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FOOD NETWORK RATINGS BY DAYPART---APRIL 21-27, 2014 Credit: SonOfTheBronx (TV ratings blogger/TVMediaInsights contributor)


1. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sat 10AM---0.9 rating/1.279 million viewers
2. FARMHOUSE RULES (NEW)   Sat 10:30AM---0.8/1.188
3. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sat 9:30AM---0.8/1.108
4. THE KITCHEN (NEW)   Sat 11AM---0.8/1.096
5. GUY’S BIG BITE (NEW) Sun 11:30AM---0.7/947,000
6. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Rerun) Sat 9AM---0.7/796,000
7. SANDWICH KING (Rerun)   Sun 11AM---0.5/767,000
8. GIADA AT HOME (Rerun)   Sun 10:30AM---0.5/748,000
9. SOUTHERN AT HEART (NEW)   Sun 10AM---0.5/714,000
10. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Rerun)   Sun 9:30AM---0.5/686,000
11. BEST THING I EVER ATE (Rerun)   Sat 8:30AM---0.6/681,000
12. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sun 9AM---0.5/651,000
13. BEST THING I EVER MADE (Rerun)   Sat 8AM---0.4/427,000
14. RACHAEL RAY’S WEEK IN A DAY (NEW)   Sun 8AM---0.3/366,000
15. GUY’S BIG BITE (Rerun)   Sat 7:30AM---0.3/313,000


1. UNWRAPPED   Mon 11:30AM---0.2/303,000
2. DOWN HOME W/THE NEELY’S   Tue 10AM---0.1/206,000
3. GOOD EATS   Mon 11AM---0.1/196,000
4. CUPCAKE WARS   Tue-Fri 11AM---0.2/194,000
5. HUNGRY GIRL   Wed 10:30AM---0.2/193,000
6. FIVE INGREDIENT FIX   Wed 10AM---0.1/176,000
7. COOKING FOR REAL   Tue 10AM---0.1/160,000
8. GRILL IT W/BOBBY FLAY   Tue 9:30AM---0.1/132,000
9. THE KITCHEN   Fri 10AM---0.1/126,000
10. THROWDOWN W/BOBBY FLAY   Wed 9:30AM---0.1/126,000


1. PIONEER WOMAN   Mon-Thu 5PM---0.5 rating/687,000 viewers
2. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Thu 4:30PM---0.5/608,000
3. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN   Tue/Thu 5:30PM---0.5/594,000
4. SOUTHERN AT HEART   Wed 5:30PM---0.4/573,000
5. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Thu 4PM---0.4/528,000
6. FARMHOUSE RULES   Mon 5:30PM---0.4/517,000
7. PIONEER WOMAN   Mon-Thu 12PM---0.3/375,000
8. GIADA AT HOME   Mon-Thu 3:30PM---0.3/364,000
9. SANDRA’S MONEY SAVING MEALS   Mon/Tue 1PM---0.3/341,000
10. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Fri 12:30PM---0.2/337,000
11. SECRETS OF A RESTAURANT CHEF   Mon-Thu 2PM---0.3/323,000
12. TEN DOLLAR DINNERS   Mon-Thu 1:30PM---0.2/314,000
13. SEMI-HOMEMADE W/SANDRA LEE   Wed/Thu 1PM---0.2/305,000
14. 30 MINUTE MEALS   Mon-Thu 2:30PM---0.2/305,000
15. KELSEY’S ESSENTIALS   Mon-Thu 3PM---0.2/284,000


FRIDAY MARATHON: UNWRAPPED (2-6PM)---0.1 rating/205,000 viewers


1. DDD   Sat 3:30PM   0.7 rating/1.020 million viewers
2. CHOPPED   Sun 7PM---0.6/899,000
3. DDD   Sun 5:30PM---0.6/894,000
4. DDD   Sat 3PM---0.6/866,000
5. MYSTERY DINERS   Sun 4PM---0.6/846,000


1. CHOPPED   Thu 7PM---0.5 rating/738,000 viewers
2. CHOPPED   Tue 7PM---0.5/689,000
3. DDD   Wed 6:30PM---0.5/686,000
4. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE   Wed 7PM---0.4/656,000
5. CHOPPED   Tue 6PM---0.4/608,000


1. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE (NEW)   Wed 10PM---0.8 rating/1.240 million viewers
2. CUTTHROAT KITCHEN (NEW)   Sun 10PM---0.8/1.214
3. AMERICA’S BEST COOK (NEW)   Sun 9PM---0.8/1.201
4. CHOPPED (NEW)   Tue 10PM---0.8/1.176
5. MYSTERY DINERS (NEW)   Mon 10PM---0.6/979,000
6. CHOPPED (Rerun)   Tue 9PM---0.6/951,000
7. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE (Rerun)   Wed 9PM---0.5/824,000
8. AMERICA’S BEST COOK (Rerun)   Thu 8PM---0.6/793,000
9. MYSTERY DINERS (Rerun)   Mon 10:30PM---0.5/779,000
10. SAVE MY BAKERY (NEW)   Wed 8PM---0.5/775,000


PRIMETIME PREMIERE: REWRAPPED   Mon 8PM---0.5 rating/707,000 viewers (average of 2 new episodes)

--KITCHEN CASINO WEEK 3   Mon 9PM---0.4/542,000 (-36% viewers from premiere; show was cancelled, moved to Sun 11P. Cutthroat reruns will air Mon@9PM)
--Friday DDD’s, always w/big ratings, didn’t appear until #66 (664,000 viewers), with the 10PM new episode at #100 w/498,000 viewers

SATURDAY MARATHON: CUTTHROAT KITCHEN (8-11PM)---0.5 rating/801,000 viewers


1. CHOPPED   Tue 11PM---0.6 rating/931,000 viewers
2. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE   Sat 11PM---0.5/806,000
3. KITCHEN CASINO   Sun 11PM---0.5/684,000 (-44% in viewers from its new episode Cutthroat lead-in)
4. CHOPPED   Tue 12AM---0.5/681,000
5. DDD   Wed-Fri 11:30PM---0.4/678,000

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FOOD NETWORK DAYPART RATINGS---APR 28-MAY 4, 2014---Credit: SonOfTheBronx (TV ratings blogger/TVMediaInsights contributor)


1. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sat 10AM---0.8 rating/1.069 million viewers
2. THE KITCHEN (NEW)   Sat 11AM---0.7/931,000
3. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sat 9:30AM---0.7/921,000
4. FARMHOUSE RULES (NEW)   Sat 10:30AM---0.6/855,000
5. GUY’S BIG BITE (NEW) Sun 11:30AM---0.5/706,000
6. SANDWICH KING (Rerun)   Sun 11AM---0.5/692,000
7. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sun 9AM---0.5/687,000
8. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Rerun)   Sun 9:30AM---0.5/611,000
9. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Rerun)   Sat 9AM---0.5/594,000
10. GIADA AT HOME (NEW)   Sun 10:30AM---0.4/563,000
11. SOUTHERN AT HEART (NEW)   Sun 10AM---0.4/558,000
12. BEST THING I EVER ATE (Rerun)   Sat 8:30AM---0.3/412,000
13. GUY’S BIG BITE (Rerun)   Sat 7:30AM---0.3/400,000
14. RACHAEL RAY’S WEEK IN A DAY (NEW)   Sun 8AM---0.3/397,000
15. BEST THING I EVER MADE (Rerun)   Sat 8AM---0.3/393,000


1. CUPCAKE WARS   Tue-Fri 11AM---0.2/245,000
2. DOWN HOME W/THE NEELY’S   Tue 10:30AM---0.2/236,000
3. UNWRAPPED   Mon 11:30AM---0.2/221,000
4. GOOD EATS   Mon 11AM---0.2/205,000
5. COOKING FOR REAL   Tue 10AM---0.1/167,000


1. FARMHOUSE RULES   Mon 5:30PM---0.5 rating/652,000 viewers
2. PIONEER WOMAN   Mon-Thu 5PM---0.4/568,000
3. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Thu 4:30PM---0.5/556,000
4. SOUTHERN AT HEART   Wed 5:30PM---0.4/514,000
5. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN   Tue/Thu 5:30PM---0.3/442,000
6. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Thu 4PM---0.3/438,000
7. PIONEER WOMAN   Mon-Thu 12PM---0.3/375,000
8. GIADA AT HOME   Mon-Thu 3:30PM---0.3/357,000
9. 30 MINUTE MEALS   Mon-Wed 2:30PM---0.3/351,000
10. KELSEY’S ESSENTIALS   Mon-Thu 3PM---0.3/346,000
11. SECRETS OF A RESTAURANT CHEF   Mon-Thu 2PM---0.3/327,000
12. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Fri 12:30PM---0.3/319,000
13. TEN DOLLAR DINNERS   Mon-Thu 1:30PM---0.2/277,000
14. SANDRA’S MONEY SAVING MEALS   Mon/Tue 1PM---0.2/262,000
15. SEMI-HOMEMADE W/SANDRA LEE   Wed/Thu 1PM---0.2/254,000


