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  1. Seriously, that snake cake was amazing! It may be one of the best designed and best executed bakes this show has had.
  2. Because they're on Gordon TV it's easy to forget that these are real children and not entirely Producer Generated Caricatures. Most sites have Reed listed at 8 year sold (although he looks older). The burn looked pretty bad for an 8 year old. It's pretty normal for a kid to act like that when they're injured.
  3. But then it wouldn't be a twist! 😀 If Saber had flung some colored chocolate on his twist and said it represented a gift he made for his mom when he was a kid, I think he could have won this
  4. ae2

    A.P. Bio

    This show has quietly become the funniest and most absurd show on TV right now.
  5. Maybe they find another foot in the parking lot? I have no idea what hardcore dark could mean for this show!
  6. No, they're real. Here, let me draw you a picture.
  7. ae2

    NFL Thread

    Me, right at 9:00pm last night. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
  8. ae2

    Life In Pieces

    Agreed. However, I think the adults would be egging her on and laughing at it instead of trying to correct her 🙂
  9. I was so puzzled by that statement I had to stop in my tracks and pause the show. I then took to Twitter and was shocked that everyone wasn't questioning this statement. It made me question my own understanding of rice and life.
  10. ae2

    NFL Thread

    You could go into depth about their markets and their personalities and the team around them. But mostly it comes down to the past 7 seasons. The Giants have 47 wins to 65 losses. The Steelers have 70 wins to 41 losses. That's why Ben gets an extension and Eli gets destroyed by the media and the fans.
  11. ae2

    NFL Thread

    I'm more and more convinced the Murray to the Cardinals hype has all been a smokescreen. I have no reason to believe this other than a hunch (but then again, I'm not a so called journalist or analyst talking to sources and getting paid to spout this nonsense). I think their goal was to convince other teams that he was their pick in an attempt to get either the Raiders at 4 or the Giants at 6 to trade up with them. There's still a chance this happens with Oakland but I don't see NY making the trade. Maybe if they manage to get a mid-range first round pick offered for Rosen they might decide it's worth going for Murray, but I'm not sure this is something Arizona ever expected to actually happen. This is a weird draft. I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those rare ones where we don't see QBs fall off the board right away, but I also wouldn't be surprised if 3 QBs went in the top 10. As a Giants fan I'm hoping both two go before our #6 pick so that we get a better defensive player.
  12. ae2

    Life In Pieces

    VERY hit or miss. It has such an incredible cast, and a terrific concept, that it's amazing how bad they're able to make the show sometimes. As an example, Jen being sickened by Greg's "s" sounds is a hilarious concept and a fun riff on both real life pregnancy and typical sitcom pregnancy stories. They could have done an entire 4-5 minute segment on just that, and also sprinkled it throughout the rest of the episode. (It could have culminated in him trying to learn sign language but she still runs to the toilet when he signs an "S".) Instead, she's also sickened by everything else he does, which removes the focus from the actual funny part and turns it into something annoying. The first and last segments (Tyler's demo, meeting with the pregnant girl) were both okay but they had no substantial comedy value. Tim's story - "I've never told you this about me", "Diving?" - was good, but it fell into this show's other trap. Funny setups end in played out, predictable stories. Wouldn't it be funnier and unexpected if he WAS an incredible diver? Was there any question that the girl would pick Matt and Colleen because their cheesy Minions picture? Was there any question that James Brolin's character (haven't bothered learning his name) would pawn the work off on his children? Plus... wouldn't it be funnier if it turned out that after 50 years he discovered he actually was good at all those things and enjoyed doing them? That would be a more unexpected turn of events with so much more room for comedy. If you wanted to return the the status quo at the end of the episode, have the grandmother discover that she likes taking care of him and is jealous, so Brolin lies to her and tells her that the kids were doing all the work. (Which leaves it open for later, he could be caught cooking when she's not around, or holding secret dinner parties, or going behind her as she cleans the house to find spots that she misses.) I don't normally question shows this much or write my own better versions because it's a fruitless endeavour, but I loved this show so much from the start and now it's a huge glob of wasted potential.
  13. I'm not fond of fondant personally, but if you're trying to decorate a cake nothing else comes close to the flexibility that fondant gives you. That's why so many cake shops use it on just about everything they do. Could it be viewed as taking the easy route? I think so. If I were judging I would expect the contestants that use fondant to really show their creativity with it. The wavy brim of the spring hat was a really great and unique use for fondant! Using it for decorative additions like ribbons or flowers is fine. Simply using it to make your cake surface flatter, or to cover over imperfections with your frosting, that's where I would ding you for it.
  14. ae2

    S4.E15: Salary

    A Wal-Mart Super Center will bring in yearly revenue in the $10s of millions. Yes, the corporation deals with some of the bureaucracy and financial management of that, but a store manager is still bearing a lot of the responsibility and is the day to day operator. They're not just a step above a floor employee like you might imagine. The unrealistic part is not that the store manager would make that much money, but that Amy would get the job with only a 1 day management training class. (Yes, the district manager was a nepotistic coke-head, but she was right when she said Amy wasn't qualified for the position.) But it's a sitcom, so who cares?
  15. Speaking of bourbon... take a shot every time Nancy points out that something is or isn't Springy? I know it's the Spring Baking Championship and all that, but are you the Spring Police? Do you get paid by the Spring? It's as if Alton Brown pointed out, "I really like your bacon wrapped foie gras, but it doesn't really scream iron to me. It really looks a little more nickel than anything." Wth is "Springy" anyway? Why are sliced almonds Spring-like, but pecans are Fall-like? So many of the fruit that you point out are "Springy" actually peak in the Summer - like raspberries, peaches, and pretty much everything else except citrus fruit and strawberries. Can't it just be... a baking championship that happens in the Spring? Sorry for the rant. Needless to say, there was an awful lot of bourbon being passed around last night. 8.
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