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  1. C'mon, she enunciates pretty well for someone with no teeth.
  2. I thought Shirley was going to get twist-disqualified since they never showed her actually passing the thick, girthy pipe completely through the donut (much as Nicola's cactus was...just the tip).
  3. No one can convince me that Phillipa and Mr Finch aren't meant to be live-action Wallace and Gromit characters.
  4. So I guess Season 2 will see Cassie become a "human asset," and try to apprehend and/or absolve Megan, no doubt with help, somehow, from Miranda, and I don't know how I feel about that, though right now I would at least vote for no more of Sia's wailing to close out that season --
  5. My memory's not what it used to be, so perhaps other things happened in 2020 that I don't remember. But right now, it feels like TAR's decline and its outcome was the worst thing ever in 2020? Will and James deserve each other. #Blessed
  6. Madddddddison and Riley clearly jizz into each others' beards, right? And they obviously fuck the Travelocity gnome, don't they? /John Oliver voice At the mat, Phil should have said, "You know how we normally put memory tasks in the final so that there are consequences for who figures it out? Well, for this task, we are eliminating the last two teams to arrive. Surprise, motherfuckers."
  7. Their dad was an asshole to Davey, probably because he was an alcoholic, homophobic bigot who turned his back on his son (hence, his saying that Cassie is "the son he never had"). Davey wasn't blaming Cassie for their dad "favoring" her; he was suggesting that Cassie refused to see the dad's behavior, and that she even took the opportunity, whether consciously or half-consciously, to bond with her dad by participating in the exclusion of Davey. And now Davey sees her as doing the same thing with his daughters: by bonding with them via a "secret" that again excludes him. I mean, he's got a point.
  8. "The guy's just going in a loop." Yes, Riley, you volleyball llama, that's what we usually call "labor," or just "work." It's always funny watching someone claim that a strategy is stupid when they don't actually understand the strategy. C'mon! Use your brain!!
  9. But the first part of the title is "Hare-oism in the Face of a Modern World...", which is worth a smol, bunny-sized LOL.
  10. Look. The show might have worked had it committed to being a psychological study. There is an interesting germ of an idea here: a story of whether the friends and family of a psychopath "should have known," or what happens after you do know. It's certainly not a new idea; the series was basically We Need to Talk About Kevin, but with a killer husband, or The Good Wife, except way more stabby. But David Kelley tried to dress it up as a murder whodunnit, and one with terrible and nonsensical plotting that partly depends on domestic chores involving dishwashers and dry cleaners. He could even had completely subverted the murder whodunnit genre. This would have entailed, say, making Jonathan's guilt absolutely clear by Ep 2 or 3 (e.g., via an objective flashback to Jonathan actually committing the murder), and spending the rest of the series tracking how Grace and Henry struggled with this understanding, her dilemma about how best to protect her son from his monster father, etc.. In this version of the show, I might even have been able to overlook or forgive the courtroom shenanigans that Kelley has always loved ("What if the wife testifies, seemingly for the husband, and then, PLOT TWIST!?!?"). But no. Kelley had to stretch the whodunnit over five episodes, filling the story with stupid red herrings ("What if we make the entire Fraser family end up outside Elena's house?"), lots of gratuitous violence ("Let's show our embodiment of the Dead Girl Trope getting bludgeoned over and over!"), and only cramming the We Need to Talk About Jonathan denouncement into an episode. I guess at least I got to gaze upon Edgar Ramirez's marvellous hair. #FollicularGoals
  11. The Frasers: so rich and privileged that their son does not understand that you can and should hand wash a murder weapon, not have a dishwasher do it for you. Twice. Grace: Put me on the stand! I'm a reliable narrator! Grace, on the stand: * Promptly mispronounces her own family name, again *
  12. Katherine: "Careful with that blanket, Alex, I'm going to be lying on it." Also Katherine:
  13. Especially since she's an engineer! All the engineering schools I know train students to recognize people dressed as characters from paintings! I don't know about you guys, but I myself am always most inclined to help people when they scream their questions at me as they drive by.
  14. Sure, feel free to spit your "p"s all over the tent during this time, Matt. Laura. Drops. Everything.
  15. The blondes seem to think that Paraguayan villages are by default dangerous slums. Eswar is not a real software engineer, right? Because I'm not sure he understands what he himself does.
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