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  1. I didn't hate it but...I...have questions? I keep reading that seeing the creatures made people see their worst fear and kill themselves but I did not get that from what I saw. Most seemed to go into a trance and then self-harm. Mallorie's sister seemed to see something awful/scary but Malkovich's wife started speaking to her (dead) mother before she sat in the burning car. Can't recall anyone getting all screamy and freaked out...they seemed to zombify and seek death like some kind of lemming. Would have loved if the show had been ballsy enough to let one of the newborns look out
  2. This was a big, dumb movie. But, I was somehow still entertained. Some of The Rock's lines made me laugh...especially the one where he was choking some guy out and he was all "it's a big arm...let it happen". *snort* Sometime, someone will have to explain to me how Malin Akerman gets work. I just don't understand.
  3. Oh fuck that, then. It's December. That part of the province is off limits until, like, May. ;)
  4. I was surprised by how 'meh' I was about this movie but...I was 'meh' about the movie. :) I thought the acting was great but the plot was...less so. It really bothered me that, for three ladies who were allegedly not involved in their men's criminal activities, how quickly (and well) they took to it. There were also too many "oh, that's convenient" moments for me. The one which really stood out to me was how the blonde somehow managed to tinder up with a guy who could identify the building which the blueprints belonged to. That was too much for me to buy. Her mother was awful, but I
  5. May I draw your attention to Cas/God for reference, so that you can prepare yourself? I mean, Cas spent a season looking for dear old dad, lost faith, got resurrected a bunch of times, blah blah blah...they write God into the actual narrative and Cas has Not. A. Single. Scene. with his father. I think they didn't even exchange a single word. Like, really? REALLY? Well, shit. I'm going to drive around the province like an idiot, looking for this. Heh. :D
  6. I've only been slightly tracking what's been going on with SPN via the internet for the last several years but, with the meteoric rise of Jack to prominent status (both the character and actor), I can't help but wonder if he's being groomed to be the show's 'next generation' to allow the show to continue when Jensen and Jared finally call it quits. I admit to being curious about when that final "we're done" will come. What will it take for J&J to walk away? Having young kids hasn't done it, and they shouldn't need to stick around for the money. Do they really just love their coworkers
  7. I didn't realize this hadn't aired yet in the States. Guess it's because it's filmed in Canada? Awkward because I can't recall exactly how far into S2 I am now and so I really have to be careful with what I say. :) In general, I will say that S2 has been annoying me for various reasons yet I still feel compelled to watch it. Grace has landed on my last nerve and seems determined to stay there. I will have to confirm where exactly I am in the season before commenting more specifically since I don't want to spoil details if I'm in the wrong episode... Update: dammit. I only have
  8. mother: real beauty comes from within child: Yeah, well, so does the colon and it's also full of crap!
  9. NoWillToResist


    Sweet Jesus, I hated this. After about the second episode, I mentally checked out. I cared about precisely no one. What a nasty little enclave of freaks. Did anyone live there who wasn’t hiding a secret or willing to commit crimes on a whim? That place was ground zero for assholes. There were so many conveniences and contrivances that my eyes got sore from rolling them. So, a small group of kids burned down a school and inadvertently killed 8 other kids. As adults, almost all of them live on the same small ritzy gated community? Really? So, a teen girl reads her dead mother's jo
  10. I have to respectfully disagree. Yes, Mary Pat was dealt a bum hand with the dead hubby. And yes, she was going to be used in a criminal activity without her knowledge or consent. I understand that she needs money. BUT. She extorts the women for (net) 10K a month. That is some greedy shit. That's what made me dislike her; the amount she demanded. Most working couples don't bring in that kind of money. And she wanted it without doing anything at all. I fully understood Stan's reaction. Yes, he loves his daughter and wants her to live but Ruby has done some serious crimes here.
  11. I'll admit that I initially was amused by Negan's snark, but his utter inability to STOP TALKING EVER quickly made him lose any appeal for me. If the show was so determined to keep the character around, I feel like they really needed to do a better job making him less repellent. Our heroes' inability to kill him, despite threatening to do so every fucking time they saw him (and having plenty of opportunities), has soured my attitude towards characters I previously liked/loved. I felt nothing when Rick died. There, I said it. His inability to kill Negan ruined the character for me; he
  12. No, I remember that he bribed him...what I meant was how did he FIND a bribeable doctor? That’s some license-losing worthy shit right there. Why would a doctor risk it?
  13. I have been enjoying this show but boy howdy, does it have issues. I find myself constantly amazed (and also frustrated) at how consistently Annie fucks up. I mean, how does so much incredible boneheadedness manage to fit into such a petite package? I just cannot handle her anymore. I found myself utterly floored that Annie decided to ROB THE STORE SHE WORKS AT. And not only that, but was the one who went with the manager (her boss) to take the money from the safe. Like, really? Never mind the "tramp stamp" contrivance...did they not think her voice might be recognized by him? Next l
  14. NoWillToResist

    Logan (2017)

    Thanks for clarifying his powers! However, I confess it still leaves me annoyed with him. If he can heave up the earth, wouldn't that have been a helpful deterrent when they were being chased by baddies? If nothing else, it might have delayed the baddies' progress. Could have neutralized the truck with the machine gun on top too... I get that they are kids but since they appear to have been trained (from their earliest existence) to fight and be soldiers, I'd expect a little less running scared and a little more "wanna play, mere humans? Bring it!" ;)
  15. NoWillToResist

    Logan (2017)

    Ok, full disclosure: I was dragged to this and recall almost nothing of the prior films, so, grain of salt and all that. :D My meh-ness about this movie has nothing to do with Hugh Jackman; he's lovely, but I am just over the Wolverine fawning and have been for a very long time. I was (pleasantly?) surprised to discover that the movie had a solid R rating (clued in after the first few minutes when there were several F-bombs and then graphic killing/maiming). ;) I guess since this was Wolverine's swan song, they weren't going to hold anything back. And, frankly, Wolverine being all v
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