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  1. FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (January 11-17, 2021) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---THE KITCHEN---Saturday 11:00AM---1,229,000 (0.21) 2---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,157,000 (0.19) 3---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---1,113,000 (0.25) 4---GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---Saturday 12:00PM---1,018,000 (0.18) 5---CHOPPED: GRUDGE MATCH---Tuesday 9:00PM---959,000 (0.28) 6---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Sunday 11:30AM---920,000 (0.18) 7---KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---918,000 (0.24) 8---WORST COOKS IN AMERICA---Sunday 9:00PM---909,000 (0.25) 9---BEAT BOBBY FLAY (New Day & Time)---Thursday 8:00PM---850,000 (0.26) 10-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---846,000 (0.17) 11-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---643,000 (0.24) 12-DISCOVERY+: BOBBY & GIADA IN ITALY (Special)---Thursday 11:00PM---594,000 (0.14) 13-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---Tuesday 10:00PM---553,000 (0.15) KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP REPACKAGED---Monday 10:00PM---544,000 (0.14) * 14-DISCOVERY+: CAKEALIKES (Special)---Sunday 10:00PM---459,000 (0.13) 15-KITCHEN CRASH---Wednesday 10:00PM---454,000 (0.16) * repackaged show: numbers won't count for rankings
  2. Another week of FN devoting all its promo time on screen and off to Discovery+, another week of disappointing ratings for its shows, old and new. Two episodes into its run, 'Worst Cooks in America' is down 20 percent in viewers and 33% demo from last January, when Alton Brown co-hosted the show's lowest rated season ever. 'Kids Baking Championship' is down 14% in viewers and its even on demo from 2020, its lowest rated season. So far, the Discovery+ previews on FN haven't drawn spectacular numbers, given its expectations and known personalities, like 'Magnolia Table,' 'Restaurant Impossible' to 'Bobby & Giada in Italy' (594,000 viewers/0.14 demo on Jan 14th). New show 'Kitchen Crash,' hosted by Jeff Mauro, debuted to 519,000 viewers and 0.15 demo, dropping 12% in viewers and up 6% demo in week 2 to 454,000/0.16. Regardless of its quality or lack of, this show had lots of things going up against it: no promotion from FN -on air and online - days before its premiere (thanks to Discovery+), leading out to 'GGG: Delivery,' which isn't a strong show and airing its first two episodes on back to back Wednesdays, where most viewers were glued to news; this coming week wouldn't be an exception. Hope that FN sticks to this show on its timeslot, like they did to others, like 'I Hart Food,' 'Summer Rush' & 'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook.' I've followed Jeff from 'FNS 7' and he deserved to host a primetime show after watching a parade of celebrities, comedians, bloggers, youtubers and the entire FN roster hosting shows for the past 8 yrs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (January 4-10, 2021) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---THE KITCHEN---Saturday 11:00AM---1,207,000 (0.16) 2---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,164,000 (0.15) 3---CHOPPED: GRUDGE MATCH (Premiere)---Tuesday 9:00PM---1,022,000 (0.28) 4---GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---Saturday 12:00PM---994,000 (0.14) 5---BEAT BOBBY FLAY (Special Episode)---Thursday 8:00PM---983,000 (0.25) 6---KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---962,000 (0.21) 7---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Sunday 11:30AM---949,000 (0.21) 8---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---947,000 (0.22) 9---WORST COOKS IN AMERICA---Sunday 9:00PM---907,000 (0.21) 10-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---899,000 (0.23) 11-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---Tuesday 10:00PM---774,000 (0.22) 12-DISCOVERY+: RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE (Special, Season Premiere)---Thursday 9:00PM---774,000 (0.19) KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP REPACKAGED---Monday 10:00PM---628,000 (0.11) * 13-WORST COOKS: DIRTY DISHES---Sunday 10:30PM---627,000 (0.15) 14-DISCOVERY+: RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: REVISITED (Special)---Thursday 10:00PM---603,000 (0.13) 15-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---598,000 (0.17) 16-KITCHEN CRASH (Series Premiere)---Wednesday 10:00PM---519,000 (0.15) * repackaged show; numbers won't count for rankings
  3. The end of 2020 and the start of 2021 was marked by the pre-hype and the arrival of Discovery+. For more than a week, Discovery hasn't promoted any over-the-air show either at the bottom of the screen or with regular promos on any of its networks, including FN, devoting them to carry first a countdown clock that went on for 3 days, followed by a stuck reminder at the top of the screen that the service is available, plus endless '90 Day Fiance', Mike Rowe, 'Ghost Adventures' and 'Magnolia Table' promos that have become sickening. The result? Food Network ended 2020 and received 2021 with the lowest rated season openers ever for two of its staples: 'Kids Baking Championship' and 'Worst Cooks in America,' plus Joanna Gaines' (who had the top special in 2020 with more than 2M viewers) cooking show preview, didn't have a ratings blockbuster this time, averaging 979,000 viewers and 0.17 demo for its 2 episodes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (Dec. 28, 2020-Jan. 3, 2021) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---THE KITCHEN (Season Premiere)---Saturday 11:00AM---1,297,000 (0.22) 2---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,242,000 (0.22) 3---GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---Saturday 12:00PM---1,051,000 (0.24) 4---DISCOVERY+: MAGNOLIA TABLE 2 (Special)---Sunday 8:30PM---1,048,000 (0.18) 5---CHOPPED---Tuesday 9:00PM---1,013,000 (0.29) 6---WORST COOKS IN AMERICA (Season Premiere; 90min.)---Sunday 9:00PM---1,002,000 (0.22) 7---KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP (Season Premiere, 2Hrs.)---Monday 9:00PM---978,000 (0.20) 8---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---910,000 (0.19) 9---DISCOVERY+: MAGNOLIA TABLE 1 (Special)---Sunday 8:00PM---910,000 (0.16) 10-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Sunday 11:30AM---845,000 (0.16) 11-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---741,000 (0.17) 12-WORST COOKS: DIRTY DISHES (Series Premiere)---Sunday 10:30PM---708,000 (0.14) 13-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT (Season Premiere)---Tuesday 10:00PM---696,000 (0.21) 14-BEAT BOBBY FLAY (Special Episode)---Wednesday 10:00PM---635,000 (0.14) 15-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---621,000 (0.16) 16-DISCOVERY+: THE MAKING OF MAGNOLIA TABLE (Special)---Sunday 7:00PM---621,000 (0.10) 17-BEAT BOBBY FLAY (Special Episode)---Friday 9:30PM---573,000 (0.12) 18-DISCOVERY+: FIRST LOOK (Special)---Sunday 1:00PM---478,000 (0.10)
