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Adam: Yours works, sort of, but I was thinking of a different show. (And it fails according to Doug Loves Movies Build-a-Title rules) How about:

Doctors at a Boston hospital and an acapella singing group try to catch an international thief.

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Lisin got mine/Dave's (which we both did back to back independently of one another like a couple of idiots who've been married for the better part of two decades).

At a famed New York acting school, a pompous host interviews performers about their dramedic exploits backstage at a long-running L.A.-based sketch show.

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FlipPerson of Interest

The former head writer of a sketch comedy show runs a Paranormal Private Investigation office out of her Malibu Beach mobile home with the help of her former co-workers at Kabletown and a whole lot of shadowy government tipsters.

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A young, sexy lawyer uses her incredibly short skirts to explore relationships, hot-button issues, and phonics. Also, there is Spider-Man, and in later seasons, Tony Stark.

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the fresh prince of bel-airwolf

A warrior slashes robot heads in his attempt to go back in time where he (or his brother voiced by Howie Mandel) will be president of the U.S.

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We were looking for

The Hogan Family Feud

but I'll allow it!

Argh, of course you were. 

Valerie Harper starred as Valerie Hogan.

  That's what I get for doing this at work. :^/

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