FRIDAY MARATHON: CUTTHROAT KITCHEN (2-6PM)---0.3 rating/395,000 viewers


1. CHOPPED   Sun 7PM---0.6 rating/862,000 viewers
2. DDD   Sat 3PM---0.6/805,000
3. MYSTERY DINERS   Sun 4PM---0.6/796,000
4. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE   Sat 2PM---0.6/784,000
5. DDD   Sat 3:30PM---0.6/771,000
6. DDD   Sat 7PM---0.6/765,000
7. MYSTERY DINERS   Sun 4:30PM---0.5/706,000
8. THE KITCHEN   Sun 12PM---0.5/703,000
9. BOSS UNDER FIRE (PILOT)   Sun 5PM---0.5/692,000
10. CUTTHROAT KITCHEN   Sun 6PM---0.4/691,000


1. DDD   Mon 6:30PM---0.5 rating/762,000 viewers
2. DDD   Fri 7:30PM---0.5/735,000
3. DDD   Fri 6:30PM---0.5/733,000
4. CHOPPED   Tue 7PM---0.5/712,000
5. DDD   Fri 7PM---0.5/702,000


1. AMERICA’S BEST COOK (NEW)   Sun 9PM---0.9 rating/1.366 million viewers
2. CHOPPED (NEW)   Tue 10PM---0.9/1.356
3. CUTTHROAT KITCHEN (NEW)   Sun 10PM---0.8/1.216
4. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE (NEW)   Wed 10PM---0.7/1.074
5. DDD (NEW)   Fri 10PM---0.7/1.032
6. CHOPPED (Rerun)   Tue 9PM---0.7/1.013
7. MYSTERY DINERS (NEW)   Mon 10PM---0.6/908,000
8. FOOD COURT WARS (NEW)   Sun 8PM---0.6/899,000
9. DDD (Rerun)   Fri 8PM---0.6/874,000
10. DDD (Rerun)   Fri 8:30PM---0.6/864,000


-- REWRAPPED (Week 2) Mon 8PM---0.5 rating/713,000 viewers (average of 2 episodes)
--KITCHEN CASINO (Week 5, last Mon. episode) Mon 9PM---0.4/627,000 (down 19% viewers from Rewrapped lead-in)
SATURDAY MARATHON: CHOPPED (8-11PM)---0.6 rating/890,000 viewers


1. CHOPPED   Tue 11PM---0.6 rating/947,000 viewers
2. DDD   Fri 12AM---0.7/940,000
3. DDD   Mon, Thu/Fri 11:30PM---0.5/808,000
4. DDD   Mon, Thu/Fri 11PM---0.5/778,000
5. DDD   Fri 12:30AM---0.5/772,000


LATE NIGHT PILOT: BOSS UNDER FIRE   Wed 11PM---0.5 rating/623,000 viewers (-42% viewers, -29% rating from Restaurant Impossible lead-in)

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I love that show! Nadia and her sidekicks are a breath of fresh air.


I've tried some of the recipes. The Shepard's Pie, a couple of the salads, and the "liquid gold" chicken stock have been excellent. There were a few others - desserts and pasta, I think - but these are ones I really liked. She makes light of her cooking methods but they're actually pretty solid and she demonstrates and explains everything thoroughly. The recipes are on the website so if anything calls to you, you can try it.


Good food - fun to watch.

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I like that Nadia has a different show, it isn't my style but I appreciate the variety for all demographics.

My favorite show on Cooking Channel is My Grandmothers Ravioli.

Does FN ever notice that Jeff Mauro & many others out perform Giada?

I am bias, I can't tolerate her AT. ALL after Thanksgiving Live.

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I just saw that Cooking Channel is re-running the Brian Boitano in Italy special today at 8pm ET.


I know there are lots of people on the boards that are big Boitano fans. I'm looking forward to seeing it because I missed it when it originally aired.

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Does FN ever notice that Jeff Mauro & many others out perform Giada?


Scripps (owner of Food Network and HGTV) notices.  But more importantly, they notice how much advertising revenue each show brings in for them.

