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  1. Co-creator Gina Yashere talks to the Guardian about the show and her career: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2021/jul/12/gina-yashere-on-riches-racism-and-us-success-i-dont-like-to-boast-but-im-doing-very-well
  2. This article in an interview with the leader of an organization that helped SUPERSTORE with Matteo's story as an undocumented immigrant: https://slate.com/culture/2021/07/telling-undocumented-immigration-stories-superstore.html
  3. Ebersole is amazing in KOMINSKY METHOD. I only recognized her voice. Even after I knew who it was I still couldn't really see it. By the way, I've counted up. Vernee Watson has been in no less than seven of Lorre's shows, going all the way back to GRACE UNDER FIRE.
  4. I was thinking the actress who plays Margaret - Melissa Tang - looked familiar. In other topics (I think mostly relating to BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA) there's been some discussion of Lorre's reuse of actors he likes (Paul Reiser's mother in this show is played by Christine Ebersole, who is a regular on ABISHOLA). Tang turns out to be quite the Lorre regular. Besides this one: MOM, BIG BANG THEORY, and YOUNG SHELDON. However, I'm guessing that the champ Lorre recidivist is Vernee Watson - by my count she's been in *seven* Lorre shows, all the way back to GRACE UNDER FIRE. It was a little odd wa
  5. I feel sure that the money truck pulled up to his house for MAN WITH A PLAN.
  6. Ken Levine has already done it (in the last six months) as a play called AMERICA'S SEXIEST COUPLE. A reading of is starring Joely Richardson is (or maybe was) on YouTube as part of a series to raise money for actors out of work during the pandemic. It's here:
  7. Didn't Emily Baxendale say the same thing?
  8. Schwimmer has done a lot more movies than that. He was superb (and so different) in the lesser-known IT'S THE RAGE. He's also done a *lot* of theater, which of course is largely invisible if you look at IMDB. He's really a very good, versatile actor. Re casts who are good friends: the cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY appear to have gotten along very well, to the point where the three top leads took salary reductions so the other three could be paid more.
  9. The actress playing Lizzie is also a Lorre veteran - she was on DISJOINTED,
  10. It's not fair to blame Remini for being a Scientologist; her mother brought her into the cult when was 10 or 12. She didn't join as an adult of her own choice.
  11. Yes, the Guardian has this story, too: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/may/24/kevin-spacey-return-italian-paedophilia-drama Apparently it is neither a joke nor satire that he is playing a detective investigating a man wrongly accused of pedophilia.
  12. I was happy enough with this ending. The newcomers gave them all a chance to remember how far they've come, and they all were left in a pretty good place. It wasn't a laugh riot, but it was true to the show.
  13. The New Yorker has a piece about the Aghan war reporter and interpreter who's one of the show's writers: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/04/05/a-mullah-walks-into-a-bar-from-war-torn-kabul-to-a-writers-room
  14. iMonrey: What characters other than killing off Charlie in TWO AND A HALF MEN after Sheen melted down and nearly killed the show? He notoriously had problems with Cybill Shepherd, but he didn't have a chance to take any sort of revenge out on her character because she got him booted from the series he created. The only other actors I'm aware of that he had trouble with were Brett Butler (who was using drugs) and Roseanne Barr (who had trouble with *everybody*). It's really notable to me how many actors are happy to work with him again and again - on MOM there's Mimi Kennedy (Dharma's mom in DH
  15. I think it would be harder to make a tough, hypercritical father funny. I had friends as a teenager whose father was very authoritarian, and there wasn't anything funny about it. That said, one problem with a lot of sitcoms is that the female adult lead is the one who's always stomping down on anything that's fun.
  16. John Geddert, coach of the 2012 USA Olympic gymnastics team, charged with two dozen crimes including human trafficking, sexual assault, and running a criminal enterprise: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/feb/25/john-geddert-twistars-gymnastics-charged
  17. I find the claim that "Mia was canceled in the culture" just plain weird. In the years since 1992 (when she was nearing 50, the death knell for many actresses and also adopting four? five? more kids) she's been in at least four or five movies, done Broadway plays, and regularly surfaced to repeat the abuse allegations while her son Ronan has become a high-profile journalist in an area guaranteed to keep the allegations alive in public life.
  18. The satirical British magazine Private Eye calls Piers Morgan "Piers Moron". One of the weirdest things in the early pandemic is that Morgan was calling out people like Trump and Boris Johnson, whom he would normally support, for their failures to take appropriate action. One of the real ironies of the whole Woody Allen-Mia Farrow thing is that he gave her most of the best parts she's had in her career, and she did most of her best work in his movies. PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO and BROADWAY DANNY ROSE could not show her in a more different light. His work has not, IMO, been as good since the 19
  19. ams1001: I was thinking that. And there's really no excuse for these writers, since the Smithsonian National Zoo's baby panda was born on August 21 to a fanfare of publicity. (Watch him on the webcam!)
  20. Marco Pennetti, whose real life experience the show is based on, has said in interviews that he and his donor are still in touch and they sound like good friends, but it doesn't sound like it developed into anything else. So that's promising...
  21. The dances were fun, but this episode contained yet another absolutely infuriating depiction of severe allergies. No one for whom peanuts pose a risk of anaphylactic shock eats strange food without checking out the ingredients, no matter how much they want to please their hosts. Or they take the cookie and don't eat it. (Or, at *worst*, they eat a very small bite and check for a reaction before proceeding.) I am so, so tired of this particular sitcom trope (and Lorre has used it berfore - Howard on BBT was also allergic to peanuts) because it treats people with allergies as if they were irres
  22. People who travel for a living do often have more than one passport - eg one for Israel and one forAraab countries or a spare they can use when they have to submit one to get a visa.
  23. It's very smart of Cuoco to have used her BBT money to find a project that shows her in a new light. Otherwise, what's her future? Playing sitcom moms until she's shunted into playing sitcom grandmothers? QQQQ: Yes, I thought of Goldie Hawn in FOUL PLAY, too. (Dudley Moore was not well-known at the time, but he was the funniest thing in the movie.) It's partly the hairstyle, which is very similar to the one Hawn had in that movie and, earlier, in THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP.
  24. AA is keeping them *sober*. That's the big win, all by itself.
  25. The temptation was probaby to use Mabel to give the show a new, more modern face - which *did* work on MURPHY BROWN with grown-up Avery because the actor and Candice Bergen had such great chemistry. But I always thought *ever* showing Mabel was MAY's big mistake. The show was a close-up look at a marriage, and was at its best when it was tightly focused on Paul and Jamie. The two of them having to rediscover each other after years of parenting with their child far away should have been right in the show's wheelhouse.
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