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  1. The main problem is, the logistics would be a huge nightmare. The Race happens over a month basically, with a lot of preplanning ahead of time. And at the moment, regions are opening and closing their borders with very little notice as case counts rise and fall. My own province here in Canada has been wide open since the end of July, but just this week, we're tightening up the border as of Tuesday, so 5 days notice before things tighten up again. And more places close with even less notice as the nth wave rises in their region. While running the Race is theoretically possible; if
  2. CBS seems to be trying to keep the series ending lowkey, probably to try and maintain the rerun slots as long as they can. I don't know if the final new eps have aired or not (heard they would air in September), but the show Judge Judy is probably done. I've noticed WSBK has switched the post HotBench older rerun episodes over to "Relation Court"; though my PVR Guide hasn't quite caught up yet (so it records them thinking they are JJ eps). Not sure when the later afternoon eps will disappear, but it probably won't be too long now.
  3. Well, to be fair the "Youngest ever" superlatives are basically exhausted now since a teen Ninja made it all the way to Stage 4. There's only one left and it's a VERY elite group (actually beating Stage 4). Though they can probably stretch it by using the "Youngest Woman" superlatives next season. All in all, I'm fine with the results we saw. Maybe a few more getting past Stage 2 to run on Stage 3 would have been better, but it was a good challenge. Eyeglasses is a nice twist on the hanging obstacle, as was Stalactites. I think Stalactites should have 1 more set of hooks to have t
  4. Just posted on Deadline. Her new show will premier November 1st. Looks like Bird isn't coming along. Guess he's retiring to do his crosswords full time?
  5. I agree, Gilbert was awful; they could've doubled the time just for him and I doubt he could've reached all of the topics/clues. I almost wonder if the "Famous Ducks" or whatever it was, was partly intended just for him so a contestant could be tempted to say "The Afflac Mascot" or something. In any case he seemed extra slow which does make me wonder/worry about his health. Neil was decent enough, maybe an average celebrity for the show, maybe a tad slow. The second round his partner was slow/not clicking with him which didn't help. The first half was much much better
  6. I don't have an issue with all the teens. Normally I avoid Teen/Kid versions of shows like the plague (I'm NOT looking at you, MasterChef JR, Chopped Jr, etc.... ). But here, I don't mind it because it's still people running the same obstacles, so the age is (somewhat) irrelevant other than for the backstory crap I FF through anyways. This year we have a LOT of new young blood in the Ninja pool, which is to be expected considering the change in age brackets AND COVID restrictions that prevented the separate city courses and walkon capabilities. Hopefully next year we can go back to the c
  7. I suspect he may have looked for the missing cans and matched to the judges, maybe there was some other setup ahead of time (as in each judge could only pick from particular sections). I do wonder what might have happened if a Judge was 'clumsy' and knocked over a bunch of cans. For the second half, my guess is the cans were really two cans. All 4 were dogfood side up, and when the final pick was locked in and all three revealed, he picked it up and flipped it over to the fruit side for the reveal. (That is the only one he actually touched). But that is just a guess.
  8. I suspect Sean actually ran a lot later in the course, but completing the course while bloodied promoted him to the first spot. I was surprised they were opening with such a high profile Ninja, until he had his accident, then it made sense. As they say in the News industry, "Blood Leads." And yes, they likely had to take a long break to fully sterilize the course after his run. The water is probably chlorinated and was fine (especially since it would get drips at most) but all the surfaces would need to be disinfected and dried off. As for changing his shirt, I don't t
  9. Yeah we had one (maybe 2?) seasons a few years back and then it was cancelled. CityTV brought it back for this fall. Sadly, it's Yet Another Show with Simon judging on it. :( The last time we had some great Canadian judges.
  10. Anica's take on "Piece of my heart" is getting some chatter in my local Facebook groups because she is from my neck of the woods (NB, Canada). Not that you would know that since they carefully stepped around where she was from. She did slip an "eh" in that the judges reacted to. And she did a fine performance of Janis's song from what I saw. I do wonder if Simon has an ulterior motive for saying "No" to her though. He's got Canada's Got Talent in the pipeline for this fall, and Anica would be a fine talent to feature on it. I suspect she'll be quietly cut between rounds, and she'll audit
  11. That would explain it. I don't pay attention to sports and rely on my PVR to record things, so I skip advertisements. I knew the All Star game was coming up, but I forgot what network it was on. So yeah, Baseball stepped on Lego this week. Oh well.
  12. I thought something was scheduled up here in Canada, but it looks like it was yanked. They probably deferred it due to the All Star Baseball game, so it wouldn't take a ratings hit or something. I can't imagine why they would pull it otherwise.
  13. I remember the first time the Ski-pass ep aired, and that Defendent was just as slimy on the repeat. I suspect she's done this sort of scam many times before, and likely only puts up a token defense for the ones that bother to sue. I feel a little bad for the 4th plaintiff who couldn't make it; but even in regular small claims he would have a solid case. So how many new episodes are left? With how chopped up they are, I guess it can be hard to guess. It is a bit sad, 25 years should have been a celebratory season for the show, even if it is the final season. I get the
  14. Lego Masters has a hell of a lot more substance, science and engineering behind it than a bunch of ... trying to analyze lens flares and film blobs and pretending they are aliens. :P
  15. Haven't seen the new ep yet; but I suspect for Hot Food stations, they might have more leeway on how it can be donated. It may be fed to the crew, or because of where it comes from, it may be able to be sent directly to a hot soup kitchen type place to be served immediately. Other things like rotisserie chickens I think can be broken down and the meat used to make cold foods like chicken salad afterwards, or just be chicken for sandwiches.
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