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  1. amazingracefan

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    well look who was back in the house 😁 I had a feeling when I was watching that the edit was just teasing us that something interesting might happen. It just came out of nowhere in the edit like it was just a brief storm that would blow over.
  2. amazingracefan

    S07.E02: Our Competition's Not That Smart

    It depends for me. Jet and Dave were worse with their schtick I thought, I was supposed to find them funny, but slapstick humour just isn't my thing. At least these two bring some needed edginess to the race. The cast on the Canadian version can be quite bland at times and you need some really competitive people in there.
  3. amazingracefan

    S07.E03: We'll Let the Peasants Fight for Last Place

    They should never have twists like that blind. I've a feeling the leg was made to look harder than it actually was. They are going outside of Canadian culture now and it's probably necessary by this season, but that also shows what they are missing not going abroad and having direct interaction with different people from different cultures.
  4. amazingracefan

    S21.E09: Whacktivity Competition #3; Nominations #3

    I suspect she thought it was 'nite', probably is in text speak.
  5. amazingracefan

    S21.E09: Whacktivity Competition #3; Nominations #3

    The rogue vote paranoia is now as big a part of BB tradition as not making any big moves until well into the game. It's something people feel they have to make an issue of. I'd much rather it had traditions like Survivor has established where you can make a bigger move earlier and nobody would blink at some lone pointless vote against a majority. He probably knew he was going up anyway and just wanted to look like he wasn't angry and so less of a threat. Though I don't know why Nick considers him a big threat, he probably just thinks he's the usual easy option of putting someone up who's been up before. He spoke quietly in his monologue but obviously you need to whisper in there, as Christie did when she revealed her power. But it should at least get around that Christie is very good listening at doors. casting makes or breaks reality shows
  6. amazingracefan

    S21.E08: Live Eviction #2; Head of Household #3

    I was also thinking of the Canadian version where there have been plenty of monologues across various parts of the house.
  7. amazingracefan

    S21.E08: Live Eviction #2; Head of Household #3

    In my memory not all have whispered and he wasn't shouting. I suspect they might have better sound insulation on the HoH door, though they have a screen to see if someone is outside anyway.
  8. amazingracefan

    S21.E08: Live Eviction #2; Head of Household #3

    Or you just don't show them passing each other in the corridor. And you just show the vote and cut out the shoutout.
  9. amazingracefan

    S21.E08: Live Eviction #2; Head of Household #3

    why can't they soundproof doors?
  10. amazingracefan

    S21.E07: Power of Veto #2

    Just shows to me again that the veto power doesn't work, it's better if it's forced to be used unless the HoH wins veto, that would make the game more interesting.
  11. amazingracefan

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I thought the whole paranoia section in the previous episode seemed to be some kind of running joke in the house, she was even laughing as she went around accusing people of plotting against her. But the edit wanted to make out that it was really serious, which didn't make sense. gross out/ fear factor kind of competitions for this twist comp it seems I don't know exactly how the redraw is done and whether he reveals himself, however I'm sure there was a twist in the past either where someone could be removed from veto or put themselves into a veto comp (I forget which, or if both have happened), either of those would have been much better. Of course he has to act excited in the DR anyway. She doesn't seem to realise you need more than one alliance. I wonder what her reaction was when her pal got nominated. I didn't think it was that bad a strategy for Ovi who seemed in a hopeless position, he just assumed the people he was dealing with had more than a few brain cells. If they just didn't believe him that wasn't shown in the edit.
  12. amazingracefan

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    I was also referring to the shout outs which some people have accepted in the past but I've always found annoying. With the delay all they have to do is just edit it out or silence the volume. Probably best to just edit it out or some idiot will go in with some written message. It completely goes against the original premise of BB with no outside contact anyway. It has nothing to do with the game and isn't really of interest to hardly anyone.
  13. amazingracefan

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    I've felt this from the start, I'm glad others are finally getting sick of it.
  14. amazingracefan

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    I thought the whole Kat are you conspiring against me was just a joke thing, but they were playing it up in the edit to create more suspense. I never thought she was actually going. Everyone voting with the herd never makes that much sense to me, throwing in a rogue vote could create some paranoia in there
  15. amazingracefan

    S21.E04: Power of Veto #1

    There's always an edit, if someone looks in a weak position maybe the editors don't bother looking on their better side. I always feel some manipulation and cliches in the edit. And pushing some showmance angle while they still could. Personally I don't think Christie particularly preferable however much crying she does.