  4. In 2020, FN had its ups and downs. Last year's special circumstances, resulted in a growth in daytime's ratings, as people stayed home. On average, daytime shows were watched by 980,000 to primetime's 880,000, while 7 out the 10 shows with the most audience increases from 2019 were daytime's. Primetime dominated demos and total audience for the year (410M to 242M). In terms of shows, primetime was more unstable than daytime, with tons of flops, starting with January's Alton Brown's season on 'Worst Cooks,' followed by other programs like the revival of 'Food Network Challenge,', 'Big Time Bake,' 'Bakeaway Camp,' 'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook,' 'Candyland,' 'Vegas Chef Prizefight,' 'Opening Night,' 'Summer Rush,' 'Undercover Chef' and the collapse of 'Duff Takes The Cake,' one of the bright spots of 2019. In daytime, 'Pioneer Woman' was surpassed in viewers by 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen' and in demos by 'Girl Meets Farm'. 'The Kitchen' remains daytime's top show in viewers and demos. While 'Holiday Baking Championship' and 'Buddy vs Duff' took the top spot in viewers and demos respectively, 2020's primetime's highlight went to Guy Fieri's 'Tournament of Champions,' which started slow buy picked up steam fast. In daytime, it goes to 'Symon's Dinners' another new show that held its own in viewers and demos. Top special for the year went to Joanna Gaines, which had more than 2M viewers last April, a feast that didn't happen on FN in four years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 FOOD NETWORK MOST WATCHED SHOWS (January 1-December 31, 2020) (Only Originals, In Millions of Viewers) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1--THE KITCHEN---57.51 2--PIONEER WOMAN---53.71 3--BEAT BOBBY FLAY---35.40 4--CHOPPED---29.92 5--GIRL MEETS FARM---28.83 6--DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---28.13 7--DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---25.46 8--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES---24.50 9--RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE---23.47 10-TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN---23.06 11-VALERIE’S HOME COOKING---15.08 12-CHOPPED SWEETS---13.54 13-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---12.89 14-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT---12.52 15-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: BEHIND THE GAMES---11.85 16-HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---11.84 17-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---11.83 18-SYMON’S DINNERS---11.70 19-SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---11.60 20-GIADA ENTERTAINS---11.21 21-BUDDY VS DUFF---10.66 22-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA WINTER---10.35 23-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---9.08 24-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA SUMMER---8.43 25-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: REVISITED---8.33 26-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA CELEBRITY EDITION---7.21 27-BAREFOOT CONTESSA---6.98 28-HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---6.93 29-CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---6.79 30-HOLIDAY WARS---6.55 31-ALL-STAR BEST THING I EVER ATE---6.55 32-THE BIG BAKE---6.16 33-GIADA AT HOME---5.83 34-TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS---5.81 35-THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE---5.80 36-CHOPPED: BEAT THE JUDGE---5.73 37-HALLOWEEN WARS---5.36 38-CANDYLAND---5.19 39-CHOPPED: BEAT BOBBY FLAY---5.01 40-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: BEHIND THE IMPOSSIBLE---4.98 41-AMY SCHUMER LEARNS TO COOK---4.86 42-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES SUMMER GRILLIN’ GAMES---4.78 43-CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---4.58 44-BIG TIME BAKE---4.29 45-VEGAS CHEF PRIZEFIGHT---4.24 46-CHOPPED CHAMPIONS---4.01 47-OUTREAGEOUS PUMPKINS---3.31 48-BAKEAWAY CAMP W/MARTHA STEWART---3.25 49-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: GGG/DDD TOURNAMENT---3.19 50-GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP---3.06 51-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---2.92 52-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: EXTRA ICING---2.76 53-DUFF TAKES THE CAKE---2.66 54-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT ALL-STARS---2.09 55-SUMMER RUSH---2.05 56-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---1.97 57-FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE---1.92 58-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: AFTERSHOW---1.80 59-30 MINUTE MEALS---1.59 60-HALLOWEEN FREAKOUT CAKES---949,000 61-UNDERCOVER CHEF---555,000 62-OPENING NIGHT---533,000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020 FOOD NETWORK AVG. RATINGS ORIG. SHOWS (January 1-December 31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/# of Viewers) 1--HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP--1,479,000 2--BUDDY VS DUFF--1,332,000 3--SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP--1,289,000 4--THE KITCHEN--1,250,000 5--WORST COOKS IN AMERICA SUMMER--1,204,000 6--WORST COOKS IN AMERICA CELEBRITY--1,202,000 7--TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS--1,162,000 8--HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP--1,155,000 9--TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN--1,153,000 10-CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE--1,131,000 11-PIONEER WOMAN—1,119,000 12-HOLIDAY WARS—1,092,000 13-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP--1,074,000 14-HALLOWEEN WARS—1,072,000 15-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES TAKE-OUT ALL-STARS—1,045,000 