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  1. Yeah it's certainly not COVID related. And I've posted before that I agree with others have said; 1 hoarder per hour (either as an individual episode or as part of a 2 hour episode) seems to be the "sweet spot". 2 hours per hoarder is too much. I'd be fine with 2 hours for 2 hoarders since one often acts as a bit of an emotional cleanser to the actions of the other one as you're watching. Watching 1 hoarder for all that time just gets tiring and I tune out even more than I normally do.
  2. He's skipping this week. They'll probably take it a week at a time, but from the sounds of it, next week is probably out for him.
  3. Reality TV shows always have a lot more rules than the simple ones we are told to cover the challenge. Shows like America Ninja Warrior, it's obvious the Ninjas are told what parts of the obstacles they can and can't touch. In TAR, there's a rule saying that the pair of contestants can't be too far apart, even for solo challenges, unless the challenge specifically requires it. For Tough As Nails, I'd expect there to at least be a basic demonstration of what to do and some basic not to do that would be dangerous; both for the Telephone Pole Rescue, and for the conduit running overtime challenge. The barrel sorting this week and the hour glass overtime last week likely didn't need anything other than to further clarify what would happen if you fell off during the O/T one, or what happens if you took the other team's barrel by mistake. As for the conduit challenge; I've loved watching home improvement shows so I loved that O/T challenge. But not providing a tape measure was a bit too much in my opinion. Even if they had a tape, I doubt Luis would have been much closer. Michelle certainly knows her tools and her home improvement. She's got 2 kills to her credit (compared to Young's 3 kills). At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the final challenge ends up being Michelle vs Young. 🙂
  4. I agree; the timing of the case seems very suspicious, in Drew's favour. But that's probably one of the few things. It's going to be a tough case and probably best to avoid trying it in the Court of Public Opinion for now and let the case wind to its conclusion one way or another.
  5. NBC is probably thanking COVID now, since this news would be breaking during the Vegas finals of the season, and Drew's usually front and centre (especially as a Returning Champion). Now, when the season is finally run, I suspect there won't even be a mention of the 2019 winner. Of course the allegations are still unproven so there is a very slight chance these aren't true. But there's a hell of a lot of smoke from what was listed, and he's not going to get away unscorched.
  6. I usually fast forward throuhg most of the nongame stuff. But I did watch the Don't Push Button biography this time and I laughed a bit that when he was in Scotland, he had a backpack with the Canadian flag on it, like a cliched American traveller. 🙂
  7. My cable system in Atlantic Canada gets the Boston CBS and WSBK stations, which is what I usually record my court shows from. I didn't notice an interruption this week, but I've noticed the CBS station has a bad habit of punting their shows to WSBK with no warning when the main network has something running late that would otherwise interrupt the main network shows. More than a few times I'll start the recordings only to discover half an episode of a Soap opera, or Lets Make a Deal or Price is Right. And let's not start on the number of times the new eps of Judge Judy get preempted for breaking news or "It's Raining!" weather alerts. What was strange was last week Judge Mathis and Divorce Court were swapped for me (usually it's Divorce then Mathis, this time it was Mathis than Divorce)
  8. I'm tired of the 2 hours, 1 hoarder format of the show now. It's just too much. 😞 Hell, it was too much the first time the show returned. If it was even just 2 hours, 2 hoarders (as in 2 distinct locations, not 2 hoarders at 1 location or who share 2 locations), it would probably be tolerable. I've been watching repeats of TLC's Hoarding Buried Alive a bit lately, and it feels ot me that H:BA method tends to be a bit more effective. Like the UK show someone mentioned earlier, the specialist seems to try to work with the hoarder one on one a bit before the big cleanup happens, and then there tends to be more recovery time after. It feels like H:BA has more successes in the end. But at the same time, Hoarders feels like it tends to have the more extreme cases, especially in later/current seasons. So they're starting in a more extreme hoard to start with, and generally have less time to work with. It's not surprising that there are more failures.
