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  1. Goats are good to take to the end if they are predictable, but both Karishma and Noura haven't really had long term allies who felt they could rely on them.
  2. I was blindsided in the end, with that tribal I expected Noura to go. She's terrible at the game but people like that make the show more interesting.
  3. In relation to the second, some may have thrown her name around just to see if she could play an idol.
  4. Or they admire the success she had on Survivor.
  5. From what I remember Kristy didn't moan around at camp she went away from it. I don't remember people saying she annoyed them at camp. She was a clear underdog, but less annoying to the audience. She did use some to her advantage, Karishma seems largely alone, more complaining about anyone thinking of using her in the game.
  6. Karishma isn't really comparable to Kristy at all. Kristy could stir things up at tribal sometimes but she wasn't like Karishma is around camp. And it's hard to believe that Karishma could win an immunity.
  7. I did wonder when I heard that in the episode, but now I just think it could be played at two tribals and being played it's now gone. It wasn't explained as clear as it could have been. She went straight across to Elizabeth after talking to Dan and in full view of him was planning with her to vote him out. Dan ended up voting Elizabeth, I think he just feels closer to Janet being older generation.
  8. Did they really need to relax the test to give Lauren two chances? The edit made it look like the new offer was made quickly. Lauren did explain it away very well when she got back. And her lip reading skills were impressive, have we even seen that on Survivor before? Karishma probably took on the immunity challenge to help conceal she had an idol. Karishma is annoying and I would be surprised if she made it to the end still. Dean must be very confident his own legacy advantage is real by playing his own fake one to make it seem like he doesn't have one now. Sandra getting her papaya stolen was probably the best moment at any of the tests. I'd say it was one of the best episodes of the season despite the boot not being very surprising as there was other stuff going on.
  9. People tend to blame more the casting or even the editors rather than the audience for disliking certain character types that seem put in by the show on a regular basis. Maybe even more so with Big Brother.
  10. I was reading up on white entitlement/privilege, and there's definitely many questions. Rather than just pushing it as a concept that has to be accepted I think it should be discussed. Much better that than using it as a way to push separation and insist all black people are victimized. That would definitely just inflame matters and actually create the very opposite of what people say they want with it. I've definitely felt some of this aggression towards me in the past, and some of the roots of it can be people harking back to history than wanting to take control of now. Negative psychology. The use of the 'n' word by rappers uses that. Of course it's true that minorities will not be represented as much as the people in the majority, in the media, in products to buy... But remember smaller minorities will be catered for even less (for example very short people), as market forces take over. So I hope that those in larger minorities will see that as well and have sympathy for those. I also don't believe that all coverage of black people is negative, there are positive role models. There are also negative representations of some white people. As with the rather strange concept - to me - of naming generations and saying they all have particular characteristics, I think generalising too much isn't helpful. It's just a convenient simplification.
  11. It would be good if people saw themselves as more than just a skin color though. I understand some people may feel there can be cultural differences among some people, and that could be misunderstood more if placed within the context of the majority culture. But saying that all people of some particular shade are somehow the same still doesn't make that much sense to me. And what you are putting forward sounds like anecdotal evidence in itself, you just feel there haven't been enough representations or positive representations but some may disagree. Maybe those who see themselves in a group which is in a minority will be more likely to feel under represented. Cultural differences interest me more than skin color. And that could be a reason why you often see Afro-Americans aligning together on Survivor, or it could be that if they see themselves a minority they will group together sometimes as well. I think that Aaron and Missy made it very clear to everyone that they were an alliance, but maybe they didn't make as good connections outside of that.
  12. This season the producers have wanted to stress wider issues over gameplay, but Survivor has very much developed around having largely ultra-competitive people on it playing the game hard. That's what differentiates it from Big Brother. Many have likely disliked this season as the focus has changed. And like most reality shows it's about putting people who aren't likely to get along in a closed environment and watching the sparks fly.
  13. Without people who overplay Survivor wouldn't really be that interesting. I don't really like Karishma but I suppose she'll be dragged along further, along with Noura.
  14. What happened to the rule about leaving tribal immediately? Now it seems to be you can say your goodbyes to everyone. edit: I see Bryce Lynch brought this up six hours ago when I was asleep. A point worth reinforcing though.
  15. I'm still uncomfortable with people talking like Kellee was raped. Obviously there was some kind of antagonism between them, we don't know exactly how that was perceived because it simply wasn't explained except from one side. I watch reality shows for entertainment and the side I don't like is when the reaction gets like this. I'm finished with discussion on this topic, at the very least until we actually hear some new information rather than contestants just feeling the pressure and saying what people want out of fear.
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