16-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES TAKE-OUT—1,043,000 17-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA WINTER—1,035,000 18-GIRL MEETS FARM—1,030,000 19-CHOPPED: BEAT BOBBY FLAY—1,003,000 20-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN—984,000 21-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE—978,000 22-GIADA AT HOME—972,000 23-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES—970,000 24-THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE—966,000 25-GGG’S SUMMER GRILLIN’ GAMES—956,000 26-CHOPPED: BEAT THE JUDGE—956,000 27-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN—943,000 28-VALERIE’S HOME COOKING—943,000 29-CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD—916,000 30-BAREFOOT CONTESSA—873,000 31-CANDYLAND—865,000 32-GIADA ENTERTAINS—862,000 33-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES—845,000 34-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT—845,000 35-SYMON’S DINNERS—835,000 36-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: REVISITED—833,000 37-CHOPPED—831,000 38-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: BEHIND THE IMPOSSIBLE—830,000 39-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS—827,000 40-BEAT BOBBY FLAY—823,000 41-ALL-STAR BEST THING I EVER ATE—819,000 42-BAKEAWAY CAMP W/MARTHA STEWART—813,000 43-CHOPPED CHAMPIONS—801,000 44-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES GGG/DDD TOURNAMENT—797,000 45-30 MINUTE MEALS—795,000 46-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: BEHIND THE GAMES—790,000 47-GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP—765,000 48-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY—757,000 49-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS—731,000 50-BIG TIME BAKE—716,000 51-CHOPPED SWEETS—713,000 52-VEGAS CHEF PRIZEFIGHT—707,000 53-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: EXTRA ICING—690,000 54-THE BIG BAKE—685,000 55-FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE—641,000 56-AMY SCHUMER LEARNS TO COOK—607,000 57-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: AFTERSHOW—601,000 58-UNDERCOVER CHEF—555,000 59-OPENING NIGHT—533,000 60-DUFF TAKES THE CAKE—531,000 61-SUMMER RUSH—513,000 62-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES—475,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 FOOD NETWORK AVG. RATINGS 18-49 (January 1-December 31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Demo 18-49 Rating) 1—BUDDY VS DUFF—0.36 2—TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS—0.33 3—HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.32 4—WORST COOKS IN AMERICA CELEBRITY—0.30 5—GGG’S SUMMER GRILLIN’ GAMES—0.30 6—WORST COOKS IN AMERICA SUMMER—0.29 7—DINERS,DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT ALL-STARS—0.29 8—SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.28 9—HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.28 10-CHOPPED: BEAT THE JUDGE—0.27 11-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT—0.27 12-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA WINTER—0.27 13-HOLIDAY WARS—0.26 14-HALLOWEEN WARS—0.26 15-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES—0.25 16-THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE—0.25 17-CHOPPED: BEAT BOBBY FLAY—0.25 18-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES—0.25 19-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES GGG/DDD TOURNAMENT—0.25 20-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT—0.24 21-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: BEHIND THE GAMES—0.24 22-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.23 23-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY—0.23 24-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE—0.22 25-CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD—0.22 26-CANDYLAND—0.22 27-CHOPPED—0.22 28-THE KITCHEN—0.22 29-BEAT BOBBY FLAY—0.22 30-CHOPPED CHAMPIONS—0.21 31-CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE—0.21 32-TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN—0.21 33-GIRL MEETS FARM—0.20 34-GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP—0.20 35-PIONEER WOMAN—0.20 36-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: REVISITED—0.20 37-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS—0.20 38-ALL-STAR BEST THING I EVER ATE—0.19 39-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN—0.19 40-CHOPPED SWEETS—0.19 41-VALERIE’S HOME COOKING—0.18 42-BAKEAWAY CAMP W/MARTHA STEWART—0.18 43-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: EXTRA ICING—0.18 44-FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE—0.18 45-BIG TIME BAKE—0.18 46-AMY SCHUMER LEARNS TO COOK—0.18 47-GIADA AT HOME—0.17 48-VEGAS CHEF PRIZEFIGHT—0.17 49-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: BEHIND THE IMPOSSIBLE—0.17 50-GIADA ENTERTAINS—0.17 51-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS—0.17 52-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN—0.17 53-30 MINUTE MEALS—0.16 54-BAREFOOT CONTESSA—0.16 55-THE BIG BAKE—0.16 56-SYMON’S DINNERS—0.15 57-UNDERCOVER CHEF—0.14 58-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: AFTERSHOW—0.13 59-SUMMER RUSH—0.13 60-OPENING NIGHT—0.13 61-DUFF TAKES THE CAKE—0.13 62-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES—0.11 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 FOOD NETWORK AVG. RATINGS 25-54 (January 1-December 31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Demo 25-54 Rating) 1—BUDDY VS DUFF—0.46 2—HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.45 3—TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS—0.44 4—DINERS,DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT ALL-STARS—0.42 5—WORST COOKS IN AMERICA CELEBRITY—0.40 6—SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.39 7—GGG’S SUMMER GRILLIN’ GAMES—0.39 8—WORST COOKS IN AMERICA SUMMER—0.39 9—HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.38 10-HALLOWEEN WARS—0.37 11-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT—0.37 12-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA WINTER—0.35 13-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES—0.35 14-HOLIDAY WARS—0.35 15-CHOPPED: BEAT THE JUDGE—0.34 16-CHOPPED: BEAT BOBBY FLAY—0.33 17-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES—0.33 18-THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE—0.32 