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  1. Because they think people don't notice. I remain the only person I know who found DOWNTON ABBEY unwatchable in part because - among many other things - both Elizabeth McGovern and the actor who played her husband have blue eyes and Michlle Dockery has dark brown eyes. Also, Jennifer Connolly (dark brown eyes) played the child version of Elizabeth McGovern's character in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA. I spent half the movie going, wait, is that supposed to be the same person? He was very good in MAD MEN.
  2. I do know a guy who had this really happen to him. She told him when the kid was eight...and the spitting image of his sister. I agree it's a ridiculous decision from what's known so far in this show, though.
  3. The history of Drudge presented here is spot-on. The Usenet newsgroup (where I encountered him circa 1994) was alt.showbiz.gossip, and it was a particularly snarky haven for people mocking Hollywood bullshit. (The pre-TWoP, I guess.) Drudge also had a period of lactating excitement over the movie BABE. And yes, he used to post long lists of links to that newsgroup that was just as annoying there as it would be here, and then found success on the web. He wasn't aiming at Humphrey Bogart, though - his role model was gossip columnist Walter Winchell. Hence the hat. Drudge was most noticed fo
  4. Let's at least agree that the wig looks awful - and decidedly un-Russian. I've seen lots of Russian women with long hair, and they all know how to take meticulous care of it. I also happen to think Kidman looks terrible as a blonde and that she's nearly unrecognizable and that her face barely moves. It's true that we have gotten much less used to seeing normal aging on TV. I remember the first episode I watched in THE RANCH and being actually startled to see Debra Winger's forehead wrinkle. Kidman is 54, Winger was 61 when the first season of THE RANCH was produced. You want to see
  5. I really don't think anyone regards Cornell as a safety school.
  6. In any event, I thought Shane's Cornell hat was mostly to indicate that Olivia and Paula got it wrong when they guessed his education on the boat. I have certainly always understood that Hotel and Business Administration is private.
  7. I don't think that's enough for an annulment. Grounds for an annulment are more fundamental than that - bigamy, incest, etc - things that render the marriage illegal or based on outright fraud. Disagreements over careers do not rise to that level. There's a current list for California here: https://www.courts.ca.gov/1037.htm
  8. Oh! I didn't recognize her and didn't see her on the cast list.
  9. Do you mean Jane Curtin, who played the judge? PS: I do have to admire this show's consistency. Way, way back at the beginning of THE GOOD WIFE, Will (Diane's original partner) talked about her periodic paranoia.
  10. I liked - and was moved by - the end. So many people have died who didn't have to, and the inequality of access to health care is horrifying.
  11. I believe the line was actually "I respected your father."
  12. Cornellians certainly don't think so! Cornell is definitely a little *different* from the other Ivies, though. For one thing, out of the eight colleges on the Ithaca campus, four are state-funed (Agriculture, Human Ecology, Industrial & Labor Relations, and the Veterinary school), and four are privately endowed (Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Hotel and Business Administration, Law, and Art, Architecture, and Planning). So what snobbery there is about Cornell is more directed at the state schools, certainly not at Arts & Sciences. Really, though, it's just envy. Harvard students don
  13. I find it amusing that the luau performance has changed very little since 1969 - at least, the luau performance set in that year of MAD MEN (Season 6 opener) has almost all the same elements. As someone who reads mystery novels, I find this interesting because we don't even know who got killed. The setup also reminds me of the Maggie Smith-Diana Rigg-Peter Ustinov movie of Agatha Christie's EVIL UNDER THE SUN.
  14. The two girls strike me as having escaped from original GOSSIP GIRL.
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