And feel free to tune me out now, as I'm about to talk boring TV business stuff for a few minutes.


Scripps is an unusual major media company in that they get a far greater percentage of their total revenue from advertising than the others.  For example, in their most recent filings with the SEC, Scripps says that they generated 69% of their revenue from advertising and 30% from affiliate fees (aka: how much of our cable bill gets sent on to them each month.) I'll assume the other 1% comes from Food Network junk sold at Target.  All of the other big companies are closer to the numbers reported by Viacom (Nick, MTV, VH1) which has the advertising revenue closer to 50%, affiliate fees 45% and a more substantial amount from other licensing deals like DVD sales and probably selling shows to NetFlix and so on.


I read just yesterday this bit about Scripps in CableFax Daily:

Scripps Networks Interactive saw 2Q net income rise 19% to $128mln, while rev increased 8% to $6.44mln. Bernstein Research noted that Scripps is more dependent on advertising as a percentage of rev than any other US large cap media company, which seems bad given that media investors are “clearly spooked” about advertising. On the other hand, Scripps advertising behaves differently than the rest of the sector and has proven “very resistant to ratings ups/downs, and less cyclical than total advertising spend,” the analysts said. Execs on Thurs’ call talked about advertisers’ reaction to Scripps’ upfront and NewFront, suggesting it doesn’t have to be an either/or for buyers. CEO Ken Lowe said there’s recognition that Scripps is delivering on a multiplatform basis. “There will be some migration... to newfront, but I think that will be over time. We’re already there, to a large degree, with a lot of the relationships we have with our clients on multiplatform,” Lowe said.


In other words, advertisers have been willing to overlook mediocre ratings because Scripps programming reaches very specific demographics which they believe makes their advertising more effective.


So it's not so simple with the Food Network to assume that better ratings for the Sandwich Guy means more revenue. It's probably the most important thing, but it is possible that the people watching Giada might be different kind of people than the ones watching Sandwich King, and that one group is more desirable than the other. Or it could be that the difference between 0.5 and 0.4 doesn't mean much to the revenue stream.

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Great post, JTMac. I worked in advertising for a while, so I love this kind of info.


It could also be that Food Network is engaged in a segmentation strategy, which ties into my former area - marketing research. If they know that women from the South watch one show, single men in big cities watch another, etc., etc., they are probably directing advertising that targets those demographics.


Here's a perfect illustration of that: On Chopped, you get a fair number of contestants who say things like "I was an engineer and changed careers" or "I was an attorney but always wanted to be a chef." Now (and this really is related, just bear with me), I do a fair amount of work for NASA and follow the NASA-related media. After the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars in 2012, one of the NASA engineers became a sort of mini-celebrity: Bobak Ferdowsi, aka "Mohawk Guy." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobak_Ferdowsi


So last year, I was watching Chopped, and who is on doing a commercial on engineering education? You guessed it, Mohawk Guy. I thought it was clear that there was some kind of demographic info indicating that this was the right show for that kind of ad. I've never seen it on any other show, but I saw it on Chopped several times. It speaks to the segmentation of the audience and the degree to which that audience can be targeted.


Here's the commercial, btw.


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Do they do micro demographics for lack of a better term? Not just the standard 18-34 /25-54?


Oh, yeah. Advertising is increasingly strategic and targeted. Even back in the Mad Men era, advertisers would have the consumers divided up into different categories and plan their media buys accordingly.

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I used to be a salesperson for a regional FOX (not news) affiliate, it was REALLY early in their existence! I didn't deal with any national spots, just local. I love reading about ratings and what us going on.

Switching gears... I just turned on Wife Swap with the Neeleys. Gina has lost so much weight, she looks like a different person.

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FOOD NETWORK DAYPART RATINGS---May 5-11, 2014 Credit: SonOfTheBronx (TV ratings blogger/TVMediaInsights contributor)
1. PIONEER WOMAN (NEW)   Sat 10AM---1.0 rating/1.313 million viewers
2. FARMHOUSE RULES (NEW)   Sat 10:30AM---0.8/1.061
3. THE KITCHEN (NEW)   Sat 11AM---0.7/1.031
4. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sat 9:30AM---0.6/857,000
5. GUY’S BIG BITE (NEW)   Sun 11:30AM---0.5/826,000
6. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Rerun)   Sat 9AM---0.5/753,000
7. SANDWICH KING (Rerun)   Sun 11AM---0.5/706,000
8. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Rerun)   Sun 9:30AM---0.4/563,000
9. BEST THING I EVER ATE (Rerun)   Sat 8:30AM---0.4/553,000
10. GIADA AT HOME (NEW)   Sun 10:30AM---0.4/552,000
11. PIONEER WOMAN (Rerun)   Sun 9AM---0.4/549,000
12. SOUTHERN AT HEART (NEW)   Sun 10AM---0.4/525,000
13. BEST THING I EVER MADE (Rerun)   Sat 8AM---0.3/385,000
14. RACHAEL RAY’S WEEK IN A DAY (Rerun)   Sun 8AM---0.3/359,000
15. GUY’S BIG BITE (Rerun)   Sat 7:30AM---0.2/319,000