19-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP—0.32 20-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE—0.32 21-CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD—0.32 20-THE KITCHEN—0.32 23-TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN—0.31 24-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES GGG/DDD TOURNAMENT—0.31 25-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: BEHIND THE GAMES—0.31 26-CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE—0.31 27-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY—0.30 28-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT—0.30 29-CHOPPED—0.29 30-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: REVISITED—0.29 31-BEAT BOBBY FLAY—0.29 32-GIRL MEETS FARM—0.29 33-CANDYLAND—0.29 34-CHOPPED CHAMPIONS—0.29 35-PIONEER WOMAN—0.28 36-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS—0.28 37-ALL-STAR BEST THING I EVER ATE—0.28 38-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN—0.27 39-FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE—0.27 40-VEGAS CHEF PRIZEFIGHT—0.27 41-GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP—0.26 42-VALERIE’S HOME COOKING—0.26 43-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: BEHIND THE IMPOSSIBLE—0.26 44-AMY SCHUMER LEARNS TO COOK—0.26 45-SYMON’S DINNERS—0.25 46-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN—0.25 47-GIADA ENTERTAINS—0.25 48-CHOPPED SWEETS—0.25 49-BIG TIME BAKE—0.25 50-BAKEAWAY CAMP W/MARTHA STEWART—0.25 51-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: EXTRA ICING—0.23 52-GIADA AT HOME—0.23 53-THE BIG BAKE—0.22 54-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS—0.22 55-BAREFOOT CONTESSA—0.22 56-DUFF TAKES THE CAKE—0.21 57-30 MINUTE MEALS—0.21 58-SUMMER RUSH—0.20 59-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: AFTERSHOW—0.18 60-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES—0.17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 FOOD NETWORK RATING AVG. CHANGE VS 2019 (Jan.1-Dec.31, 2020) (Avg. viewers & demo 18-49 in parenthesis) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1--GIADA AT HOME---(+26%, -10%) 2--SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---(+21%, +14%) 3--DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---(+20%, +21%) 4--CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---(+16%, -4%) 5--TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN---(+13%, +16%) 6--GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---(+10%, EVEN) 7--GIRL MEETS FARM---(+9%, +5%) 8--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES---(+8%, -4%) 9--VALERIE’S HOME COOKING---(+4%, +6%) 10-THE KITCHEN---(+3%, -4%) 11-HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---(+2%, -8%) 12-GIADA ENTERTAINS---(+1%, -5%) 13-CHOPPED---(+1%, -12%) 14-SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---(+1%, -17%) 15-HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---(EVEN, -17%) 16-BAREFOOT CONTESSA---(-1%, EVEN) 17-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA SUMMER---(-1%, -3%) 18-HOLIDAY WARS---(-1%, -3%) 19-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA CELEBRITY EDITION---(-1%, -9%) 20-PIONEER WOMAN---(3%, -4%) 21-30 MINUTE MEALS---(-3%, +14%) 22-DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---(-4%, -16%) 23-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES DDD/GGG TEAM TOURNAMENT---(-5%, -17%) 24-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: REVISITED---(-9%, EVEN) 25-BEAT BOBBY FLAY---(-9%, -24%) 26-HALLOWEEN WARS---(-10%, -18%) 27-CHOPPED CHAMPIONS---(-10%, -22%) 28-CHOPPED: BEAT BOBBY FLAY---(-10%, -26%) 29-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE---(13%, -12%) 30-BUDDY VS DUFF---(-15%, -20%) 31-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: EXTRA ICING---(-24%, -35%) 32-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---(-28%, -42%) 33-WORST COOKS IN AMERICA WINTER---(-29%, -38%) 34-DUFF TAKES THE CAKE---(-36%, -41%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 FOOD NETWORK RATINGS NEW SHOWS (January 1-December 31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1—TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS—1,162,000 (0.33) 2—DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT ALL-STARS—1,045,000 (0.29) 3—DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: TAKE-OUT—1,043,000 (0.27) 4—THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE SPRING—966,000 (0.25) 5—GGG’S SUMMER GRILLIN’ GAMES—956,000 (0.30) 6—CHOPPED: BEAT THE JUDGE—956,000 (0.27) 7—CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD—916,000 (0.22) 8—CANDYLAND—865,000 (0.22) 9—SYMON’S DINNERS—835,000 (0.15) 10-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: BEHIND THE IMPOSSIBLE—830,000 (0.17) 11-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS—827,000 (0.20) 12-ALL-STAR BEST THING I EVER ATE—819,000 (0.19) 13-BAKEAWAY CAMP W/MARTHA STEWART—813,000 (0.18) 14-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: BEHIND THE GAMES—790,000 (0.24) 15-GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP—765,000 (0.20) 16-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY—757,000 (0.22) 17-FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE—736,000 (0.19) 18-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS—731,000 (0.17) 19-BIG TIME BAKE—716,000 (0.18) 20-CHOPPED SWEETS—713,000 (0.19) 21-VEGAS CHEF PRIZEFIGHT—707,000 (0.17) 22-THE BIG BAKE—685,000 (0.16) 23-AMY SCHUMER LEARNS TO COOK—607,000 (0.18) 24-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: AFTERSHOW—601,000 (0.13) 25-UNDERCOVER CHEF—555,000 (0.14) 26-OPENING NIGHT—533,000 (0.13) 27-SUMMER RUSH—513,000 (0.13) 28-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES—475,000 (0.11) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 FOOD NETWORK RATINGS SPECIALS AND PILOTS (Jan.1-Dec.31, 2020) (Rank/Show/1st airing date/# of Viewers/Demo 18-49 in parenthesis) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1—IN THE KITCHEN W/JOANNA GAINES (April 5)—2,090,000 (0.40) 2—KIDS BAKING CHAMP: SEASON’S SWEETINGS (November 15)—1,168,000 (0.31) 3—DDD: FIERI FAM 1ST EPISODE WATCH PARTY (August 17)—1,065,000 (0.28) 4—SYMON’S DINNERS: THANKSGIVING (November 15)—1,012,000 (0.15) 5—TURKEY DAY: SUNNY’S WAY (November 14)—973,000 (0.17) 6—BUDDY VS DUFF: BEHIND THE REMATCH (March 15)—965,000 (0.26) 7—HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMP: SWEET SECRETS (December 20)—909,000 (0.19) 8—ROAD TO HALLOWEEN WARS (September 13)—882,000 (0.23) 9—GRILL POWER (June 27)—874,000 (0.17) 10-GUY’S BIG GAME (February 2)—852,000 (0.20) 11-FEASTING WITH THE STARS (December 19)—845,000 (0.12) 12-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN: COOKING WITH ‘MA (June 28)—832,000 (0.18) 13-WORST COOKS: HALLOWEEN REDEMPTION (October 18)—827,000 (0.19) 14-BUDDY VS DUFF: BEHIND THE BATTLE (March 22)—778,000 (0.22) 15-CANDYLAND: BEHIND THE BUILT (November 15)—746,000 (0.24) 16-WORST COOKS: REHEATED (March 8)—720,000 (0.19) 17-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: QUARANTINE CHECK-IN (April 30)—663,000 (0.15) 18-RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE: 1ST EPISODE REWATCH (May 7)—645,000 (0.13) 19-KITCHEN EXPEDITION (April 30)—620,000 (0.14) 20-KITCHEN EXPEDITION (May 7)—599,000 (0.13) 21-GOOD EATS: HOUSE THAT DRIPPED CHOCOLATE (October 8)—592,000 (0.15) 22-QUESTLOVE’S POTLUCK (May 28)—478,000 (0.13) 23-MARY MCCARTNEY SERVES IT UP (January 5)—464,000 (0.11) 24-WORST COOKS: REHEATED (February 2)—367,000 (0.07) 25-WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? W/OPRAH (June 9)—289,000 (0.10) 26-WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? W/OPRAH PART 2 (June 10)—249,000 (0.08)
  5. For FN's 2020's 4th quarter, daytime shows were the most watched on average, over primetime offerings 1.05M to 919,000, while primetime dominated demos 0.23 to 0.18 in 18-49 and 0.29 to 0.27 in 25-54. Primetime originals were watched by 78.2 million viewers over daytime's 47.9M. On average, both primetime and daytime shows grew in audience about 7 percent over 2019's 4th quarter. In terms of individual shows, 'Candyland' was the biggest disappointment of the quarter, for a heavily invested and promoted show that didn't match other tentpole programs in ratings and expectations. Top daytime show 'The Kitchen' and 'PW' were FN's top two most watched shows, but due to heavy competition from news and sports in cable, they had the largest audience erosion compared to 4Q 2019, although not by much. Also, it appeared that viewers started to get tired of the self-recorded home episodes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATINGS MOST WATCHED SHOWS (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) (Only Originals; in millions of viewers) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1--THE KITCHEN---15.29 2--PIONEER WOMAN---13.11 3--HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---11.84 4--DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---9.45 5--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---9.08 6--GIRL MEETS FARM---9.05 7--DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---6.82 8--CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---6.79 9--HOLIDAY WARS---6.55 10-CHOPPED---5.56 11-THE BIG BAKE---5.44 12-CANDYLAND---5.19 13-CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---4.58 14-HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---3.62 15-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---2.92 16-HALLOWEEN WARS---2.31 17-BEAT BOBBY FLAY---2.21 18-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---1.96 19-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS---1.64 20-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---1.03 21-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES---949,000 22-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---696,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATINGS AVG. VIEWERS (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---1,479,000 2---HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---1,207,000 3---THE KITCHEN---1,176,000 4---HALLOWEEN WARS---1,156,000 5---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---1,131,000 6---HOLIDAY WARS---1,092,000 7---PIONEER WOMAN---1,092,000 8---GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---1,025,000 9---GIRL MEETS FARM---1,006,000 10--KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---978,000 11--DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---974,000 12--DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---945,000 13--CHOPPED---927,000 14--CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---916,000 15--CANDYLAND---865,000 16--OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS---819,000 17--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---757,000 18--BEAT BOBBY FLAY---738,000 19--BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---731,000 20--SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---696,000 21--THE BIG BAKE---680,000 22--HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES---475,000 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATING AVG. DEMO 18-49 (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1--HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---0.32 2--HALLOWEEN WARS---0.28 3--HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---0.27 4--HOLIDAY WARS---0.26 5--DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---0.24 6--CHOPPED---0.22 7--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---0.22 8--CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---0.22 9--CANDYLAND---0.22 10-CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---0.21 11-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---0.21 12-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---0.20 13-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---0.20 14-THE KITCHEN---0.19 15-GIRL MEETS FARM---0.19 16-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS---0.19 17-BEAT BOBBY FLAY---0.18 18-PIONEER WOMAN---0.17 19-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---0.17 20-THE BIG BAKE---0.16 21-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---0.15 22-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES---0.11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATING AVG. DEMO 25-54 (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1--HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---0.45 2--HALLOWEEN WARS---0.40 3--HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---0.37 4--HOLIDAY WARS---0.35 5--DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---0.33 6--CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---0.32 7--CHOPPED---0.31 8--CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---0.31 9--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---0.30 10-THE