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  1. Corgi-ears


    Australian/British dramedy (?) now getting a run on HBO Max. The first ep was a bit uneven, but got funnier for me as it went along. I did get very distracted by how Sarah Kendall's character, from certain angles, looks remarkably like Jason "Star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Segel in drag. (That's not a knock on Kendall; both she and Segel are attractive people.)
  2. For me, it was his declaration that he wants to find someone who smells like orange juice. I hope somewhere out there is a girl named Tropicana, waiting for him.
  3. Why was Rita Baga standing like this during judging? I don't know what the opposite of fierce is, but that pose would probably be the best visual representation of that antonym. Is it a Celine reference I don't understand, and if so, can someone enlighten me?
  4. Speaking as someone who has watched this from the beginning when it was broadcast in the UK (humble flex), I would insist that this is the greatest show currently on air and that this is not a perception brought on by pandemic delirium.
  5. I watched all the eps in a row and my heart burst and now I ded.
  6. Finally! Shea now knows how Sasha Velour felt! Namely: to end a season with some people feeling like the lesser queen won. *Shade rattle*
  7. Untucked has been so strange and terrible this season, but it may have been worth it for (a) Shea pointing out that Blair had a joke set-up written on one page of her notebook and the punchline on the NEXT FUCKING PAGE, and (b) Juju casually suggesting that Blair should change her drag name to Paige Turner. 😂
  8. "Junior. Eric. Ivanka. Time to go."
  9. Shalita Grant stole the season.
  10. Law Roach continues to be trash. Yes, Dashaun was right to say, diplomatically, that the judges are there to judge. But judging should entail doing more than telling us what you "feel," (namely and unfailingly, "bored"), and, "I said what I said." Leiomy is a queen for reading him and his resume-dropping to filth. I guess I'm still pissed at Law being not just trash, but fucking trash last week. The Mikayla and Shorty battle was exhilarating, but it was ruined for me by how Shorty seemed to feel the need to flirt with and grind up against the judges in order to save his house. And who created that need? Fucking Law, since he was the one who, in the preceding round, was all, "Hey Shorty, want a date?" Fuck off, Law. Yeah. "I" "said" "what" 'I" "said."
  11. Not a surprising result, given Clare's consistency, but her final made-to-order outfit was pretty boring and undramatic compared to Matt's and Nicole's. But they're rewarding sewing more than design skills, so congrats to Clare -- both for winning, and for apparently having Miriam Margolyes as her mom.
  12. My god, I would have eaten Melissa's tiramisu so hard, and then probably cried in a way that would have made Dario the Butcher go, "Dude, take it down a notch." We got a shot of Melissa making the second batch of the tiramisu with milk powder, and it's interesting to see the recipe confirm this. I wondered how she got hold of the powder in Italy, but I'm guessing she must have brought (been allowed to bring) some along. At dinner, Hunter Lewis, the Food and Wine editor, commented that her tiramisu need a layer of bitterness; Tom agreed and said something to the effect that Melissa should have "brewed the tea for longer." I'm glad he didn't find out or realize that she used a powder; he might have been a snob about it -- and undeservedly so, since HK milk tea pretty much tastes of all sweetened milk, no tea.
  13. I think Terry felt ambivalent after she realized that the two fuckbois orchestrated the threesome. Hence the sequence you noted: they leave, she texts Kwame happily, she sees the two guys out the window (and the sexy music gets cut off), and then Arabella knocks on her door, whereupon Terry is no longer as unreservedly excited about the experience. The whole episode seems to be part of the series' interesting exploration of the degrees of sexual agency and autonomy. Terry didn't get assaulted, per se; she presumably consents to the threesome. But once it dawns on her that the two men already knew each other, what she "consented" to becomes very different, since the situation was under false pretences.
  14. I'm shocked that the show was not shady enough to bring on Sasha Velour as this week's assassin.
  15. It was Bryan who said that.
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