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Did they change the actress who played Voodoo? She seemed the same (blonde) but different (softer) somehow. 

I thought so too, but it looks like she is the same person.


My favorite part of this show is Billy.  I loved the look of who I presume is his GF as he talked about not eating kangaroos.  It was the perfect "You're so pretty" look.  Now if we can just get him naked again.

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I loved the Briandipity episode. Laughed way too hard at the lady telling the guy to behit it from behind. Also loved them talking about the draq queen named Serendipity, and saying they loved her shoes. And Billy leaving his slurpee with the random guy and telling him he could have just one sip.

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There are not enough kudos in the world to give appropriate credit to whomever in the writing room came up with the following exchange:


John: Aquaman is the lamest of superheroes

Lady who has a superhero fetish looks slyly at him: Aquaman never has to come up for air.


That shit right there is fucking amazing. AMAZING. Damn.


And Brian is the sweetest thing in the world; good grief.


Man, I missed this show...

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Is it weird that my heart melted when Billy was all supportive of Brian being a "transcendual"? Billy is dumb as a box of rocks but goddamn he's just such a sweetheart. 

He and Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation have much in common.


I'm glad I'm not the only woman who points out hot people to my significant other. The man is allowed to look and if I see someone worth eyeballing, you better believe I'm sharing that information. Who else am I going to talk about that person with? :)


I was pleased to see that most of the people questioned the bullshit of Serendipity (the movie, not the drag queen with great shoes). I hated that fucking movie. Oh, I really like you! Me too! Wait, let's not exchange numbers and leave it up to "fate"! Yeah, how about no?

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Well, crap! I had really gotten attached to these characters, especially sweet, dumb and megahung Officer Billy. The current suits at USA Network are making some terrible decisions - this push to dump everything fun and go dark is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

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And it is just as funny as Brooklyn 99 (which I also adore) and come on, it's Chicago! Maybe Dick Wolf made a few calls, was afraid of the competition with his Chicago everything franchise (which I also adore--guess I watch too much TV), where I first "met" the hilarious Josh Segarro in the most serious role of Voight's wayward son. Stupid USA network.

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I really enjoy this show and am waiting for season 2 to be released on Netflix. C'mon already!

Billy steals every scene. I watched season 1 last week and still have his "Ambulance" song in my head. So damn cute.

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