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  1. To be fair, while TAR's TPTB are in the US, this is one of (if not the only) reality TV show that CAN'T ignore the rest of the world. The Challenge and Survivor also have to somewhat pay attention to the rest of the world because they film outside of the US, but they are at static locations. TAR is a VERY mobile production, rarely spending more than a few days total at any particular location. So they have to be a very flexible production, with Plan B's, C's and D's all set up in case something happens with Plan A (whether it be a natural disaster, political turmoil, a local pandemic, or just
  2. Those ones stayed relatively isolated within areas of the world, and they routed the race around those regions. So it's not as if they weren't experienced with handling new viral outbreaks. The problem is, COVID went global (or more global than SARS, H1N1, the various avian flus, etc....) which was unprecedented in TAR history. Usually the outbreaks are much more regional, and that's probably what they figured COVID was going to be at first; and they probably already nixed any China-legs of the race route if they had contemplated them. But once COVID broke loose on t
  3. In this case, I don't mind it so much. Many shows have brought back a just eliminated team /contestant when another contestant has to drop out before the next round starts (or even as the next round is going on). In this case, only 2 teams total have been eliminated, and while the first team 'missed' 2 legs of the race, it's not that deep into the race. Ultimately, I'm almost viewing the Switzerland restart as an entirely new race, now with a little more experienced racers; an "Almost All-Stars" race basically. As I mentioned earlier, they probably only showed the 3 previous legs for the
  4. As for the challenges, I suspect the earlier challenges tend to be simpler because they need to be done more often (more teams) and there will be less time to show them on the air (due to more people doing them). Also remember that unless a detour is specifically limited in the number of teams per side, each side of a detour needs to be able to handle all the active teams; early on that means around 10 sets of equipment and costumes and everything else needed to run it, even if they won't be used. So more complicated challenges mean more costs. As the race runs and teams are elimi
  5. Well the restart is "19 months later" after end of Feb 2020, so the restart was late October/early November 2021. That's the end of the Delta surge, with the first hints of Omicron starting to come. So the show was VERY lucky to get a full run, considering many places are shutting down again with the Omicron surge as of December/January now.
  6. I've watched a few Holderness videos and enjoyed them; but I can understand why being around Penn would be exhausting. As noted, Kim is the stoic/logical one that pulls Penn back and they balance quite well. I'd say the sing/dance task was custom made for them, but it's a pretty standard task, just one they are very suited for. Kim and Penn's relationship was very obvious in how she handled him at the Trouser challenge. He clearly expected to ace the challenge first try and when he was caught by surprise, he had a small meltdown which she calmed him down right away. And he seemed quite
  7. Considering the NHL has taken a COVID break, I wonder if CBC is regretting burning 2 eps at once last week. Then again, this is Christmas Week , so they usually try to cram as many Christmas shows as possible; so they probably aren't hurting too much. And yeah, it was a good season all around. Some great and interesting pitches, and some entertaining pitches, and some educational "how NOT to make pitches and NOT impress the Dragons" pitches. We've got a good set of Dragons at the moment, they've found their niches and seem to complement each other's coverages and weaknesses.
  8. Judge Mathis has been doing Throwback cases and a few of the cases have seen litigants returning for another case. As for TPC, I think I can recall one or two cases where a litigant has returned, but it is much, MUCH rarer. As for this Dog-"owner", what a psychotic b!tch. I really hope Animal Control have yoinked any living thing she has in her household from her, and she's stuck crying on FB about how unfair everyone is for not letting her do what she wants. If she really wants to have dogs off leash, then move out to the country. If you want to live in
  9. Well, they usually seem to do a recap show before the real finale, so I'm not surprised the first hour (which was filmed as its own show to make it easier to repeat on GSN later I'm sure) was just a recap show. At least we got a couple of Christmas songs out of it. 1 hour for 4 songs and 2 reveals is about normal (it's basically what the duet weeks were after all). They just had a lot of churn and recaps of the recaps which made it more of a slog. Jewel's win was pretty much predetermined, but she did earn it. She did fabulous performances through the series. Toddrick I don't reall
  10. She was feuding with CBS towards the end of her run, so that's probably part of why IMDB (Amazon) was able to swoop in and convince her to jump; especially if she has a lot more control over this show than the old Syndicated one.
  11. Yeah I noticed the judges commented on the "simplicity" of the first two cakes, and then I suspect they realized that all the bakers skimped on the border "twist" so left the rest alone. I think Sabrina ultimately had the 2nd best border of all the cakes too.
  12. A comment about something mentioned in the article...
  13. We'll see how they do and how they handle the race; basically how long their energy holds up. I'm sure they'll do fine. And I don't really mind this stunt casting too badly since they are independent entertainers (Youtubers) at the moment, and just one team among the random other teams. If/when the entire race was basically made of "Influencers" (I may have blanked that out but wasn't one of the races set up that way?), I'd get tired of it. Ditto when the race is all "People who were on other CBS/Paramount/MTV reality shows"
  14. That Grinch-noir display is possibly the best I've seen across all the Wars; certainly one of the Top 5. The real challenge was in deciding who was going home, and really it felt like a tossup. When the Noir team described their plans, it felt like a Grinch. But the other two descriptions didn't really feel right. (Granted I have no idea how I'd do either to be honest). I wonder if the Grinch-Hero team was ultimately sent home because they got the judges help at the end. So they had enough help/advice to have a finished piece, but it cost them a few points (literally) in the
  15. I don't know many of Jewel's songs, but I do very clearly remember "Who will save your soul" which has some belter elements. And when Queen of Hearts was singing her first song in the finals, they felt very similar to me which is what tilted me towards Jewel. The belter section may just be her experimenting in extending her range (like the French song she did earlier)
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