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  1. Perhaps not every woman has or wants to have or needs to have straight, flat-ironed, glossy -- a.k.a. white, upper middle class -- hair?
  2. Emeritus professors usually still draw salaries, albeit reduced (and retain their offices -- poor Joan!). The university was trying to get (Ji-Yoon to get) them to take voluntary retirement, which is different, and a greater cost-saving. I thought it was a lot more ambiguous. During one of their co-taught classes -- and the fact that Rentz was present for it already suggests that his motivations aren't so black-and-white, since many senior professors will not even deign to attend the classes that their colleagues co-teach -- the camera lingered on Rentz's face as he watched Yaz'
  3. Plus it was not at all clear that the Bob Balaban character, Rentz, was in any intentional, malicious way trying to sabotage Yaz's tenure case. He was right that Promotion and Tenure committees often distrust letters that only speak glowingly about a candidate; frequently they do indeed want to hear about the limitations of the candidate's work, which seems to be what Rentz was doing in writing about her research ("While she has published in top-tier journals..."). In fact, it wasn't really clear to me -- which is a compliment to the show -- that the way Yaz taught was faultless. She cert
  4. It's all intersectional, yada-yadda, but given how much this show is about class and privilege, it seems more likely that Olivia is upset with Paula for consorting with "the help," that after all that Olivia has done to help Paula climb the socio-economic ladder, here she is "slumming it," etc. Along the same lines, I would love it if the mystery body being loaded onto the plane turns out to be a hotel employee that we never really even meet; it could be the show's way of subverting audience expectations that it must be a main character who dies, and commenting on how we tend to be less i
  5. Maybe this is the beginning of the build-up? At some point this season, Áine says jokingly to Shona something to the effect of Richard being a sad white man that women can't resist. I wonder if the story over the next few seasons (assuming there are some) will have to do with Áine realizing that her mental health issues partly come from some kind of attachment to grief, and that her health might improve if she chooses Bradley instead of Richard. (I'm of course not endorsing the idea that improvements in mental health come simply by choosing a partner who is not grieving, depressed, etc. I
  6. Did Maria even make the cabinet? From the way she expressed it ("I have this cabinet"; "a cabinet"), and from the looks of the cabinet (which only ever appeared on camera fully formed), I'm going to guess no? So she cut bell pepper shapes out of foam -- using a knife, after breaking the foam cutting tools -- and stuck one on top of the cabinet during the multiple hours she had. Wait: I guess she wrote up some recipes too. Well, at least she was accountable enough to tell us, "that's on [her]." Had she not done so, I would have sooooo confused about who to blame and to boot for that terrible "m
  7. I guess the show is doubling down on being "feel good" and "positive" and never giving any actually useful critiques. I mean, are these baskets...good? Are they...even round?
  8. I think there's a difference between not finishing a garment during a pattern challenge, and not doing so during a M2M (or a transformation) challenge. During a pattern challenge, all the sewers are on a level playing field, making the same thing; presumably the pattern can be done in the stipulated time. So an unfinished garment should certainly bring up the rear. However, during a pattern challenge, I think it's fair to penalize someone for deviating from the pattern as much as someone who didn't finish. Damian has been a hoot, and I would be happy to have him continue to be on my scree
  9. It would have been interesting if, in the second round, Byron and Maria decided to help Dawn overcome her accident not by jumping in to help redo her plates, but by both agreeing to also only send up nine plates of food each. I'm a bit surprised that the challenge didn't incorporate more of a strategy angle: "will each chef decide to prep three dishes, or will anyone be confident/cocky enough to let it all ride on just one?" lt looks like a few of them did focus more on one or two dishes (e.g., Dawn admitting that her dessert wasn't fully conceptualized), but it wasn't built into the chal
  10. The second season has started in Australia (three episodes have dropped), so will hopefully be on Netflix eventually.
  11. There have perhaps been a few too many transformation challenges this season where the raw material is simply "fabric" (sarongs, scarves, curtains).
  12. I guess we should be grateful that this episode of Top BMW Chef wasn't: "the only heat source you'll have, chefs is...the car engine!"
  13. I was moved when Matthew noted that, during the run of the show, he had an obsessive need to get laughs, and that he even felt like he would die if the audience did not respond to a quip. (Tellingly, Lisa, seemingly out of genuine concern, responded by saying that she never knew that.) The reunion ep, almost to illustrate this, also showed the gag where Matthew ran into the coffee shop after Matt LB kept messing up in hitting his marks. From that perspective, I actually felt kind of glad that Matthew was the most subdued of the six during the reunion. Of course, on some level I wished he
  14. "Drinking or Not Drinking" would actually be a great studio task for Taskmaster.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's more a reference/tribute to this Simon and Garfunkel song:
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