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  1. Has anyone got any experience with the bear horns? I was wondering if they could be heard by the other Alontestants?
  2. Fold or scrunch would probably be the most apt for this ep. I was only hanging on for a IRL Spader message and didn't get one (couldn't care less about getting one from Boone).
  3. Hello fellow Aussie. I hadn't done the math so the double elimination was a surprise to me. Hiram deserved a pardon - Jimmy does not, he's a great tattooer in his style but not versatile enough to be an Ink Master, IMO.
  4. Very similar to Dark but less intense and more linear.
  5. Non-American here - I have no idea what it meant.
  6. Calling a canvas sweetheart to her face and ancient behind her back is not cool Jimmy. And clearly this should be in the previous episode topic - sorry.
  7. I didn't get to see the previews for next week - I'm guessing a virus scenario? Kapoor's formal attire is fabulous and looks super on him.
  8. I don't understand why Jeremy looks like a challenge beast but is an epic fail in challenges.
  9. Thank heavens i wasn't the only one that picked this up! I shouted at the TV.
  10. Oh my - I hated almost every minute of this. I had to ff almost all of Phil.
  11. So the FBI helped out exactly how?
  12. Not as good as the pilot episode. Rhyme is coming over as too harsh, sure he knows a lot but Denzel captured more warmth and humanity even when he was being an asshole to his staff. I'm not getting any couple vibes for he and Amelia either. Amelia when you open a box and handle the bone inside, ok but to then whack your prints all over the note too? Numpty.
  13. This one was odd, went in weird directions that I was not expecting. So much left out or unresolved. One more episode before I make up my mind on this show.
  14. Don't feel guilty - I love it too. I also think of Dina as either Dizz or Jane from Johnny Mnemonic
  15. I can understand the need this time but I too am furious about Donna and haven't got over it.
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