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  1. Silly Angel

    S06.E14: Ticking Clocks

    "Sincerely, Raymond Holt." Amazing
  2. Silly Angel

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    So many WTFingF quotes this week! I wanted to half the cast and judges to line up so I could smack them. "Practice it at home." Fuuuuuuuck you, Nadine. Even if your model did not walk the exact way you wanted (or, as it seems--I'm not an expert) was empirically "bad" at walking the runway, she gets paid for her time working and no model is going to do whatever it is you imagine is her dream weekend: strut around her NYC apartment, tears streaming down her face, stuffing laxatives in her mouth, desperate to get your specific walk right so you can not go home. And fat-shaming her on the runway for HER (Nadine's) OWN INCOMPETENCE was just beyond the pale. May I share a story? Back in the mists of time, 2006 or so, I ordered a gorgeous transseasonal coat. I wanted simple swing-line camel coal that looked like an rich Vassar girl from 1965 would wear rain or shine for decades because she came from the kind of WASPy old money that was, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or go without" kind of Yankee frugal. It looked like nothing but was so well-made, those in the know would know. I told the girl at by phone at the shop in New York that I was a Target size 8, so couture fat, large or extra large. She laughed and said, no, their 8 would fit me fine. I love my coat and still wear it all the time. Thank you, Emmett McCarthy of Season 2 Project Runway. His store, EMC2, is now closed, but they had beautiful dresses and shoes and were so nice, and never made me feel like I wasn't welcome as a customer because I wasn't a size 00. Stefon's mom was a joke, right? That person doesn't really exist, or is a performance artist? "People in Korea walk around in gas masks." They, uh, they do? Like World War I gas masks? I wish! And finally: "My teacher got me kicked out of fashion school." Really, poor little match girl? I don't think that's how it works.
  3. Silly Angel


    Thank you! That was an amazing "statistic." It can't possibly be true. Any millennials what to weigh in here and tell us WTF is going on with y'all buying clothes and then throwing them away? Ridiculous. Those two idiots made me hate the go-go Silicon Valley, contagious bullshit, make-a-million-on-a-dumb-idea-and-get-out culture ever more.
  4. Silly Angel

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Sorry, I could not get past the idea of those prosthetics as body mods. I threw up a little each time they showed them. I have a real problem with skin molded into different shapes. Urp.
  5. Silly Angel


    Speaking of diapers, that' what I'll always remember Lisa D'Amato for. That's some tough drunken behavior to live down. i howled when I saw her and her stupid, humiliating feedbags with their cheaply made plastic emitting toxins into the little kids' food. It's such an American product. Snack all day! Eat on the go! In the car! On the playground! During playdates! On the toilet! Never wait to stuff your face or show up for structured mealtimes, just cram it in any old time. And it had nothing to do with nutrition. So her demo versions were packed with broccoli; what's to stop a mom from loading one up with Oreos, chicken fingers and fries? She's a famewhore and can't stay away from reality TV, and her kids with their unfortunate names are now paying the price. I enjoyed the Pickup Pool guy and his redneck invention. That looked like something in a country music video and he seemed very sweet. Not everyone has a pickup, though. It was refreshing to see the waffle guys come out talking about butter and sugar pearls and decadence and whipped cream. Made a nice change from vegan, gluten-free, keto, no-carb garbage products that glut this show. Silkroll was baffling. In a world with Buffalo Exchange and Thredup and other ways companies are making consignment clothing work for the customer and the buyer, their plan was complicated and weird, plus, they made, like, no money. I guess dropping Silicon Valley buzzwords gets you investors in San Francisco but it didn't fool the sharks. And the name--they couldn't even defend it. I don't often agree with Kevin's meanest barbs, but in this case, the product is a dog that needs to be put down, and those two girls are cockroaches, business-wise.
  6. Silly Angel

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    Clothes aside, it was so weird to me how everyone's confession that they were going to go call a loved one sounded like they were announcing they were going to masturbate. "I've, uh, been...missing something...and I'm going to, you know, go into that other room for a minute and...do the thing."
  7. Silly Angel


