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  1. You say “national tv personalities,” I say “salesclerks at Express at your local mall on a random Tuesday night, desperate to make a sale.” Only on TV. ;)
  2. I am with you 100% about Wen, Beekmans, sheet-selling twins (with or without Jill), Wiggle Jiggle, Loco Lori, sleazy Gendels. Can’t remember Jai guy so I guess I can’t stand him either. Also Always-pregnant always-bragging Clark's rep, Pubic Bone, color-tapping caricature David Venable, breathless IT originator Jamie and her skin-tight dresses (I know she sold her company for a million billion dollars and is not on anymore but I couldn’t stand her when she was), braying Dennis Basso … the list goes on and on. And of course, mostly and most definitely, I cannot stand Shawn Killinger. Don’t like
  3. My cable system's summation of Renee Greenstein caught my eye ...
  4. Does Rachel not have anyone in her life who loves her enough to tell her how awful that pink eyeshadow looks? RACHEL HONEY PLEASE STOP IT! on another topic: it’s been quite a while since Antonella was a host on a shopping network and personally I think she should be relegated to a separate thread or declared off topic.
  5. WOW. Philosophy rep Dara (formerly known as Dara-Wara for her habit of talking in baby talk way back in the day of Christina Carlino) has had a ton of work done on her face and possibly got some new teeth and has lost a lot of weight and has gotten some kind of strange High Hair thing going on and is virtually unrecognizable from her former self. Good? Bad? I don’t know. It just seems really weird. If Amy Stran had not said her name I would not have guessed that’s who it was.
  6. I have not missed the on-air eating one itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit. I have liked Kim Gravel about 100% more when she's been Skyping in than when she was in the studio, shrieking at the top of her lungs. She even toned down her makeup quite a bit, or so it seemed. I will not be happy to see her back in the studio when they all come back. I would ten thousand times rather watch Susan Motormouth “Literally a Liquid” Graver from home because of her adorable dog who keeps coming into camera range and stealing the show. Just stumbled upon OAPs doing their own shows without a host
  7. Well, there you go! I stand corrected.
  8. I got woken up from a lovely nap on Saturday evening by a lot of shrieking and screaming with laughter from the TV, but I had to forgive even "Literally" Susan Graver for making all that racket when I saw this. Apparently Susan's dog Pebbles strolled out onto the "set" and positioned herself like this. It was pretty funny. They kept the camera on Pebbles even after they moved on to another item.
  9. When Alex first showed up on Food Network it was with her own show, Alex's Day Off, which was what they call a stand-and-stir show. Just Alex, cooking and talking, with weird background music I personally found slightly porn-y. The talking ... it was so ridiculous sometimes I used to copy it down word for word and post it in the old TWoP forum (from which these forums descended). I wish I had saved some of those posts because she would say the nuttiest things. Once it was something about a slip, like the idea that adding nutmeg (let's say) to your sauce was like wearing a slip -- you knew
  10. Suzanne Runyan over on HSN just made 2021's first reference to “the pumpkin patch.” Dang, girl!! I am not buying some Bermuda shorts in March so I will have them ready to wear when I (in home shopping theory) head out to pick the damn pumpkins in October!!! What is this pumpkin-picking obsession???
  11. Whoever is doing Alex's hair and makeup now that they are back in the studio is really doing her a disservice. She looks 10 years older than she is, and the makeup (and the terrible-color-for-her rust-colored sweater last week) make her look like she is having a hot flash. Outdoors Grilling Sunny —- I got nothin. Makes no sense to me. Although now that I think of it, if it keeps snowing she could present us with ideas for when we’re snowbound and the power is out.
  12. What is with the ultra closeups on Killinger tonight? It’s gross! (Although she’s got the glamour lighting.) I don’t want to look up her horrid weird deformed nostrils. I never watch her because I can’t stand her but YIKES the closeups! If she does a nose wipe or a pick I am going to see every grisly detail. <shudder>
  13. To be charitable, perhaps they got their instruction sheet that told them they had to be outrageous or they wouldn’t make the cut to get on the show? If not that then I have no explanation. I missed the beginning, too, so kept wondering where in the world they got all their money. Where do people get this money? Maybe BabyMan inherited it. I can’t see him employed in a real job with a big paycheck. And Mrs. BabyMan — yuck, what an unpleasant person she came across as. A Cat Room! Red flag of impending divorce, IMO. Did you see that look on her face at the end when he brought up
  14. Oof, that awful Barefoot Dreams sweater they have for today’s TSV! The chenille disaster with the four bands of horizontal stripes at the hip! I am not 100% positive — perhaps Burly can advise — but I believe the proper word for it is “Mumsy.”
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