1. CUPCAKE WARS   Tue-Fri 11AM---0.2/210,000
2. GOOD EATS   Mon 11AM---0.1/179,000
3. UNWRAPPED   Mon 11:30AM---0.1/173,000
4. AARTI PARTY   Mon 10:30AM---0.1/160,000
5. DOWN HOME W/THE NEELY’S   Tue 10:30AM---0.1/167,000


1. FARMHOUSE RULES   Mon 5:30PM---0.4 rating/590,000 viewers
2. PIONEER WOMAN   Mon-Thu 5PM---0.4/562,000
3. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Thu 4:30PM---0.4/488,000
4. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN   Tue/Thu 5:30PM---0.3/402,000
5. SOUTHERN AT HEART   Wed 5:30PM---0.3/394,000
6. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Thu 4PM---0.3/392,000
7. SEMI-HOMEMADE W/SANDRA LEE   Wed/Thu 1PM---0.3/329,000
8. PIONEER WOMAN   Mon-Thu 12PM---0.2/316,000
9. GIADA AT HOME   Mon-Thu 3:30PM---0.2/297,000
10. BAREFOOT CONTESSA   Mon-Fri 12:30PM---0.2/276,000
11. SECRETS OF A RESTAURANT CHEF   Mon-Thu 2PM---0.2/273,000
12. TEN DOLLAR DINNERS   Mon-Thu 1:30PM---0.2/270,000
13. SANDRA’S MONEY SAVING MEALS   Mon/Tue 1PM---0.2/256,000
14. 30 MINUTE MEALS   Mon-Wed 2:30PM---0.2/255,000
15. RACHAEL RAY’S 3 IN THE BAG   Thu 2:30PM---0.2/240,000


FRIDAY MARATHON: CHOPPED CHAMPIONS 2013 (1-6PM)---0.3 rating/394,000 viewers


1. CHOPPED   Sun 7PM   0.6 rating/926,000 viewers
2. DDD   Sun 5:30PM---0.5/835,000
3. DDD   Sat 7PM---0.6/813,000
4. TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN   Sun 1PM---0.5/742,000
5. PIONEER WOMAN   Sun 1:30PM---0.5/731,000
6. DDD   Sat 3:30PM---0.5/687,000
7. CHOPPED   Sat 6PM---0.5/676,000
8. CUTTHROAT KITCHEN   Sun 6PM---0.4/654,000
9. THE KITCHEN   Sun 12PM---0.4/646,000
10. DDD   Sun 5PM---0.4/624,000


1. DDD   Wed 6:30PM---0.4 rating/665,000 viewers
2. DDD   Fri 7:30PM---0.5/654,000
3. RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE   Wed 7PM---0.4/650,000
4. GUY’S GROCERY GAMES   Mon 7PM---0.4/623,000
5. DDD   Wed 6PM---0.4/610,000


1. CHOPPED (NEW)   Tue 10PM---0.8 rating/1.163 million viewers
3. AMERICA’S BEST COOK (NEW)   Sun 9PM---0.8/1.135
4. DDD (Rerun)   Fri 10:30PM---0.7/1.078
5. CUTTHROAT KITCHEN (NEW)   Sun 10PM---0.7/1.077
6. DDD (NEW)   Fri 10PM---0.7/1.051
7. DDD (Rerun)   Fri 9PM---0.6/990,000
8. DDD (Rerun)   Fri 9:30PM---0.6/882,000
9. MYSTERY DINERS (NEW)   Mon 10PM---0.5/879,000


SATURDAY MARATHON: GUY’S GROCERY GAMES (8-11PM)---0.5 rating/919,000 viewers


1. CHOPPED   Tue 11PM---0.7 rating/1.107 million viewers
2. DDD   Fri 12:30AM---0.5/801,000
3. DDD   Fri 1AM---0.5/737,000
5. DDD   Wed-Fri 11:30M---0.5/730,000
5. KITCHEN CASINO (NEW)   Sun 11PM---0.5/713,000 (-34% viewers from Cutthroat lead-in)

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Heard those idiots at FN did not renew Jamie Deen's show, but Bobby will continue to be on Cooking Channel.  I think it is a shame.  Jamie's show was very good.  I am sure he will be a part of Paula's new network though.