    100%. My picky princess gets raw meat, which is expensive and a pain in the ass to freeze, slice, store, thaw and feed to the little monster. The herring is literally harvested from a lake in Minnesota by the local Native tribe. She eats better than I do. So as someone who often feels as if she lives in Canine Nation, I jump at labels with cats on them. It's misleading and also, dumb. But this week was a dumb bonanza. Float spas are indeed everywhere and the best of them have chambers or small rooms you step into, with a door behind you. I would be terrified getting into a just-body-sized tank and pulling that shell down--shudder. A water coffin. Kidzzz Banzzz was begging to be knocked off, maybe by a competitor that would offer specific rewards for specific compliances, so that kids could chase that one charm they don't have yet--like Pokemon or baseball cards; kids are natural collectors. Until they're not. When that mouthy robot 11-year-old hits 13, those cheap plastic charms won't seem so cool. I feel like the dog selfie guy watched the previous pitcher get shut down, and figured it was time to play the crying game. I couldn't even tell what he was crying about--protecting his business from knock-offs? Which, 1) so...you mean doing your job as head of an entrepreneurial endeavor is too emotionally wrecking? and 2) so don't create a product that is, in the words of the Sharks, just a product and by no means a business, that is a near novelty, cheap to produce, can even be replicated at home, and might as well be called Please Knock Me Off. Buncha dummies this week. As a poster said above, the only thing good that came out of it was the terrific pooch pics. Thanks, everyone!
  8. Silly Angel

    Nina Garcia Disapproves of You

    The return of Neena Gahcia! Yay! But I couldn't help but wonder, Sex and the City-ly, why she's from a small town in "South America." Can you not say "Colombia" on TV?
  9. Silly Angel

    Karlie Kloss: The New Heidi

    I was so surprised by how much I liked her, and how at ease she was with the designers. No uncomfortable settling-in period. I kind of wanted to hate her, because of she's part of a crime family, but I sold out my values for entertainment--I'm an American, dammit! That's what we do. She's also 9 feet tall, which is amazing. The guy part of the couple I watched with looked up and gasped, "How tall IS she?"
  10. Silly Angel

    Broad City

    God, this episode was amazing. If they are all that good this season, I might pass out. Not only was it funny as hell and full of New York New Yorkiness, and brought back characters we love in a non-schmoopy way, but it began hinting at the reasons the show is coming to a close. Abbi's hitting a milestone birthday and wondering what's next, talking about kids and both of them envying Cheese, and Ilana's torn-up foot, indicating the vulnerabilities of age and the fact that they can't really get away with all the shit they got away with in their early 20s. This show does our relationship with social media so much better than Grown-ish's slick, addicted, complicit take on it.
  11. Silly Angel

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    Wow, through the windmill and int the clown's mouth just to re-establish the Latrice/Valentina equilibrium. The producer manipulation is strong in this one. While I really enjoyed the episode, I didn't realize the game was so completely rigged until after it was over. And thanks, misleading interstitial, for making it look as if Latrice was Bendela-ing the joint again with her "bye-bye" gesture. And is it me or are Ru's songs really hard to lip-sync to? They don't lend themselves to epic performances. I wish "Ladyboy" had been in the mix.
  12. Silly Angel

    S10.E12: Blasts from the Past

    Way to slut-shame Claire, Cam, you dick. And is Alex dead? She hasn't been around much this season.
  13. Silly Angel

    S04.E05: Roast in Peace

    I was so over Manila with her performative cry-faces over Latrice (which, don't get me wrong--I LOVE me some Latrice Royale), but now I'm kind of falling for him again because of the sock garters. Werk those calves, girl! Not that it's important, but I drank a weird blue cocktail, called the Aquacade in honor of Esther Williams, with Lady Bunny at some hidden bar on Church Street when we went to New York for the Stonewall 35 celebration. It was magical.
  14. Silly Angel

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    How come no one said, "Eat the cake, Anna Mae!" I mean, duh.
  15. Yes! And his sugar mama. Surprised they didn't go with Phyllis or Gertrude or Hazel or Bertha.