KITCHEN---0.29 11-CANDYLAND---0.29 12-OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS---0.28 13-KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---0.28 14-PIONEER WOMAN---0.27 15-GIRL MEETS FARM---0.27 16-GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---0.27 17-BEAT BOBBY FLAY---0.25 18-DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---0.25 19-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---0.24 20-THE BIG BAKE---0.23 21-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---0.22 22-HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES---0.17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATING AVG. CHANGE VS 4Q 2019 (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) (Avg. viewers & demo 18-49 in parenthesis) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1---CHOPPED---(+27%, +4%) 2---DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---(+22%, +9%) 3---GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN---(+20%, +17%) 4---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---(+20%, +7%) 5---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---(+16%, -4%) 6---BEAT BOBBY FLAY---(+10%, +12%) 7---GIRL MEETS FARM---(+6%, +5%) 8---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---(+2%, -8%) 9---HALLOWEEN WARS---(+1%, -9%) 10-HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---(+1%, -22%) 11-HOLIDAY WARS---(-1%, -3%) 12-PIONEER WOMAN---(-6%, -10%) 13-THE KITCHEN---(-6%, -13%) 14-SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT---(-18%, -16%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATING NEW SHOWS (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) (Avg. viewers & demo 18-49) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1---CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---916,000/0.22 2---CANDYLAND---865,000/0.22 3---OUTRAGEOUS PUMPKINS---819,000/0.19 4---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---757,000/0.22 5---BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---731,000/0.17 6---THE BIG BAKE---680,000/0.16 7---HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW CAKES---475,000/0.11 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK 4Q RATING SPECIALS AND PILOTS (Oct.1-Dec.31, 2020) (Avg. viewers & demos 18-49 and 25-54) Source: Showbuzzdaily 1---KIDS BAKING CHAMP: SEASON’S SWEETINGS (November 15)---1.168/0.31/0.41 2---SYMON’S DINNERS: THANKSGIVING (November 15)---1.012/0.15/0.25 3---TURKEY DAY SUNNY’S WAY (November 14)---973,000/0.17/0.26 4---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMP: SWEET SECRETS (December 20)---909,000/0.19/0.26 5---FEASTING WITH THE STARS (December 19)---845,000/0.12/0.19 6---WORST COOKS: HALLOWEEN REDEMPTION (October 18)---827,000/0.19/0.27 7---CANDYLAND: BEHIND THE BUILT (November 15)---746,000/0.24/0.31 8---RESTAURANT HUSTLE 2020: ALL ON THE LINE (December 27)---603,000/0.12/0.20 9---GOOD EATS: HOUSE THAT DRIPPED CHOCOLATE (October 8)---592,000/0.15
  6. The season finale of 'Holiday Baking Championship' was basically even in viewers and down 14 percent in demo compared to 2019's (1,857,000/0.43 on 12/23/2019). For the season, it averaged 1,479,000/0.32, up 2% in viewers and down 8% demo from 2019. While Guy Fieri's 'Ranch Kitchen' premiered to nice numbers for its new season, his directorial debut wasn't as successful, as the documentary 'Restaurant Hustle 2020' disappointed in ratings, with a little more than 600,000 viewers and the lowest rated demo of all originals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (December 21-27, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP (Season Finale, 2hrs.)---Monday 9:00PM---1,867,000 (0.37) 2---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE (Finale)---Saturday 11:00AM---1,132,000 (0.20) 3---GUY’S RANCH KITCHEN (Season Premiere)---Saturday 12:00PM---1,025,000 (0.20) 4---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---989,000 (0.17) 5---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---944,000 (0.16) 6---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN (Season Premiere; New Day & Time)---Sunday 11:30AM---821,000 (0.15) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---817,000 (0.13) * 7---THE BIG BAKE (Finale)---Monday 11:00PM---737,000 (0.15) CHOPPED REPACKAGED---Tuesday 9:00PM---678,000 (0.18) * 8---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---662,000 (0.19) 9---RESTAURANT HUSTLE 2020: ALL ON THE LINE (Special, 2Hrs.)---Sunday 9:00PM---603,000 (0.12) SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT REPACKAGED---Tuesday 10:00PM---543,000 (0.12) * * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
  7. The season finale of 'Christmas Cookie Challenge' was up 8 percent in viewers but down 20% demo from last year's finale (1.09M/0.24 on 12/16/2019). For the season, the show averaged 1.13M/0.21, up 16% in viewers and down 4% demo from 2019 (975,000/0.22). Meanwhile, 'Candyland,' one of FN's most elaborated and heavily promoted shows, ended its run with the second lowest rated episode of the season, for an average of 865,000 viewers/0.22 demo, officially the lowest rated Sunday 9PM game show of the year with 16% in viewers and 12% demo less than runner-up 'Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay.' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (December 14-20, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,494,000 (0.31) 2---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE (Season Finale)--Monday 10:00PM--1,174,000 (0.19) 3---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,151,000 (0.19) 4---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,047,000 (0.15) 5---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---968,000 (0.17) 6---CHOPPED---Tuesday 9:00PM---936,000 (0.21) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---910,000 (0.14) * 7---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: SWEET SECRETS (Special)---Sunday 10:00PM---909,000 (0.19) 8---FEASTING WITH THE STARS (Special)---Saturday 12:00PM---845,000 (0.12) DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES REPACKAGED---Friday 9:00PM---827,000 (0.19) * 9---CANDYLAND (Finale)---Sunday 9:00PM---781,000 (0.18) 10-GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---714,000 (0.23) SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT REPACKAGED---Tuesday 10:00PM---600,000 (0.13) * * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
