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  1. Gabby929

    Queer Eye

    Oh, I did not like the one from the first episode this season, where the hunter woman had to sit in the middle of the circle and listen to all those women talk about being a woman. It was so awkward and odd. Like, what was the set-up to get them all there? It seemed so random. But I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes overall. This season was much better than season 2, which I thought went too far in the "trying too hard to be emotional" direction. And I loved Kansas City, I want to go there and get some of that barbecue.
  2. Gabby929

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    One of my kids is an Evan so that's why I remembered. :) I don't know, to me she just isn't as sharp anymore. But I agree that the caliber of contestants this season has gone down the drain, or the clues are too hard, not sure. I remember in prior seasons it was rare NOT to get a perfect round, now it's the exception.
  3. Gabby929

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    I have seen episodes where Kathy Najimy has killed it in the past, but they need to retire the "greatest player ever" title they keep introducing her with. The episodes she has been on this season have been horrendous, she clearly either believes her own hype and thinks she can do no wrong (which trips her up), or has just lost a step. Did she and the female contestant get like 2 or 3 answers in one round? You can almost see the gears moving in her head as she gives or answers the clues, it's painful. As for the male contestant with baby brain (Evan) there was a good Twitter thread I saw this morning where he explained his brain fog on the Obama question, if I was better at twitter I'd try to find it and link it - can anyone do that?
  4. Gabby929

    Love (2016)

    I can kind of believe it when it comes to stomach viruses, they can be incredibly contagious. Maybe not the same day, but I've caught them from my husband and kids within 12 hours. I actually kind of loved the way Mickey thought it was just food poisoning and it turned out to be contagious, and how Gus went off on her for being irresponsible and not caring about quarantining herself or dousing in Purell. Such a true-to-life storyline.
  5. Gabby929

    S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    Good, funny episode but am I the only one who was put off by Sterling's line readings - he stared at the cue cards so much, very distracting.
  6. Gabby929

    S08.E16: Emotional Roller Coaster

    Jumper Sage UBT = Uncle Bad Touch
  7. Gabby929

    S04.E03: Toads! Are You Kidding Me?

    Loving this season so far, great tasks, contestants are way better than the last YouTube crop on TAR US buuuuuuut! That exaggerated "rip" sound effect they're using every single time a clue is shown being open is driving me bananas! (Once you start noticing it you can't unnotice it).
  8. I had a binge over the holidays and watched all seasons backwards from the most recent and am currently on season one. Seasons two and three are also delightful (I managed to not know the winner for number 3, for the rest my googling unfortunately spoiled me). Although the magic isn't quite there for the first season - the historical interludes, while occasionally are interesting, take so much time that during the judging they don't bother to show everyone's bakes.
  9. Gabby929

    S11.E10: Top 14 Perform, 4 Eliminated

    Did anyone else hear an audible "thunk" when each dancer dropped off the stage at the end of the guys dance? It pretty much took me out of the mood of the piece. I still enjoyed it but it was too bad they couldn't have muffled the sound better.
  10. Gabby929

    S02.E19: A Hollywood Scandal

    I think Scott Foley grew up in St Louis. Also, shut up Leah. I actually really liked her on The Talk and was sad when she got booted from that show. She was completely obnoxious tonight.
  11. Gabby929

    S02.E02: There's a Fish in My Pants

    I've watched every episode of the US version of TAR and my jaw was dropping at how difficult all the tasks were on this show. Both sides of the fish detour were equally difficult (I once tried filleting fish for a job and gave up after about half an hour) and the sorting was crazy-hard too, although I didn't understand how the judge could take such a quick look and tell them they didn't have it correct - could she count that fast?
  12. Gabby929

    16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor 2014

    I don't think there's a second part - they gave 8 girls their own segments and then had 4 at the end share one segment, so 12 in total. I have to admit I wanted to hear more from the girl with twins (apparently she's sharing a townhouse with that man-child and everything is hunky-dory). Also, the girl with the stepson seemed like she had a huge case of PPD going on and was about to lose it the whole time. It was definitely sad to see so many messed-up futures and regrets for this bunch. Certainly a great PSA for birth-control.