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Cooking Shows: What's Cooking?

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The new season of ALEX VS AMERICA premieres Sunday July 31st at 9PM ET/PT with host Eric Adjepong.


At the start of each battle, Eric Adjepong presents Alex and the competitors with the culinary theme for their dishes.  In the first round, the competitors can work together to select ingredients and even decide how much time goes on the clock.  Each dish undergoes a blind tasting from two judges well-versed in the episodic theme.  The chef who wins the first round earns the right to select all the variables for the second culinary challenge.

During the season Alex and the formidable competitors are faced with creating masterful dishes from varying culinary disciplines, including French cuisine, dessert, vegetarian, modernist cuisine and more.

I like Alex so enjoyed watching season 1.

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  • 5 months later...

Food Network aired a show called "Chef Dynasty: House of Fang".  It looked interesting:  a father and daughter both have Chinese restaurants -- the father is old school, but daughter Kathy wants to explore newer styles of cooking. 

I was ready to see some dishes prepared and get some tips but this show is a vanity project for the daughter. Between the many cut-ins of Kathy explaining her views, most of the hour was showing her swanning around the customers in designer dresses, showing her staff of young hotties (including ex beauty queen) and their drama.  We see Kathy in the gym practicing martial arts and home with her husband and kids, etc.  Not a lot of cooking and manufactured conflict between father and daughter.  No thanks, FN.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I watched the first episode hoping to see some Chinese cooking and get some ideas, but I was bored to tears with all the non cooking going on. Will not be watching any future episodes...

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