  8. The next to last episode of 'Candyland' went up 17 percent in viewers and 29% in demo from the previous week; regardless, it most likely end up as the lowest rated Sunday 9P game show of the year, behind 'Worst Cooks 18' (Alton Brown season) and 'Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay'. Right after 'Candyland,' 'Buddy vs Christmas' ended its 4 episode season up just 5% in viewers and 6% demo from the previous week: its season average was 731,000 viewers/0.17 demo, almost on par with Buddy's other solo show this year, 'Big Time Bake' (716,000/0.18). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (December 7-13, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,595,000 (0.36) 2---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---Monday 10:00PM---1,320,000 (0.25) 3---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,200,000 (0.19) 4---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,116,000 (0.17) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---891,000 (0.15) * 5---CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD (Finale)---Tuesday 9:00PM---830,000 (0.19) 6---CANDYLAND---Sunday 9:00PM---829,000 (0.22) DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES REPACKAGED---Friday 9:00PM---825,000 (0.19) * 7---BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS (Finale)---Sunday 10:00PM---712,000 (0.16) 8---THE BIG BAKE---Monday 11:00PM---694,000 (0.17) 9---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---672,000 (0.20) SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT REPACKAGED---Tuesday 10:00PM---641,000 (0.14) * * repackaged shows: numbers don't count for rankings
  9. 'Holiday Wars' second season finale was down 4 percent in viewers and 10% in demo from last year's finale (1.17M, 0.29 on 12/22/2019). For the season, it was down just 1% in viewers and 3% demo from 2019. FN's newest holiday shows lost viewers again. 'Candyland' has lost 37% in viewers and almost half its demo rating since its premiere, while 'Buddy vs Christmas' has eroded 20 and 25% respectively. Viewers chose to stick to the more established shows as both 'Holiday Baking Championship' and 'Christmas Cookie Challenge' were up from the previous week. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (November 30-December 6, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,467,000 (0.31) 2---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,176,000 (0.19) 3---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---Monday 10:00PM---1,170,000 (0.24) 4---HOLIDAY WARS (Season Finale)---Sunday 8:00PM---1,127,000 (0.26) 5---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,101,000 (0.18) 6---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---1,089,000 (0.21) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---998,000 (0.20) * 7---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Saturday 12:00PM---979,000 (0.15) 8---CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---Tuesday 9:00PM---900,000 (0.24) DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES REPACKAGED---Friday 9:00PM---888,000 (0.19) * 9---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---754,000 (0.21) 10-CANDYLAND---Sunday 9:00PM---707,000 (0.17) 11-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---Sunday 10:00PM---677,000 (0.15) 12-THE BIG BAKE---Monday 11:00PM---631,000 (0.15) SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT REPACKAGED---Tuesday 10:00PM---565,000 (0.15) * * repackaged shows; numbers won't count on rankings
  10. Halfway into its run, 'Candyland' lost viewers for the third week in a row. It has lost 25% in viewers and 40% in demo: so far, its the lowest rated Sunday 9P game show for the year. Since week 2, viewers who watch 'Holiday Wars' haven't stick around for 'Candyland'; similarly, 'Candyland' viewers don't stick around for the Duff-less 'Buddy vs Christmas,' which lost 18% in viewers and 20% demo from its premiere. Given that Sunday night is 'Holiday Wars' finale, its most likely that both shows ratings could go up...the question, if they do, is how much. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (November 23-29, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,416,000 (0.30) 2---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,167,000 (0.20) 3---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,122,000 (0.18) 4---HOLIDAY WARS---Sunday 8:00PM---1,075,000 (0.23) 5---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---Monday 10:00PM---1,062,000 (0.22) DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES REPACKAGED---Friday 9:00PM---990,000 (0.23) * 6---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Saturday 12:00PM---990,000 (0.15) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---963,000 (0.12) * 7---CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---Tuesday 9:00PM---937,000 (0.21) 8---CANDYLAND---Sunday 9:00PM---842,000 (0.19) 9---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---775,000 (0.22) 10-BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS---Sunday 10:00PM---692,000 (0.16) 11-THE BIG BAKE---Monday 11:00PM---639,000 (0.13) * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
  11. Saturday's Thanksgiving episode of 'The Kitchen' was the most watched original for this past week and the second highest rated show in demo. Episode 2 of 'Candyland' came at #9 for the week: it was down 20 percent in viewers and a huge 28% in demo from its premiere. Clearly, FN has to be disappointed with this numbers, as this was the network's final event show of the year. Buddy Valastro's latest solo effort premiered basically to the same number of viewers as last year's 'Bake You Rich' (878,000 on 4/15/2019) and the same demo as this year's 'Big Time Bake' (0.20 on 6/8/2020). In the end, those two shows didn't fare well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (November 16-22, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,477,000 (0.28) 2---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,296,000 (0.25) 3---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,292,000 (0.24) 4---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Saturday 12:00PM---1,216,000 (0.22) 5---DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---1,178,000 (0.29) GIRL MEETS FARM REPACKAGED---Sunday 11:00AM---1,156,000 (0.22) * BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---1,118,000 (0.21) * 6---HOLIDAY WARS---Sunday 8:00PM---1,038,000 (0.21) 7---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE---Monday 10:00PM---1,009,000 (0.16) 8---CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD---Tuesday 9:00PM---988,000 (0.25) 9---CANDYLAND---Sunday 9:00PM---905,000 (0.23) 10--BUDDY VS CHRISTMAS (Series Premiere)---Sunday 10:00PM---842,000 (0.20) 11--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---824,000 (0.28) SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT REPACKAGED---Tuesday 10:00PM---621,000 (0.16) * 12--THE BIG BAKE (New Time)---Monday 11:00PM---534,000 (0.12) * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
