostalgia. It's also rea
  9. For some reason, I watched the Ruins over the weekend and holy shit. Obviously, it has the whole black cloud of the Kenny / Evan / Tonya assault (although Paramount skips that particular episode) but I'd forgotten about Darrell & Brad's and Tonya & Veronica's fights which were really ugly. Aside from those extreme situations, the entire season is gross and steeped in misogyny - Kenny, Evan and Johnny are complete scumbags, of course, but it wasn't just them. It was pervasive through the cast. TJ was a prick then too. I know this season was especially egregious but the fact that th
  10. I love Rose but I thought she hit an off note (literally) in the rusical. Otherwise, she sounded great and I'm glad she won. Tina has a strange vibrato for a boy bander. I just knew no one was leaving as soon as it was Symone and Kandy. When she was sashayed away, I thought "wow...shocked...impressed she went through with it", then she calls out to her and my eyes went into the back of my head. Lame. Where are folks in the US watching DRUK? The season is getting raves - would love to see it.
  11. Yeah, it’s also curious that only the “A Team” members have won maxi challenges. Wondering if an inherent bias isn’t factoring into these ranking decisions. Kandy has certainly been the main beneficiary of inconsistent judging, but she’s not the only one, IMO.
  12. Am I crazy or did Kandy shank, like, half the lyrics? She wasn't even moving her mouth for part of it. Bad call - I do not understand their fascination with her.
  13. Same - love her. She's really solid - doesn't seem to have any weaknesses. I also appreciate that she's a straight shooter while simultaneously kind and supportive. Symone's a powerhouse too - clever as hell. They're my faves and I hope Rose' gets her due soon.
  14. She isn't burning only her Bravo bridges, she's making herself radioactive for any future gigs. She's brought all of this on herself, but it's still pretty hard to watch.
  15. I'd really like to see an full inventory of deals that were actually closed / not closed after due diligence, with whom they closed, and revenues. I've been watching loads of reruns on Hulu lately and, originally, Mark made the deal with the Plated guys, but in follow ups and in-show references, Kevin's partnered with them. Likewise, Tom & Chee made a deal with Mark & Barbara, but now only Barbara is referenced as their partner. I know sometimes the sharks invest in a company that was turned away originally, and many don't actually close at all, so I assume Mark could've just decided h
  16. Alright, so this two hour block on my guide / DVR for RHOA and full hour of that is for WWHL & that chat show? Some bullshit, right there. As soon as Cynthia and Mike talked about meeting Biden, you knew that was gonna turn out bad...
  17. Wut? How did I miss this? Huh, the only thing I never liked about Will was Boogie. OK then - Google time.
  18. This was excellent. I only planned to watch ep 1 before bed and then stayed up to watch all four. There was much more footage, and many more details, than I'd expected. Sad and maddening, but really, really well done - I was captivated.
  19. Has a white guy been on the block even once this season?
  20. By far, the most intriguing moment from tonight was Sutton stating how we didn't need to worry about any rumors of her having sex with Brandy because "I mean, look at me." with an eye roll. A HW openly insecure about her appeal? Now, THAT is a topic worth exploring.
  21. I stopped watching this show after BB16 out of lack of interest, but with some of the old schoolers returning and a depletion of original programming in COVIDland, I was excited to give this season a try and yikes. I'm out once J&K are gone, which I assume will be next week - not because of who's in control, but because this show is so effing boring. Predictable and tension-free, no "game" conversations are of any consequence, the non-game scenes and DRs are ridiculous and BORING. Seeing Janelle & Kaysar together again has been fun - seeing Dani, Kevin, & Ian...less so. Cody &
  22. What's this? Sandy isn't hovering over Tom or asking the guests if they're horribly mad about the oyster shells, which would never NEVER ever be served on a yacht!
  23. Who is carrying around the Rx? It's given to the pharmacy. The scrip info, doc, patient etc. is listed right on the backside of the box. Re the pot vs. CBD. Hannah did say this to Malia - notice the editing monkeys dropped it (pot) as an issue midway through the fracas.
  24. They are doing Hannah dirty with this edit. Some glaring holes if you're paying attention (and we all are, Bravomonkeys).
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