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Thanks for the info.  According to the local PBS schedule, I missed the first 2 weeks & the next 2 weeks will be devoted to pledge drives -- but it's something to look forward to thereafter.  Food Network never should have let her get away, but that's par for the course with them. 

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Well, dang, I missed an Alie and Georgia show. Love those 2 together. Thanks for the heads up - I'll keep an eye out for a rerun.

Have you seen their episode of Drunk History? 


"Lakota Indrians" Heh.

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I have enjoyed the couple of episodes of Barbecue Addiction (or whatever the new Bobby Flay show is) I have caught but I am a little tired of every recipe magically including Greek yogurt. Hmmm gosh wonder why Bobby never used Greek yogurt all the time before???

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Barbecue Addiction: Back to Basics. I caught part of a show Monday morning where he was making fish tacos using grilled Mahi Mahi. I looked at the recipe today, and bought some Mahi Mahi and mango salsa at Whole Foods today. I like fish tacos, and was glad to see a recipe where the fish is not fried. Not making his toppings, just the fish part.

I like his Brunch show on Cooking Channel. I was glad to see he's getting another season.

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We made the grilled Mahi Mahi fish tacos last night - just the fish, not the other toppings he did. Good grief, there must be 30 ingredients in that recipe if you make the slaw and the yogurt toppings. Just not necessary. The spice rub on the fish was outstanding - I was dubious of the brown sugar and cinnamon, but mixed with the chile powder, cumin, salt, and pepper, it was really good. The mango salsa was perfect. This recipe is going into the regular rotation.

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In case anybody is interested in the business side of the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, this is from CableFAX Daily:


Scripps 2Q: The consolidation trend in the pay-TV industry doesn’t bother Scripps, and don’t count on it to join the M&A party any time soon. “The fact that all of this consolidation we get caught up in… Just putting everything together, and therefore size and scale are going to become more important—it’s never been true in any industry,” Ken Lowe, chmn/CEO/president said during the company’s 2Q earnings call Thurs. “Quality, quality brands, consumer engagement and really, bringing the cash register for the advertisers is what’s going to win ultimately.” Scripps is all about individual nets’ appeal to viewers, although its brands also work well together, he said. “It makes it easier for ad sales, the team, to sell a targeted approach.” He said that approach will probably last a long time.  “I’m not suggesting it’s everyone’s, but it’s worthwhile for us, and I don’t see that in any way lessening over the coming months and years,” Lowe said. During the quarter, Scripps posted $153.8mln in earnings, down from $159.7mln a year ago, partly because of higher spending. Revenue increased 6.5% YOY to $708mln as advertising revenue rose 7.6% and affiliate fee revenue grew 4.5%.


As an additional fact that may or may not ad color to this, Scripps is an unusual cable network company, in that they get about 2/3 of their total revenue from advertising and about 1/3 from subscription fees. Pretty much all of the other companies are closer to 50/50. 

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Here's some happy news, via Twitter yesterday:

Lorraine Pascale ‏@lorrainepascale  23h  


For people asking, there will be a new cooking show 'How to be a better cook' (and book) starting in September on the Beeb :-) xx


Hope the Cooking Channel picks it up sometime soon.  However, I'm still waiting for them to show her 2012 series "Fast, Fresh & Easy Food", so not holding my breath.

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I guess I haven't been paying attention to the schedule or TCC has not been promoting these shows but today I just noticed two new and interesting shows.

I missed the Rachel Khoo, expecting there will be reruns.

I caught Luke Nguyen's France show, the Nice episode, and really enjoyed that.

Really good to see new shows on this channel.




Edited to add: It looks like Rachel Khoo won't be starting until next weekend (Sept. 13th) and Lorraine Pascal will be right in between Rachel and Luke. 11:00 am - 12:30:pm Eastern. Earlier for us west coasters, but a good block of Saturday morning programming that I am looking forward to.