  12. Once again, 'Holiday Baking Championship' was FN's most watched show for this past week, as new Sunday night tentpole game show 'Candyland', one of the network's most expensive, elaborated and heavily promoted shows, hosted by a well-known celebrity, premiered to a disappointing seventh place with a little more than a million viewers, with the behind the scenes special that followed as the least watched original. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (November 9-15, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,476,000 (0.35) 2---PIONEER WOMAN: HOME SWEET HOME---Saturday 10:00AM---1,274,000 (0.21) 3---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---1,171,000 (0.22) 4---KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP: SEASON’S SWEETINGS (Special)---Sunday 7:00PM---1,168,000 (0.31) 5---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,149,000 (0.19) 6---HOLIDAY WARS---Sunday 8:00PM---1,146,000 (0.32) 7---CANDYLAND (Series Premiere, 90min.)---Sunday 9:00PM---1,125,000 (0.32) 8---CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE (Season Premiere)---Monday 10:00PM---1,046,000 (0.21) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---1,037,000 (0.18) * 9---DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---1,025,000 (0.21) 10--SYMON’S DINNERS: THANKSGIVING (Special)---Sunday 12:30PM---1,012,000 (0.15) 11--TURKEY DAY SUNNY’S WAY (Special)---Saturday 12:30PM---973,000 (0.17) 12--DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Saturday 12:00PM---972,000 (0.16) 13--CHOPPED: COMFORT FOOD FEUD (Premiere)---Tuesday 9:00PM---925,000 (0.21) 14--GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---823,000 (0.24) 15--CANDYLAND: BEHIND THE BUILT (Special)---Sunday 10:30PM---746,000 (0.24) SUPERMARKET STAKEOUT REPACKAGED---Tuesday 10:00PM---723,000 (0.18) * * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
  13. FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGAMS (November 2-8, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily ** (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HOLIDAY BAKING CHAMP (Season Premiere, 2 Hrs,)---Monday 9:00PM---1,225,000 (0.32) 2---HOLIDAY WARS---Sunday 8:00PM---1,099,000 (0.29) 3---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---970,000 (0.14) GIRL MEETS FARM REPACKAGED---Sunday 11:00AM---968,000 (0.18) * 4---PIONEER WOMAN---Saturday 10:00AM---964,000 (0.16) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---895,000 (0.17) * GUY’S GROCERY GAMES REPACKAGED---Wednesday 9:00PM---828,000 (0.29) * 5---DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---796,000 (0.21) 6---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Saturday 12:00PM---656,000 (0.11) * repackaged shows: numbers won't count for rankings ** Showbuzzdaily didn't have numbers available for Sunday 9PM's airing of 'Kids Baking Championship' special: apparently there was a programming error in some parts of the country, showing instead an episode of 'The Kitchen'; 'KBC's special aired on other parts as scheduled: the 12AM rerum's ratings were 425,000 viewers/0.10 demo
  14. Monday 11/3's season premiere of 'Holiday Baking Championship' at 1.23 million viewers and 0.32 demo rating went up 6 and 14 percent respectively from last season's premiere (1.16M/0.28 on 11/4/2019). Meanwhile, 'Holiday Wars' premiere (1.07M/0.27) was up 6 and 17% from its first season's premiere (1.01M/0.23 on 12/1/2019 at 9PM). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (October 26-November 1, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP (Season Finale)---Monday 9:00PM---1,307,000 (0.30) 2---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,114,000 (0.17) 3---HOLIDAY WARS (Season Premiere, New Time)---Sunday 8:00PM---1,069,000 (0.27) 4---DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---1,029,000 (0.26) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---983,000 (0.19) * TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN REPACKAGED---Sunday 11:30AM---926,000 (0.20) * 5---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---916,000 (0.20) 6---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---875,000 (0.25) 7---CHOPPED---Tuesday 9:00PM---798,000 (0.19) 8---BEAT BOBBY FLAY (Special Time)---Sunday 9:00PM---737,000 (0.17) * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
  15. Monday, 10/26's 2-hour season finale of 'Halloween Baking Championship,' at 1.31 million viewers/0.30 demo rating 18-49, was up 5 percent in viewers and down 9% in demo from last year's finale (1.24M/0.33 on 10/28/2019). For the entire season, viewership stayed even from 2019 at 1.16M while demo went down 17%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD NETWORK RATINGS FOR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS (October 19-25, 2020) Source: Showbuzzdaily (Rank/Show/Timeslot/# of Viewers/Demo rating 18-49 in parenthesis) 1---THE KITCHEN: FAMILY STYLE---Saturday 11:00AM---1,233,000 (0.24) 2---HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP---Monday 9:00PM---1,130,000 (0.25) 3---GIRL MEETS FARM---Sunday 11:00AM---1,086,000 (0.19) TRISHA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN REPACKAGED---Sunday 11:30AM---1,084,000 (0.19) * 4---PIONEER WOMAN---Saturday 10:00AM---1,077,000 (0.17) 5---DELICIOUS MISS BROWN---Saturday 12:00PM---973,000 (0.18) BAREFOOT CONTESSA REPACKAGED---Sunday 12:00PM---964,000 (0.15) * 6---CHOPPED---Tuesday 9:00PM---944,000 (0.20) 7---GUY’S GROCERY GAMES: DELIVERY---Wednesday 9:00PM---850,000 (0.26) 8---DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES---Friday 9:00PM---813,000 (0.18) 9---THE BIG BAKE---Monday 10:00PM---642,000 (0.15) * repackaged shows; numbers won't count for rankings
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