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  1. I wonder if that adds more to the panic? It's interesting how different Big Brothers are revealing the virus information. Some others seem much more informative than this one, such as the German and Brazilian versions.
  2. The most annoying by far for me in the first two episodes is John Luke. The intro videos will be partly scripted anyway, so the producers would have a good idea who was likely to be near the bottom.
  3. As I thought last episode Rob and Parvati had to try and get with Adam, but Adam may not even have Denise as a solid number any longer. The best move is simply to say 'we are big targets keep us around, you can't trust Adam'. But it's also not very surprising that they would target Adam, so the others probably expected that
  4. With Adam though it was presented as a definite plan to go further with Rob. The edit didn't present the Ben talk as something as serious. I didn't really understand why Adam went back to talk with Rob and Parvati either, unless the producers told him he had to for the storyline. He did seem very attached to Rob, more so than Ben who seemed to realise he was messing up his own game quicker.
  5. The jumping from a platform to grab something in the air reminds me of the Australian version.
  6. That seemed an amazingly stupid thing for him to say at tribal.
  7. Harry finding that advantage looked very artificial, in the open and the cameraman pointing at it. I'm glad it helped Shonee, but it definitely sealed Flick's fate. Although, as usual, the edit doesn't really show everything it looks like Harry was on his way out until he found that advantage. Most likely he told AK about it, AK got the vote changed at the last minute according to Flick, and then they staged that scene at tribal.
  8. All of them were going for Parvati. Adam just let Rob know about it.
  9. Parvati must find it offputting that people (Danni and now Adam) keep going to Rob hoping to gain his favour by saying that she will have to be voted out. Rob keeps telling her and defending her though so it shows his loyalty. The irony is the only way I see them moving forward is to ally with Adam and hope he gets Denise with him.
  10. Ethan was definitely indicated as an option, I was happy that the edit didn't make it really obvious The main story in the episode was the downfall of Adam, from what I remember he was indicated as being a potential ally in the future for Ethan, though that may be bad memory from me Keeping bigger targets around for a bit longer while still weakening them may not be that bad a move. The song at the start was weird, no idea what who it was but I wondered if it was Sia lol.
  11. I feel Parvati is probably in more danger than Rob. And so far all three eliminations have been women.
  12. I don't like the family visits, but I agree on blood v water. For both, too much crying and over the top hysterics. I prefer more natural drama arising out of situations. And Survivor is ultimately an individual game (sole survivor) and not a team game.
  13. It's like Probst is sponsored by Apple.
  14. One of them was laughing quite a lot, the other one wasn't reacting.
  15. Originally maybe they had some reasons as above to focus on him, on some appearances (Redemption Island and the Idols season) he was obviously set up to be a focus. In a season like this they likely think he is popular with the audience and want to give him more focus and positive focus as a result.
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