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S23.E04: Week 4 - Singapore

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The group travels to Singapore; Tayisha and Colton bungee jump; 13 women explore the city, visiting and leech therapy center and trying different foods; Colton takes Caelynn shopping.

Airs January 28, 2019.

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Colton is such a dimwit. He doesn't know if he's afraid of heights. He's never been anywhere that's "tall" before. Now he's freaking out!

But first, he and Tayshia FREAKED OUT! because they got their finger tips wet when the tide came in! OMG! Like they didn't know water was wet, and the ocean contains ... OMG! WATER!

Gah. This show needs to contain a warning that it could cause stoopidity if viewers watch/listen too closely.

Oh: Nice crotch close up of Tayshia, camera person. *drink*

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Yes, that's right.  She was with someone for 6 years, (not sure dating or married), and she said in the past year and a half she had it rough because she was getting a divorce.  She married her first boyfriend she said.

Colton was sweet and said that his parents are divorced, so her reasons for doing so are the right reasons for her and he understands and said something like no one can judge.

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7 minutes ago, tennisgurl said:

Colton really doesent get out much, does he?

The understatement of the year.

Oh! Preview shows a Bachelor Handshake!

Oh! Preview shows Colton calls a b-ette "the cancer of the house." That's harsh, man.

Just now, Ms Blue Jay said:

She married her first boyfriend she said.

She did not mention why she got the divorce though, did she? That's something I'd like to hear ... from both sides.

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I do actually like Colton and Tayshia, they seem like a nice fit. The conversation about divorce was sweet and surprisingly real, especially from a franchise where everyone seems to brag about how they're parents have been together for 800 years or something.

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4 minutes ago, JenE4 said:

That was some pretty dramatic, sorrowful music for a divorce reveal. But, fear not, the music turns uplifting once Colton gives his approval, as his own parents are divorced.

Yeay! For Divorce! Good to know Colton's all for it. Not that it's a red flag or anything.

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Hannah (the crazy one) superficially is very cute.  If you ignore her personality.  But the way she's acting and always smiling, and Kaelynn's comments about her make me wary.

It reminds me of that bit in "Seinfeld".  Kramer says that this woman Toby is always positive, and Elaine replies "Of course she is.  She's deranged."

19 minutes ago, saber5055 said:

Demi riding piggyback = Colton's babysitting his little sister.

Actually I'm pretty sure Cassie is his sister

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2 minutes ago, JenE4 said:

Now we know why they sprung for a big trip to Singapore. Where can we go to have a Fear Factor type of date where we can convince the girls it’s cultural?

No kidding. If some dude wanted to stick leeches on me and make me eat an eyeball to prove I'm "adventurous" and therefore might qualify to be his wife ... dude, I ain't interested in being your wife.

Watching Colton in Singapore makes me feel like I'm watching a bunch of high schoolers on an after-prom date. I think I'm way too old for this season. Meaning, I'm over 18.

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I don't get what the whole Demi versus Courtney thing.  Demi's right, not that I like her, really.  Courtney really thinks she can play hard to get in this situation.

Demi's really assertive.  I give her props.  Assertive with Colton but also with Courtney.

Wow, all the other women had to encourage and push Courtney to even talk to him.  Jesus.

Courtney has amazing legs though!

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I just don’t know how anyone can kiss someone after they have been kissing someone else just a moment ago. It just seems gross. I know this comes up every season but sometimes it is still hard to comprehend. 

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I have no time for contestants who expect the Bachelor to go chasing after them. Why would he? He's got a dozen or so options that seem way more interested in getting into his pants...um, getting to know him. 

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Demi: "Courtney puts the ass in class."

Like you saying that plus flipping the bird doesn't make YOU an ass? More like a class-less ass.

Demi = rose. Colton is so easily manipulated. Ya'll need a mom in the fed pen if you want a rose I guess.

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24 minutes ago, jette said:

OMG  Cassie looks like Colton and was his sister in a previous life which Colton totally believes...and he kisses her anyway. Ewwww!

He said he was kidding and that he actually doesn't believe in it.

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So the producers tell Courtney that Colton is waiting “up here” for her, but they set it up so she’d confront Demi. What did they make Colton shimmy down the gutter or something so he wouldn’t run into Courtney in the stairwell? Yes, it was stupid of Courtney to sit there stewing all night, but the producers really set it up for her to have no chance at the end, wasting her time with Demi. I really need a “Love After Lockup” crossover special where we see Demi’s mom get released from prison.

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