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  1. Taeolas

    Live PD

    I know, the sheriff? was saying how he had to put the dude in a carotid hold; he basically had the guy in a neck lock, pinching the artery NOT the throat until the dude passed out. (I believe it is considered a dangerous hold to use at that). I was worried it may have gone too far, but saw the guy twitching as they were tending to him in the end. And after that, we get that car accident in Salinas; wow what a night.
  2. Taeolas

    Lip Sync Battle

    They've been hosting ANW for years now and have excellent chemistry as we saw in LSB. They're clearly good friends to be able to roast eachother so well. I think I might need some brain bleach for that Cher though. 😛 The VIP reactions were great, but so were Matt's parents reactions too. Sadly, my PVR recording hiccuped a lot during the airing, but luckily it's up on the official LSB Youtube Channel already. 🙂 And Matt did get the win, but it was close; I want to see both back sometime. 🙂 Or maybe they can show up on RuPaul's Drag race sometime for more cross promotion. 🙂
  3. Taeolas

    Favorite Commercials

    Here it is for others to see. 🙂
  4. Probably a side effect of trying to schedule around 2 Major League Finals (NHL and NBA). Both are done now, so we should have a clear run through the summer now.
  5. I think POM dropped the sponsership last year. Two years ago they were very prominant, but last year, there wasn't a POM-peep. (Or I may be misremembering). I am surprised they don't have another as prominant sponsor instead, especially for 2 years in a row. NBC's ad sellers must be messing things up if they can't find someone to buy in 2 years in a row.
  6. Taeolas

    S14.E03: Auditions 3 - June 11, 2019

    I liked the beer magician; I think he's been on Fool Us (or the trick has been) but he performed it well. Hopefully he can shake things up for the next rounds. Not as good as Shim but very watchable. The ballarina/contortionist was a good opener, and I was impressed by her act. The only other act I really liked was the bird ventriloquist. He's not as strong as the previous AGT winners, but it was a fun act (that didn't depend on singing as well). He doesn't seem to have much of a range of voices, but his banter was pretty on time. And while I normally don't like potty humour, I do think his crap-jokes went on just far enough. IIRC he did it three times, and had different triggers each time so it was a bit of a surprise, so it worked. A 4th time would probably have been too far for me. (And we didn't need a close up of it regardless)
  7. Taeolas

    Lip Sync Battle

    Damn, those Sesame Street muppeteers are incredible. Big Bird was possibly one of the best Lip Sync battlers we've seen on the show, even with him beak-sync'ing, even before he pulled in the SesameStreet Pose. 🙂 I don't know if Jason Scwartsman just threw the competition, or if he just isn't that great of a syncer. I have no idea what he was doing with We didn't Start the fire, and between the fake 'stache and all the movements, he barely did anything on the second song. The Bird, on the other hand, is Da Word. BB stole the show. I didn't watch much of the filler, but what bits I did see certainly expressed the Sesame Street spirit too, with how friendly and caring he was to everyone else. And as I said before, even though his syncing is just a flapping beak, it was spot on. Doing all that while in that costume and doing the movements; man hats off to everyone there.
  8. Taeolas

    Bar Rescue

    Yeah they have been airing a few new eps recently; but seemingly in line with his "Relationship Rescue", it feels the Bar Rescue has been focused as much on 'repairing' the owner or manager's relations as an underlying cause of the failing bar; and less focus on improving the bars themselves. I suspect Relationship Rescue is going to last less time than Restaurant Rescue did. Or I can hope as muhc.
  9. Taeolas

    Mental Samurai

    5 minutes is plenty of time if you don't waste it hmmming and hawing on a question; basically you have to get it pretty quick. It's 25 seconds per question. You have about 5 seconds to swing between the questions, so that is still 20 seconds or so a question. You can nail most of them faster than that too. The main challenge is the memory ones where you have to study a picture/listen to a click/repeat a pattern. Those you have no choice but to use the full 20ish seconds to answer.
  10. Taeolas

