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  1. charlieboo

    S02.E02: Life and Limb

    I was just coming to post almost the same thing. Every speech Rob Lowe gives makes me think of the purposely awful, cheesy things he said as the Grinder. I keep expecting Fred Savage to pop in saying, "Really?" This episode felt especially cheesy to me. And how much time was supposed to have passed for the entire episode? Because that soccer guy sure made a very quick recovery from a life-threatening condition to major surgery to zipping around in a wheel chair giving inspirational speeches to his teammates.
  2. charlieboo

    S01.E01: Pilot / S01.E02: Flying

    Regarding the dog kick: Michael made an effort (albeit very brief) to see if the dog had an owner. When no one answered, I think he assumed it was a vision or fantasy or whatever those flying shrimp were (i.e. something not real that did not belong there). So he wasn't kicking an actual dog, he was kicking an imagined creature. As soon as he realized it was someone's actual dog, he brought it right back. As for all the questions many of us think the people there should have: I think it's a commentary on the fact that people - "good" or not - will believe positive things about themselves. So if all those people are told they are the super-best and deserve to be in The Good Place while others don't, they don't think to question it or ask what makes them better than everyone else. They just accept that they are, in fact, better.
  3. fastiller, if you have a subscription and need to stop it for a few days, they do have an option to donate those days to a school. So I'm sure you could set up a M-F permanent donation and they'd love you for it.
  4. charlieboo

    S08.E05: Saab Story

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing at the end when Hank finds his magical house?
  5. charlieboo

    S05.E06: C**tgate

    Click on the Volunteer tab and you can download a campaign poster!
  6. charlieboo

    S07.E07: Driven

    How much of the usual shaking (by Canning) is actually MJF's symptoms,and how much is for the character? I got the impression that Canning turns it up when he's in court to get sympathy from the judge and jury. But this week he was only in the depo room and could relax and not pretend to be worse than he is. I don't think MJF's shaking (on his meds) is nearly as bad as he portrays Canning's to be.
  7. charlieboo

    S05.E08: Birth

    I thought this immediately! On the more mundane side of things: It was only their memories of the time in Camelot that were erased, right? So they all remember why they went to Camelot and why Emma became the Dark One, and everything else that went before, right? So why the hell didn't Hook know that he'd bought that house for Emma? Or maybe we're supposed to think that he and Henry found that newspaper in Granny's place AFTER it was transported to Camelot, and spent some time there real estate shopping on the off chance they made it back to Storybrook?
  8. charlieboo

    S07.E01: Episode 1

    That's exactly what I thought! In fact, I actually laughed when the guy mentioned that parents could use their free hand to read to the baby. You know 95% of them will be texting and ignoring the kid. If you look at those skates on Amazon and read some of the comments, there seems to be a very steep learning curve and lots of accidents and injuries. I'm surprised none of the sharks brought up the liability issue.
  9. charlieboo

    S09.E07: The Showdowns

    This. I hated that the pairings were pre-determined. They should have shown the comics picking a name from a hat or something. This just seems like the judges chose the winner weeks ago and are just working backward now to make the eliminations work out "coirrectly". The only ones of the Top 5 that I like are the first guy (Mike? Michael?) and - relunctantly - Ian Bagg. I hate Andi and Dominique and the other 2 are take-'em-or-leave-'em.
  10. And was a one-term president because he was seen as too weak for anyone to take him seriously. 'Murica likes their leaders with giant balls, no matter how tiny the mind is (Exhibit A: G.W.Bush). Never ever ever apologize. Ever.
  11. charlieboo

    S02.E20: Stadiums

    And this is what I like best about the show. Every week I say, "who cares about that?" and then I end up educated and outraged about something I had never even thought about 10 minutes ago. And JO seems to affect real change (or else benefits from great serendipity) because so many of the things he rails against are changed/ended/begun shortly after his show.
  12. charlieboo

    Last Tango In Halifax

    I think it was more that they didn't want to embarrass Harry or "out" him. I don't think what she did was so bad - she was telling a quirky, local story which she thought would be interesting. I can totally see myself putting my foot in my mouth that way too - saying something negative about someone only to discover that person was related to the person I was telling.
  13. charlieboo

    Celebrity Family Feud

    I just got caught up with the reruns tonight. Freddie Willard is the cutest thing! But I nearly turned it off because of Robin McGraw. I would say that she drunk off her ass, but I think she's always that annoying. It felt like I was watching an SNL take-off of Celebrity FF.
  14. charlieboo

    S03.E01: Move On / S03.E02: But I'm Not

    All I got out of this was that Big Jim needs to find better bullets. The ones he has now can only tear cloth and break glass. But they don't actually penetrate skin or tear a photograph.
  15. From what I've read, the father gave the kid money for his birthday which was used to buy the gun, but the kid bought it himself. So yes, in this particular case, tougher gun laws may not have helped, but I'm so sick of that argument. Wearing a seat belt doesn't guarantee that you won't still be killed or badly hurt in a car accident, but it lessens the odds so much that no one objects to mandatory laws about wearing one. Strict gun laws will not stop every attack, but they could have prevented several of the worst one of recent years. Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech come to mind, just for 2 examples. I was disappointed no one mentioned the Confederate flag and the tap dance Republicans are doing to avoid criticizing it so as not to harm their chances in the SC primary. Mahar likes to think he's so cutting edge, but he doesn't have half the balls that Jon Stewart has.