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  1. Thank you! I didn't get it either. I'm finding this iteration much fresher than DU, but overall I'm disappointed by all the punny drug names--Metal Donna, Kita Mean, Crystal Method (love you, girl!). It just makes me sad.
  2. So much CGI. Everything was an unnatural color. I liked it okay but would have really been swept away if it looked the least bit like Victorian London or, you know, some place on Earth.
  3. Geez, folks, the answer to the Winnie-the-Pooh question was obviously "Eating his honey." Not that the actual game matters, I know, but I was waiting for someone to say it.
  4. You're quite right. That superlong hiatus they took midseason had me confused.
  5. I think I'm done. I know it's super close to the end, but it's been two season of the bad guys winning and winning and winning and it's miserable to watch. No one gets a break. The two PI's look about 14 years old and I can't take them seriously, a priest is dead and a child in mortal danger, three young women damaged forever, and the monsters behind it all just keep coming out on top. It's not suspenseful or thrilling because this is not an equally matched fight. Bad guys win. Good guys lose. Never mind the plot stupidities, the latest of which is, even if Helena is a huge, bustling city, NOT
  6. I feel like Mike is the kind of guy who, when asked what he wants for dinner, would say, "Food." I hate those people.
  7. Tia looks so much like Cheyenne from Superstore it's uncanny.
  8. It's Riverdale in pointe shoes, which isn't entirely a bad thing. I watches stupid, stupid Flesh and Bone, so I'm obviously just a ballet sucker. I like the lead. I'm in until it goes off the rails.
  9. I love Angry Angel and watched it last year and the year before, with plans to do so again. It's so funny and smart, and the ending is insane. A huge cut above the usual holiday fare. The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again was absolutely magical, miles above the first, in my opinion. Hudgens is killing it this Christmas--she does these little things with her face and eyes. Even with three roles, you always know which one she's playing and what her objective is. Charming, and the costumes--swoon! Jingle Jangle--damn. Hello, Silly Angel? This is Netflix; you ordered a kid-friendly steam
  10. I was reminded of how much I missed this show when yelling "Just do it, you baby!" at my screen while someone rappells down a building and I eat nachos on my couch. Team beardo weirdos for now, and team NFL can miss me with their callousness. Some alliance. I hope it bites them on their toned butts.
  11. I don't know. I almost fell off the couch at the Finger Prince bit.
  12. Same. Aside from shutting down the motel, the pandemic doesn't seem to have affected the town at all. It can still keep its four-man detective agency open, and no one has to wear a mask or order groceries online. Where do I sign up?
  13. I really loved this season, but it distracted me that the show decided Young Camilla looked like Young Julie Christie. She did not. A huge part of Diana's currency was her beauty, and she knew she could trade on it to move upwards, so her well-earned jealousy of Charles' fanatical attachment to Camilla must have particularly burned. I would like for the show to have even briefly explored her anger and confusion not just that Charles was cheating the whole time they were married, but cheating with THAT (rude, sorry--I'm just trying to get into her mindset). Nothing she had worked on her husband
  14. I'd like the next male host not be an asshole about women. Between Chapelle conflating all women into Trump toadies and "joking" that we all deserve far less money than the fraction we are paid (and that was especially rich after he spoke movingly of his slave great-grandfather) and that dude I've never heard of a couple of weeks ago making hilarious jokes about how hysterical women run around accusing black men of rape when they're...I don't remember, unhappy about something?--I'm over this shit-talking. Not sure if I'll tune in again for another male comedian. It seems the misogyny problem a
  15. That quick-change trick annoyed me. I can't tell how all of it was done, except for the obvious use of a confederate inside the "closet" pulling of her clothes. When she goes from the red outfit to the all-black one, you can see the black pleather-type leggings underneath her dress as she turns, so that's just a fast tearaway. But the ikat-style dress to the little green shift, the camera moves to the stage right of the closet and a black-gloved hand reaches out between the curtains (shown in a poor screenshot here) to snatch the dress off. Not sure what the magic part was that P&T missed-
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