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the fresh prince of bel-airwolf

A warrior slashes robot heads in his attempt to go back in time where he (or his brother voiced by Howie Mandel) will be president of the U.S.

That's it!

And I love your title!

Samurai Jack & Bobby's World!


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@HerrElvis got it!

We experience the rage of Malcolm Tucker through his own eyes as he breaks the fourth wall and addresses his sitcom audience.

Edit: I Stole this from Dave in the last page and thought it was my own. (Sky writes apology, wears dumb bag on head)

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A group of disparate personalities who act like they all have something up their ass work the homicide squad in the bay area.

Awesome! If I'm right, I was trying to figure out a way to phrase this one.

Sesame Streets of San Francisco


A flatulent purple dinosaur has to keep solving crimes while in the midst of a divorce from a Fabulous brother.

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Points go to Spynotebook!

Though if I tweaked the clue to "David Hassellhoff, Jane Lynch, and friends get tipsy and have adventures" it could be

Baywatch Hollywood Game Knights Rider


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Nashville Bridges

which reminds me of the time in the 90s I was eating at a place in Marina del Rey and two writers from the police show were punching up the script to an episode and they were really into it and maybe thought this was the most important show of all time.

A pilot arrives in the distant future, gets into legal trouble involving a lack of a futurepassport and is defended by lawyers from his near-future.

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That's not what I was thinking but I like it! I'll rephrase as:

Alaskan fishermen spring traps by impersonating underage crabs using the internet.

Oh and I would watch the heck out of

Laverne and Shirley-lock


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