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  1. You are not in the minority. I like him too. The only reason I'd watch the next season. But don't you know it, they just had a promo about 2 days ago and Hannah popped out of a limo. Ug. Can't we be rid of her?
  2. Geez, is there no slop this year? I would take away all the watermelon and make that moron eat slop the whole season.
  3. I bet she feels foolish for tearing herself up about picking between them.
  4. Ripping my eyes out and stuffing them into my ears. Ug.
  5. Exactly. I think she's cute, and there are plenty of guys around who like chubby ladies, I've found...being chubby myself. Azan just doesn't want to marry her, but doesn't want to cut off the money flowing to him.
  6. I was telling my husband the same thing. I only like a couple of people and likely they will be gone soon and nothing but the jerks will be left.
  7. Someone should fix Hannah a plate of liver, snails, and balut and tell her to woman up. So uncalled for. Peter is so stinking sweet. My kind of guy.
  8. Having been on the receiving end of gaslighting and abuse from a former husband, I can say that Luke really exhibits all those qualities. It's almost like a flashback when I watch this show. Only Luke is moderately better looking than my ex. When she picked Luke, my now husband looked at me with his jaw dropped. I blame it on Hannah's inexperience, her age, and production. When Luke starts demanding that she drop all her family and friends, I hope that she has the strength to tell him to pack his bags.
  9. My deaf husband asked me if his singing was any good. I told him that he plays guitar and piano well and can write a cute song, but his singing isn't that good.
  10. She spent a good part of an episode berating Luke to talk to her about his likes, such as Mac and Cheese vs. Spaghetti and Meatballs, and then this episode she yelled at the guys for talking about useless things. What the heck, Hannah? Also, I really hate Luke. But you know he's going to go off and meet the parents.
  11. Quite frankly, all the guys should walk out and leave Hannah with nothing but Luke left. She'd have no choice but him. If she's sick of drama now, wait till he sinks his meat hooks into her.
  12. LOL I say the same thing! Any time someone says MAR-scar-pown I automatically want them to lose. It's not THAT hard to say, sheesh.
  13. I wonder, have there ever been mental challenge dates at all? Or are all the bachelorette dates about men beating the crap out of each other or having to endure pain for the woman? For example, chess match. The smartest one wins. Group Date D&D. You have to work as a group and slay that dragon. Your ingenuity is awarded. Roll Initiative! Group Date Escape Room. Figure it out! Gorgeous guys actually do this stuff too.
  14. I'm glad I'm not alone in finding Garrett appealing. :)
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