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  1. I like Biko - I too sing made up songs when alone :-) Glad Theresa is safe.
  2. I didn't watch Wandavision (tried and bailed) but I have been thinking it's a Loki for a few episodes now.
  3. I'm confused about the fish traps - they seem like a low caloric expenditure to make so why do they only make one? Also if Michelle knew there were grouse nearby why did she wait so long before sitting a looking to actually catch one?
  4. My biggest issue is with the apparent age disparity between Emily and Sasha, makes me uncomfortable. Apart from that it's a bit grim and slow but I'm continuing to watch.
  5. Dad overstepped in a big way. I want Clinton back. Bad guys were OTT in their mutilations, I understood revenge motives but that was just weird.
  6. I like this show too but I think Ross way overstepped in inviting Jenny's mum for Christmas. I need to know how the back surgery went! And obviously who, if anyone, is dead, I did assume it was Liam so that if Jenny pursues a relationship with the other guy she'll be all angsty and conflicted.
  7. I don't know what prices are like in the USA but that coffee and bakery package would have been somewhere between $20and $40 AUD. That's a serious freebie. Scola was completely right to pay.
  8. I'm looking forward to hearing someone tell FauxCap that he doesn't have the ass of America. I like the therapist enough but would have loved the role to be filled by Shoreh Aghadashloo. I'm waiting for the line from episode one to come back, "you can't punch your way out of this", some heavy foreshadowing there I thought.
  9. So many things that I am not ok with in this episode. Lucy is gorgeous though.
  10. Did anyone else notice a weird thing with Shadow's pants when skating? Looked like grid iron padding under his jeans? Bilquis continues to be gorgeous. I think that if The Other was a twin child to Shadow we would have seen more than one baby delivered?
  11. We call it the Little Hetty on the Prairie look in our Australia house!
  12. I am really struggling with the Wilford scenes tbh, the cruelty and psychopathy are a bit too much, especially after Kevin.
  13. Oh I really struggled with this episode, so much cringe so little smart.
  14. I thought Naomi blew up the Chetz - the booby trapped ship but then I thought that maybe they gave Alex a space funeral - Holden saying Alex's wife wanted to take care of it (but she left him and wasn't really worthy of that job) so the Roci family did it in respect, Naomi being the one to push the button as he had saved her.
  15. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/amazing-race-australia-2021-full-list-of-teams/news-story/650f44d94b01e6ef6ba7635df7e85c94 sadly no
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