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Cooking Channel will show Lorraine Pascale's 2012 program "Lorraine's Fast, Fresh And Easy Food" starting tomorrow (Sat, Sept 13) at 11:30am (EDT), with reuns on Thurs at 9:30am (EDT).  The website lists 5 episodes, with the 3 shown in Oct scheduled for 10:30am (EDT).  I've enjoyed her previous shows & am glad to see this one is finally available.

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I saw them on The View a few months ago. I didn't recognize Gina - she had lost a lot of weight. Now I'm wondering who she lost it for!


I was watching a rerun at the gym recently, and when they were cooking together, he called her "Hon" at least 20 times in less than 4 minutes. Then he went outside to grill salmon, saying it was a hardy fish, easy to grill, and then when he took it off the grill, he said you had to be careful because it was delicate. WTF? Make up you mind - hardy or delicate.

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Was home sick this week and discovered PBS-Create, high in my Comcast bandwidth -- recent shows like Sara Moulton, Lidia's Kitchen, A Chef's Life (which I had never seen -- coconut cornbread?!  can hardly wait!) -- no commercials, real recipes I want to try -- wonderful channel.  Maybe I am last to find this.  Friday had some home shows, but then went back to the cooking shows.  I had never heard of some of the people or shows, but they were all worth watching.  What a great thing to have running all day!  www.createtv.com


ETA:  When I just went to the channel website and entered my ZIP and local PBS station, it told me that Create is not available in my area -- but it surely is, just up in the 200s on my channels on Comcast! 

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Oh how I miss Create. One of the three PBS stations in my area used to carry it, but switched to all UK shows, I was so pissed, I complained to them - got some bull shit reply that essentially said in thinly veiled language it had been gotten too expensive. I was a generous member for many years, and let them know they would no longer get any money from me. I returned every request for funds that didn't require postage telling them - no money from me until they brought back Create. They finally took me off their mailing list.

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I miss Create too.  I'm in the Northern Virginia area and got the same spiel about UK programming, blah blah.  I don't give them money either now.  It's really too bad, I had the TV parked on Create most of the time.

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We have a daughter who lives in St. Petersburg, FL and another who lives in New Orleans. Both of their PBS cable stations carry Create. If smaller markets like that can afford Create, I don't understand why the area around DC can't.

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Anybody watching "Hungry Games" on FN with Richard Blais? Such a thoughtful and interesting show. Now that FN is all about competition shows, I don't have hopes it will last. Seems too high brow for the cave man mentality they seem to be going for these days.

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I also liked it. The recipes didn't really "wow" me, but I really liked Daphne. I'll definitely tune in again next Sunday.


Yes, chessiegal, I definitely agree that Daphne is hands-down better than Pioneer Woman! I guess it's a bit unfair to compare people who already have performing experience (e.g. Trisha Yearwood and Daphne) to newbies, but to BE fair, after how-many-years has Ree had to get it together on-camera and still comes up a dismal failure.

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I spent the afternoon comfortably plopped on the sofa next to our roaring pellet stove watching cooking shows on one of my PBS stations. I enjoy ATK's shows, Joann Weir's Cooking School, Lidia's Table, and both of the Martha Stewart shows. What a joy to see some real talent.

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Did Daphne really make 4 servings of mashed potatoes with 2 pounds of potatoes, a cup and a half of heavy cream, and 3 sticks of butter? I can't even comprehend that as a recipe. I had to go to check I really understood that's what she put in the recipe and while I did see there was a small serving dish on the show, I figured there had to be more in the pan or something. How wasn't the fat just oozing back out of the bowl? 

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She split the potatoes into two batches. One was plain for the kids and the other had horseradish in it for the adults. But yeah, that still looked like an awful lot of liquid for that amount of potatoes. The texture looked pretty thin.

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I had high hopes for Daphne's latest episode, but I ended up sitting stunned at the amount of butter and cream she put in those potatoes. Not only was she in Paula Deen territory, she may have out bested her. I've been eating healthy for over a year now, and I just don't think I'd enjoy something that rich. I kept sitting here thinking of ways to lighten it up and still give it lots of flavor. I don't think it's healthy to equate fat with comfort. Hopefully this was a one time thing with the "comfort food" theme. She has a great TV presence and knows her way around the kitchen. If she doesn't do healthier stuff, I may keep watching for entertainment, but constantly having to think of ways to lighten something up and still keep it tasty may be too much effort at some point.

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