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  1. Out of curiosity, did the US airing cut the part of the show where Graham mentioned that Dawn French played Samuel Jackson in a sketch, followed by a photo of Dawn...dressed...and made up...in that role?
  2. Challenge: Pasties Linda *makes samosas* Challenge: Eclairs Linda *makes churros* Challenge: Tart Lottie *makes pastry stack*
  3. Sometimes...just sometimes...I'm saying that this is only sometimes, mind you...Greg Davis has similar energy and even mannerisms to Joel McHale.
  4. I've only watched three episodes, but given how (1) Mrs Grose keeps lighting candles, (2) Owen's story is partly about how he misses out on life because he takes care of his mom, and (3) the episode titles are named after other Henry James stories, I'm guessing that the series really also takes elements of other James stories like "The Altar of the Dead" and "The Beast in the Jungle"?
  5. Yes, when the lightning briefly illuminated the scene we could see the solider, which was perplexing to me. No one is saying they have to be faithful to Henry James' story, but in it
  6. I don't want to be that thirsty pig, but where have you been all my life, Tarik Davis?
  7. Yes, apparently the tasks for S11 were filmed pretty much the same time as those for S10. But the studio recordings for S11 are only happening now. Jonny Vegas can often really take over and derail a program that he's on, so I was cautious. But his existential despair when his balloons floated away was gold. In general, I thought the opening ep of S10 was...ok. It's of course amazing to have the show back, but I really felt the lack of audience energy -- especially during the study task -- even if there was one next door, or whatever. But usually the interactions between the comedians take a while to warm up anyway, so first episodes can often be a bit cautious and tentative. This first ep did seem to suggest that this may be a...challenged bunch of contestants. Which can be fun; every few months you'll see a post on another board suggesting a Season of Returning Losers (as if they're the first to think of it), which to me (and to Alex, who has commented on the suggestion) always seems like a bad idea. It's fun to have a David Baddiel or Nish Kumar on every season, but an entire cast of them would weary me. We need a few people who actually do tasks well! Hopefully this cast will prove to be diverse in terms of their...shall we say levels of competence?
  8. I can't decide, in the second red chair story, if Chekhov's gun did or did not go off. 🤔
  9. I laughed really hard when the grill in Bob's kitchen confessed that it sometimes fantasizes about "that muppet with the rolling pin" cooking on him. It's like the grill has a type, and he definitely has a bushy moustache, Swedish or otherwise.
  10. Unless I was also half-awake, the thread title was "The Beast of the Jungle" when I wrote my comment. Thanks to whoever changed it!
  11. I see what you did there with the episode titles, Mike Flanagan. (They are all named after other short stories by Henry James.)
  12. The title of this episode is actually "The Beast in the Jungle." I'm not being a pedant...well, I'm not only being a pedant, or in the way you think. It's worst. All the episode titles are titles of Henry James short stories, and here the story is "The Beast in the Jungle."
  13. You know who was robbed? We were. We get a guy, Joe (in the Rock episode), who owns three dogs and a bearded dragon named Draco and works as a "shaving consultant," and we never find out what in the sam hill kind of job that is?!
  14. Mak is Treat Williams, and Lottie is Emma Stone. Meanwhile, Sandy is still looking a bit rough this season.
  15. It took me an embarrassingly long time -- three episodes -- to hear the pun in the name of the houseband (Tight-Ass/Titus Band).
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