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  1. I am not a big de Kooning fan but was more commenting on the flimsy quality of the piece when Bill took if off the wall. I actually, kind of liked it when it was re-homed in Wyatt's office. I would be reluctant to hang a painting worth several million dollars in a beach house. Even though the house is on a cliff, I'd be afraid that all of the exposure to moisture and sand would damage it. What do I know? I am sure that celebrity homes in Malibu are like mini art museums! I think that Liam's daftness is beginning to wear off on me. I guess I don't understand. Say that Wyatt does tell Li
  2. Oh, squee! Thanks for the info about High Society. I need some new guilty pleasure comedy and this sounds PERFECT! I went to the link on the first page (BTW, thank you OldButHappy!) It looks bad/hilarious in the same vein as "Fashion House."
  3. Florence Foster Jenkins was a better singer than LuAnn.
  4. When Bill took the "de Kooning" (/hard eyeroll -- that looked like a cheap framed print from Hobby Lobby), he mentioned something along the lines of "not being hurt twice." I didn't get who/what he was talking about. If he was referring to himself being hurt by Steffy, I don't follow. How has she even hurt him once? He's the one who put the brakes on original recipe Swill because Katie has a heart attack. I know that Liam has pissed him off royally, but I don't think Bill felt actual hurt. Extreme anger and even hatred, yes. I don't believe Bill is capable of feeling genuine hurt. Anybod
  5. Here's a new recipe that's right up Ree's alley. http://12tomatoes.com/cattle-drive-casserole/?utm_source=glp-12t&utm_medium=social-fb&utm_content=video&utm_term=&utm_campaign=cattle-drive-casserole All it really needs is jalapenos and a healthy dose (or 10) of hot sauce and good to go!
  6. I loved the rhetorical questions posed to Liam: "Who has consistently lied to you over and over, Steffy or Dad?" There should be a third choice: Both. I think that Bill has completely lost his mind. That plastic trollop isn't worth grovelling over. Yes. I agree. The issue here is Steffy's infidelity, period. That is what is so staggeringly frustrating. Just divorce the bitch and move on. At this point, Liam and Steffy should be working with a family law attorney (NOT Carter or Justin) to hammer out custody, visitation, child support, etc.) and be moving forward. Liam's befuddle
  7. I'm really not warming up to Scott Conant as a host. I guess I am one of the rare few who doesn't find him that attractive or interesting. He used to be such a dick judge on "Chopped." I think being on the other side of the judging table (and losing) more than once have taken him down a peg or two. As far as this particular show goes, at least last year, I don't remember Adam R. wandering around and asking the bakers questions about what they were doing. Scott moseys over to each table and tries to add some "helpful advice," which really isn't helpful at all, especially as he isn't a baker.
  8. I've always read and heard to put a generous amount of salt on the sliced/diced eggplant and leave it alone for about 20 minutes then rinse it thoroughly. That's supposed to draw out a lot of the bitterness. I think Ree made some "new-fangled" Middle Eastern dip, baba gnanoush? Baba O'Riley? (LOL! For us old Who fans out there!) I am sure that she added her cowboy touch to it with healthy additions of jalapenos and Tabasco. /eye roll
  9. I guess that if anybody could write the book on how marital insecurity can mess with your head, it's Katie. While I think a lot of her advice to Wyatt was very clouded by family ties, it still all boils down to ... Steffy fucked her father-in-law ... knowingly and willingly. Plain and simple. Why it warrant the ongoing regurgitation and contemplation is boring and pointless. Not only did Steffy do the deed, but she had full intentions of NEVER revealing it to Liam, she got too cocky (pun intended), was careless and got caught. I also liked that Bill told that heifer some hard truths abou
  10. No. I never had eggplant growing up and am not sure why, as my mom was a pretty adventurous cook. I am sure that my dad and brothers wouldn't touch it and I was kind of finicky eater when I was a kid. So, I don't remember at all when/where I first tried it. I like eggplant parm and ratatouille. These is this Spanish tapas place that used to have this fabulous dish that was kind of like a cheesy puffy souffle with eggplant and had aromatic grilled shrimp on top. It was so yummy! I found a similar recipe in at Mediterranean cookbook but it didn't have the shrimp. I tried to duplicate it and ad
  11. OK. Taylor did look somewhat better today when she was up and moving around at different camera angles. The new haircut also looks better than I thought but I still don't like the color. And I have to agree that she was speaking some logic to Brooke. She didn't say that Hope and Liam should break their engagement, all she said was that maybe the couple, especially Liam, need some time. Indeed, if the union is meant to be, it will stand the test of time. I was also very proud of her for managing to mainly hold her temper and not shriek or flap her arms or pull out a gun. (BTW, if that old revol
  12. I like to eat cottage cheese but have never had luck cooking with it. It's too liquidy. I don't make lasagna very often, but I always use ricotta. I am finishing off a yummy dish that i make every now and then. It's a casserole with roasted eggplant, tomato sauce, ricotta, eggs and lots and lots of Parmesan cheese. You can season it however you like. I did the called-for Italian flavor profile, but I could see this easily going Greek with oregano and lemon and feta. To make it a complete meal, I add cooked orzo. Even with lower fat ricotta, it's still a very rich dish.
  13. I thought both Taylor and Brooke looked frumpy. Brooke's blouse would have looked much better un-tucked because that would balance out those hideous black bell sleeves. I didn't get the pairing with the powder blue bell bottoms at all. It looked sloppy and made KKL look dumpy and heavier that I am sure she really is. Taylor's outfit was not only ugly, but the whole package looked sad and slovenly. What shocked me more than the clothes is how skinny HTy is. She looks like she's lost a lot of weight, when she wasn't big to begin with and it looks like she had her implants removed or downsiz
  14. Was Oscar throwing some subtle shade when he left about, "taking cooking lessons" beforehand? I more or less am resigned that LaToya will win. I hope that the finale goes back to being a blind cook-off. If not, Ian is doomed. He's a pretty polarizing character and LaToya could cook a can of dog food and nobody is going to vote against a "Jackson." I really don't care who wins. I like LaToya just fine but the Tyler-love was getting old pretty fast. I also think that she, as well as EYE-an, knew a lot more about cooking than they pretended to.
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