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S07.E07: Balls, Balls, Balls

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Airs August 13, 2019


Teams head to Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., where the season's first face-off forces racers to prove that they're best in class.

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Great episode.

well, except for the winning team. Just not loving Dave and Irina.

loved Anthony and James at the map.

Sorry to see Trish and Amy go. They were a great team and I would have liked to see them go further but they have been struggling since day 1 so it was just a matter of time.

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I could have stood there until the end of time and still never figured out that math problem. Math is my mortal enemy.

Aw, the poor beer people. I  always feel bad when nobody goes to one side of a Detour. All that planning and preparing and practicing the dance and then nobody showed up. That has to be so disappointing.

I haaaaaaaate the Face Off! It just bugs me when a team has to sit and wait and squander their lead until other teams show up.

Dave and Irina are gonna win this whole thing, aren’t they? Ugh. 😒

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And the mayor was there too! I was sad Berry Vrbanovic didn't get to hand out a clue. It did look like a tough detour.

Kitchener-Waterloo resident here, I loved the episode. Funny about the cabs, they aren't too plentiful around town, that's true.

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1 hour ago, Pepper the Cat said:

well, except for the winning team. Just not loving Dave and Irina.

I give Irina credit for breezing through the physics problem. If she didn't have a tantrum every time they fall below second place she might be tolerable.

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Well done Dave and Irina.

It's like James and Anthony have something prepared in advance for every leg, this leg they rolled out their anniversary.

The balls task was made too easy by putting 12 red balls in the pit.  It could have been made much more frustrating and better.

At the cooking task we were first told they had to get it exactly right then it made more sense when we were told it was who got closest. 

The maths task was probably difficult in knowing or knowing how to invert when you switched items to the other side of the equation.  But I thought they could probably guess answers anyway, we weren't shown teams doing that though.

The 'moms' saying they are representing all mothers everywhere, well at least they didn't say all Canadian mothers I guess.

The wealth of car adverts every year on this always annoys me.  The irony is they just use taxis to transport racers around anyway, even though it keeps in Canada.

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4 hours ago, amazingracefan said:

It's like James and Anthony have something prepared in advance for every leg, this leg they rolled out their anniversary.

I live in Vancouver and I remember seeing them on the news when they got married. As someone whose running goal is to make it around the 2km route where I live, I was super impressed that they could have enough energy to run a marathon and get married. 

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Dave and Irina are much more fun to watch when they aren’t stealing cabs, stealing answers, taking penalties rather than attempting tasks, and calling the other teams peasants. 

My kids and I were at that museum the other week, and that ball pit is hard to walk around in.

I was also disappointed that no one chose the Oktoberfest task, but I think I would have done the robots as well. 

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Still don't like Dave & Irina and am very scared we'll see them until the end, but I do give her credit for the math.  My dead and decaying corpse would still be there, unless they let me look up and say "is that about 40 feet?  50 feet? That's my answer."  

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On 8/14/2019 at 6:23 AM, amazingracefan said:

It's like James and Anthony have something prepared in advance for every leg, this leg they rolled out their anniversary.

Honestly, I can't believe they are lugging all those outfits around. 

2 hours ago, Kel Varnsen said:

Is this the second week in a row with no roadblock? Because I am really waiting for Irina to be forced to do one.

They might have edited them out?

I laughed at the math because I had to do the exact same experiment my first week of college Physics. They made us go outside in pairs, climb to the 5th floor on the fire escape staircases, and drop a ball and calculate the distance.

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Wow, I attended UWaterloo from 96 to 2000, and man that University has exploded in the years since. I visited a few years back and was amazed then, and its still growing. 

I'm not sure where the physics centre is, but if it's on the main campus, the Laurier football field isn't too far away; but if you don't know the area you could get lost. 

I'm surprised the physics problem was in feet; we should be using metric all the way. The metric to feet conversion if it was mandatory could screw things up. (Looks like there was a conversion, since they used 9.8m/s2 as gravity) 

I feel sad about the beer task, but the robot task just felt more fun and felt easier in general; especially since everything else was around the UW campus. The beer task should probably have been the roadblock. 

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