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  1. smiley13

    Charlie's Angels

    This is my first time seeing Season 4 in a long time. I like Shelley Hack and thought she was just fine as Tiffany. I do still prefer Kris over all of them with Kelly second.
  2. smiley13

    My Three Sons

    It was kind of a different show at the start, with the slap stick stuff and the music to go with it. And at least two of the shows that aired last week had similar formats with the comparisons of what Steve was doing and what the family was doing.
  3. smiley13

    S01.E13: Slumber Party

    It was well established early on that Kelly had liked Dylan for a long time. Bring them together later made prefect sense.
  4. smiley13

    My Three Sons

    Given the limits to the way MacMurray filmed, I thought the one that aired today with the Lady Engineer was odd. It featured Steve almost completely.
  5. smiley13

    My Three Sons

    Watching the episode yesterday, it came across kind of sad to me when the neighbor kept thinking Bub was drunk. This was because of Frawley's issues. It just seems odd that the story was written like it was when his alcohol battles were well known.
  6. smiley13

    S14.09 The Newest Star

    Well that ending stank! A tie between those two? And they sent Manny home in 3rd place?? The comment by Anne Burrell about all of those teeth was a highlight of an otherwise lackluster finale.
  7. smiley13

    Star Salvation & Episode Previews Talk

    I never saw any real issues with Harrison. He was only sent to SS for daring to question Gee-Ah-Da. I thought he should have been the one to come back.
  8. smiley13

    S14.08 Who Gets a Pilot?

    If we could still vote, mine would be for Manny. Jess runs me the wrong way. And I am not sure why Gee-Ah-Da grins maniacally when Christian says How Ya Doin.
  9. smiley13

    Star Salvation & Episode Previews Talk

    I have not watched all of the SS episodes, so I am watching the SS recap hour that is on now. There was one guy I had forgotten about.
  10. smiley13

    S14.E06 Shark Night Dinner

    Bob and Susie made the show better. It even helped when Alton was there, but with just the current two, it has become a farce.
  11. smiley13

    S14.07 Can You Host an Icon?

    I know it is off topic, but we pay a fee to an area fire station. If we call 911, they would route that particular station to us. If you are in the area and that station was called, you would have to pay a call fee if you are not a subscriber. But back to Manny. He is the most interesting person of the ones left. I would watch him in whatever capacity.
  12. smiley13

    S14.07 Can You Host an Icon?

    What tax dollars? Where I live I pay a fee for fire services.
  13. smiley13

    My Three Sons

    IMO, there should never have been any Dodie centric episodes. Dawn just was not a strong enough child actress. And yes, the whole Alfred thing was creepy.
  14. smiley13

    My Three Sons

    How gorgeous was Katie in today's episode on ME-TV. I liked that this one focused on her and all of the family trying to cheer her up. That short dress and boots that she wore on her night out with Ernie was very cute on her.
  15. smiley13

    S14.07 Can You Host an Icon?

    She's been one on this show and in her previous appearance.