  9. From my comment on LIve PD: Live Rescue went off the air because COVID basically made things too dangerous/difficult to follow paramedics live. Considering the situation in the states, I'm a bit surprised they can return, even with proper time delays and separation. But A&E is probably desperate for the content and to try and keep the Live brand active, so returning Live Rescue will help fill a big hole for now. New content: I hope it goes well for them. Matt is probably glad to have a hosting gig again since ANW isn't running this year. I wonder if they're going Zoom like LivePD was or if they'll bring everyone to a studio? If they do do Zoom, I wouldn't mind a bit more time delay just so they could edit out the Zoom-lag. 🙂 I'm sure whatever cities they follow will be as far away from any hotspots (Portland eg) as they can get. It'll be curious to see how they dance around the PD issues; they'll probably leave them unaddressed and just mention the police as little as possible, even when the cops are on scene of whatever is going on.
  10. Considering the Live shows were about 50% of their airtime (or so it seemed), that's not surprising. Still, we're probably months, if not a year away before any form of LivePD and its spinoffs can return in any form. CourtCam is separate enough to get by; but LivePD, LivePD Wanted, and PDCam are too tied to policing to politically return any time soon. Live Rescue went off the air because COVID basically made things too dangerous/difficult to follow paramedics live. Considering the situation in the states, I'm a bit surprised they can return, even with proper time delays and separation. But A&E is probably desperate for the content and to try and keep the Live brand active, so returning Live Rescue will help fill a big hole for now. BTW, Live PD and its spinoffs have finally disappeared off of Crave's On Demand services in my area. 😞 They do still have Live Rescue, and the Rescue Live show (Live Rescue without the hosted segments)
  11. Considering the men's run on Mount Olympus ended with an injury, I'm surprised they didn't swap the men's and women's Mount Olympus runs so they could end on a full run. I wonder if he'll be healed up enough to handle the redemption ep in a couple of weeks? Otherwise, yeah nothing too memorable about last night's ep.
  12. Part of it is Elizabeth's energy and bubbliness I'm sure. I think the other part is the variety of prizes, and the fact that the story gets spread out over multiple rounds. The variety means you get some real strange things, like "A fence!" and "1000 Chromebooks" and "A lifetime supply of socks!" or whatever it is; and when those come up, I want to know what the story is behind them. And often times those stories are cute or just fun, not necessarily heart tuggers. With the wall, you get heart dumped at around 3 spots during the game ,and you always know it's going to be a heart tugger. And it's always money related since that's all they can have. So there's no variety. Just people sobbing about what they would do with all the money basically. Sure the later prizes tend to get extra personal; but even then, they're still usually personal fun things. I think I would still prefer to have 2 rounds instead of a prize round; but I find I don't FF through Press as much as I do the Wall or some of the other shows.
  13. It all depends on what the challenges are and how they are equalized (like the coal shoveling one). Remember, in both the bricklaying and the coal shovelling tasks, the women did very well. I suspect at least a couple of women will go far in the end.
  14. Currently the first course is a U shape. I'd turn it into a circle, maybe with an obstacle you can climb thru at the back. That way people don't get trapped back there as badly. The contestants also need to up their tactics. We saw it a little this week, when Red and Blue stayed grouped and ran together. But if you are being chased you should be trying to figure out how to get to another contestant and hope the tagger will peel off to someone else. I think I would restart the clock after each tag. If you last 30 seconds after the last tag, you get a bonus point. What's happening now is the first couple of tags get close to the 2 minute mark, and then the last one standing gets the bonus point just because. For the second event, I would add another set of buttons midway down the course, with one tagger in the first half and maybe 2 taggers in the second half, but zoned so they can't go outside the regions. You can go halfway and tag a button and get 1 point. Or if you are daring, you race to the end and go for a 2 or 3 point button. I haven't looked at the ratings, but this feels like a fast and cheap series, so I'm pretty sure a second season will be in the works. It should be quick to film so they can probably start it up as soon as the studios can safely reopen and toss it out in the fall/early winter as a placeholder series until the bigger shows can get back. I'm sure there's a big list of tweeks in the works too for a second season.
  15. I think I'll have to watch this again since I was busy while it was on. But one thing that got to me; the car challenge reminded me of a game I've been playing a lot lately (Shipbreaker, on Steam) where you have to tear apart ships. Just watching them pick off the easy parts first then go in with the heavy tools for the bigger stuff felt like what i do when I tackle new ships in the game. 🙂
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