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  1. Oh my - I hated almost every minute of this. I had to ff almost all of Phil.
  2. So the FBI helped out exactly how?
  3. Not as good as the pilot episode. Rhyme is coming over as too harsh, sure he knows a lot but Denzel captured more warmth and humanity even when he was being an asshole to his staff. I'm not getting any couple vibes for he and Amelia either. Amelia when you open a box and handle the bone inside, ok but to then whack your prints all over the note too? Numpty.
  4. This one was odd, went in weird directions that I was not expecting. So much left out or unresolved. One more episode before I make up my mind on this show.
  5. Don't feel guilty - I love it too. I also think of Dina as either Dizz or Jane from Johnny Mnemonic
  6. I can understand the need this time but I too am furious about Donna and haven't got over it.
  7. Well Dan cannot possibly be sent to Ponderosa but I would love to see Jeff pop in to tell the jury members about Dan's removal.
  8. Jessica is annoying me to the point where I am close to no longer watching. I can't stand how interfering, nosy, and helicopterish she is. Her one redeeming moment was her reaction to finding out that the girl in the box was real but she still had to go behind her son's back to find that out.
  9. This ep made me wonder something - how triggering must it be for black actors to play roles that include this kind of racial history
  10. pretty sure someone in wardrobe hates her 😞
  11. Wouldn't have happened on Mr Kaplan's watch.
  12. Was it Dan that shouted "stupid" when Noura stepped off instead of trying for the pbj?
  13. Oh hell - this one had all the feels! I love Africa and have been to Livingston a few times and been on the ultra lights with Batoka Sky. This brought back so many wonderful memories then ... fkn instfluencers 😞 I was rooting for them to come in second last and get penalised/evicted for breaking road rules but NO they get to stay in a NEL. Not happy. Always awesome to see AFL legend Roosey tho.
  14. I agree Mongolia looked awesome I'm not convinced that the camel actually threw whathisname off but more that he lost balance Looked hot and brutal
  15. I didn't much like him in Bones but I thought it was the character mannerisms but now I see him in this show with the same mannerisms I dislike him even more, YMMV. So tow eps in a row Jubal is eating snacks in a very obvious manner - when will this anvil drop?
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