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  1. Just popped over to HSN real quick, in time to see a big pile of frosted pink eyeshadow on Diane Gilman, presumably to match her pink hair. I’m fine with the pink hair but that eyeshadow —- yikes. Paging Kristofer Buckle …. Paging Kristofer Buckle … please hurry back to the shopping channels. These old broads need your help, STAT!!!!
  2. Meg Ryan? (When Meg had had only a little plastic surgery.)
  3. Erika the vicious sneering dominator with the ridiculous makeup two nights ago … how can that be the same person as Erika the funny teasing normal person telling Garcelle and Sutton she could hear them from downstairs? HOW are those two people the same person?
  4. If they had written it the way Monica says it actually happened, and she modeled the dress and Linda said “hey, what’s that stain on there?” I am sure we — or I, anyway — would have said “Oh, come ON! That is totally unbelievable that Linda Tripp is the one who noticed the famous stain on the famous dress!”
  5. Oh, the editing! The always-hilarious editing! The dinner is tense. Erika is glowering. Sutton is glaring. Kathy is squinting and smiling like she's a little high on something. Rinna is drinking. Garcelle is looking surprised. Pippi Longstocking is gaping. Crystal is looking at her plate. And Kyle is chewing. Back to Erika, seething. Kathy, tilting her head like a puppy who doesn't understand. Kyle is chewing. Glug glug glug, Rinna drains her glass. Sutton is still glaring. Kyle: chewing. Garcelle is crying. Pippi is blathering. Kyle: chewing. Rinna: drinking. Quick cut to Kyle, wide-eyed
  6. Eyerolls for the brilliant (not) Suzanne Runyan on the repeat repeat repeat overnight TS early this morning, telling the schlubs watching at home that for us non-supermodel types, pumpkin-picking is our "runway." Poor Iman looked startled by this odd statement but did her job and quickly agreed with Runyan.
  7. There was a kind of trashy girl in my high school (probably in 10th grade Home Ec!) whose hair was like that. I still think that look is trashy.
  8. It’s baaaaack! The Ass Window (trademark symbol) TM a very funny person on here years ago. This is the back of the shirt.
  9. I can’t stand her so much I literally (literally literally, not Susan Graver literally) turn the TV off when I see her snotty ugly mug.
  10. Yes, that’s pretty much it! I just made the mistake of turning up the volume on the logo show (usually I watch on mute to preserve my sanity) and you want to talk about babbling… wow! Logo herself just jabbers away saying NOTHING. I guess this is what we have devolved to. Jabber jabber jabber meaningless yada yada yada … and the cash register rings and rings! I can’t figure it.
  11. Never will I ever understand the appeal of that Logo crap. Cheap fabrics slapped together like a 10th-grader's Home Ec project gone horribly wrong and turned in late. The proportions are always unflattering on anyone (hint: if the 6-foot-tall model in heels looks like she’s being swallowed by a hideous huge baggy duster sweater, you, a normal-sized (non-model, that is) person, are going to look about ten times worse). And the prices are insane! I do not get it. Who is buying this stuff????
  12. Quick question: on QVC are there two bony over-tanned bleached blonde bimbo-type hosts? Because one day I saw this bony overtanned bleached blonde bimbo kind of woman wearing workout gear with no makeup on and kind of bug eyes and a hairstyle that belonged on a small child, and I thought “oh, that must be Kerstin,” and then the next day I came upon a bony overtanned bleached blonde woman wearing normal clothes like you might wear out in public and decent-looking makeup and hair that looked like it had been maybe brushed and styled, and I honestly thought for a minute that it was a completely d
  13. You say “national tv personalities,” I say “salesclerks at Express at your local mall on a random Tuesday night, desperate to make a sale.” Only on TV. ;)
  14. I am with you 100% about Wen, Beekmans, sheet-selling twins (with or without Jill), Wiggle Jiggle, Loco Lori, sleazy Gendels. Can’t remember Jai guy so I guess I can’t stand him either. Also Always-pregnant always-bragging Clark's rep, Pubic Bone, color-tapping caricature David Venable, breathless IT originator Jamie and her skin-tight dresses (I know she sold her company for a million billion dollars and is not on anymore but I couldn’t stand her when she was), braying Dennis Basso … the list goes on and on. And of course, mostly and most definitely, I cannot stand Shawn Killinger. Don’t like
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