    Million Dollar Mile

    Well once the eps are done, it's over. But thinking on the energy level of the show, there was one relatively easy way they could have done it. Rent 1 or 2 double decker buses, or maybe a 'convertable bus' (Do those exist?); basically an open top bus and load a dozen spectators on it. Then the bus could either be driven (safely) alongside the contestant to each challenge or the bus could take a short cut to the next challenge and spectators would be there waiting to cheer the contestant and/or defender on. If you have 2 vehicles, one could follow the Contestant and one could follow the Defender.
  11. Taeolas

    Million Dollar Mile

    The graphic they show I think is basically a city block map of where each obstacle is, and the route they have to follow, so they have to go that quarter mile or whatever it is between each one. That does mean that the obstacles do have a bit of an order to them; you want to do the ones next to your current one or else you'll have to run further. Of course the ad-monkeys ruined the final run, with the Planet Fitness commercial celebrating the guy being the first to reach 5 challenges, while the show was still on him just beating the 3rd one. The defender did eventually beat him; but part of me does keep wondering if a male defender would have caught up to him faster. Still she kept nibbling into his lead, but if he hadn't fallen off the wall, he would probably have finished the 5th one before her. The Guaranteed 50k for 3 challenges I think is the carrot to encourage people to go forward. If you still have a minute lead after the second challenge, then you might as well go for the 3rd one. It all depends on if you feel you can do that challenge (whatever it is) better than the rope climb basically. Tebow didn't annoy me quite as much this time as the first ep, but I'm still not really feeling this show. Feels like there is a lot of filler and dead air to fill with the mandatory runs between stages.
  12. Taeolas

    Mental Samurai

    The Hall and Oates guy was part of the reason they encourage talking it out. He didn't remember the band, but he did recognize the song Man eater when Rob sung it after. I'm the same way; I'll recognize the song but I'll blank on the artist. (Especially during the trivia contests my local radio station runs every day). I noticed that while they start elevated, the timer doesn't start until Ava starts reading the first question; so the swinging to the first question doesn't count. From then on it doesn't stop, but it's a little more 'fair' that way. (Sort've like during the shopping spree on Guy's Grocery Games, he'll set the contestant running before asking the first clue so they have a head start to most of the store). The last guy did go the full distance and showed it could be done; but I didn't really doubt that. (Unlike Million Dollar Mile, which I'm pretty sure will never have anyone do more than 2 maybe 3 of the challenges before going to the end). He finished with about a 1:10 left on the clock too so he didn't even need the bonus minute and change he'd banked earlier on.
  13. Taeolas

    Mental Samurai

    I don't mind people talking it out; because otherwise it would just be dead air. It's not as if these people know the answer and are padding the time (especially since time is banked for the final challenge). When they don't talk it out, you just have dead air or audience shots or other ways to fill time. Jeopardy and similar shows don't have to talk things out because they have multiple contestants going at once and you need to answer as fast as possible or someone else will get in ahead of you. With MS, you are just racing the clock so you can spare a second (but ONLY a second) to double think your answer before locking it in. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a similar game show, just 1 contestant trying to answer it all, and they similarly are encouraged to "talk it out"; and it's a show that's certainly had legs.
  14. Taeolas

    Live PD

    Yeah quirky weather is common on the East coast. We can have ice in the morning, shorts weather in the afternoon and blizzards in the evening. 🙂 I don't know if it was that case last night, but they did mention that one of the "Recorded Earlier" segments was from a few weeks back, before their break.
  15. Taeolas


    So A&E shows older episodes on Sunday morning. Today, they showed a half episode; a repeat of Episode 83. It was the Fuzzy and Fredd part of the episode, not the Nancy part. I was confused watching it because it felt very choppy compared to other episodes, and then I realized I only had 30 minutes and a second hoarder was missing. Did A&E just cut it down to fit their gap in the schedule? Or is there some other reason the Nancy story would have been cut from the episode? I'm drawing a blank on the Nancy hoard and the Wiki description isn't really helpful. As for Fuzzy and Fredd, they really needed to cash in the reality checks they were getting. The screens at the end seemed to imply they were starting to finally mature a little, but I don't know if it would last. Still if their warehouse was cleared out and out of their hands, it would probably be considered a win for their situation.