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S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

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Lisa's struggle with her weight began as a child and significantly worsened after  witnessing her brother's murder.  Now bedridden and unable to care for herself, Lisa must find a way to lose the weight or she will never see her grandchildren grow up. 

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  This thread will be open during the US East Coast showing and again during the US West Coast showing. 

And yes, that says that Lisa witnessed her brother's murder. Her. Brother's. Murder.  Who's brain is trying to explode right now thinking about that?   

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A reminder from the master Mod note for this forum: 



Let's avoid discussing how money is being snatched from the public's wallet for the participants unless it’s specifically revealed on the show. Anything else is pure speculation not to mention also a slippery slope toward talking politics.  

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1 minute ago, hoosiermom said:

I really don't care for the stories where the obese person holds their child hostage and never lose weight to change things. I hope this one is different. Hi everyone!

And in this case, the grandkids are also hostages.

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