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Downton Abbey-ing Mary Jane??

Dougal: (more confidently) 

Scooby Doo No Harm (the "teenage doctor" was threw me and I got stuck for a while on Do No Harm Gie Howser, which, no.)


A crack team of forensics experts goes after an astronaut who keeps his wife trapped in a bottle.

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CSI Dream of Jeannie

A persnickety guy and his son moves in with his brother, an ex POW who is now a PI. Hijinks ensue.

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adam807 was right on mine, though I kind of like your alternative. :)

Tara (maybe):

Ben and Kate Plus Eight?

(Aah, Dave swooped my answer for EricJ's – should've reloaded. I'll keep my post anyway in case I'm right on Tara's :p.)

This one's maybe a bit of a stretch, but: A single dad and his high-school aged daughter move out of the big city (too many witches!) to a haunted house in a Connecticut suburb.

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A group of high school friends are hunted and helped by various women who look alike but things change rapidly when an valuable FBI informant and his handler are pushed to make an important real estate decision.

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EricJ and David T. Cole: I believe Eric's answer is missing 

the real estate part

. So I think it should be 

Beverly Hills: 9021Orphan Black Love It Or List It

. I wouldn't have come up with the first show without EricJ's answer though. 

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Tara, what was your ungotten clue again? I've lost it in all the activity.

Easy one but it made me giggle: A sassy housekeeper turns to making meth when she's diagnosed with cancer.

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Denay and Eric are both right about my latest. Adam, the old one: A feckless loon moves in with his sister, who's already living with another divorced mom and all their kids.

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