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  1. Sheena

    Will You Be Enchanted By Disenchantment?

    Thank you for yet another amazing podcast! And for the warning about Disenchantment, that's rather disappointing... Not that it matters to anyone but me who is still sad years later that it's gone and needs a new hobby, but Morena Baccarin's Stargate character was pronounced "Aah-dree-aah the Orr-ih-sigh." ...I'll show myself out.
  2. Sheena

    Journeying To The Outpost

    Seconding John here, this sounds more like Primeval (The Lost World was blatantly filmed in Australia- oh, the wonderful, terrible "British" accents- and there were definitely portals, but not much back-and-forthing with them). I was literally watching an episode of TLW last night, so this podcast totally made my day, even if the show was being referenced as low-quality (I love it to pieces, but... yeah, fair). Thank you for introducing me to this CW show, though, it sounds like the kind of garbage fire I will watch for years. :)
  3. Sheena

    Gathering The Comrades For The Americans

    Awesome episode, thank you! Regarding "Skytanic" and the canon, I may be wrong about this, but I believe that "Skytanic" was referenced several times in EHG Mark I, but never actually nominated; the first time it was referenced was in "Episode 12 - Danger Zone" during a discussion about TV favourites of 2010 and that discussion did include 3 clips, so it had a canon-ey quality to it.
  4. Sheena

    Soft-Soaping Dynasty's 2017 Reboot

    I had no idea what a "breton tee" was, so I had to Google it... and I realised that I am wearing one right now. :D Best wishes to the Coles, I hope all is well 'round Thorold way!
  5. Sheena

    Getting A Forking Forkful Of The Good Place

    Thank you guys for getting me to watch The Good Place, it's amazing and I couldn't be happier that it's finally on Netflix! Side note, not to be a jerk but Bones' first name is Temperance or Joy, not Constance.
  6. Sheena

    S01.E15 Go Pirates!: Red Scares

    I'm imagining all of the things Sarah might've been saying and most of them involve bees, so even during technical difficulties you guys make me smile. :D
  7. Sheena

    S08.E01: Cake Week

    ...wait, there's an episode of The Mighty Boosh in the canon?
  8. I really enjoyed the podcast- the end sounds a little odd to me, though, is anyone else having that difficulty? And is there a way I can play the file which doesn't have any issues?
  9. Sheena

    S01.E01: The Weddings

    Thank you for this article- I used to LOVE the MTV show Engaged and Underage, so I can't wait to see this! :)
  10. Please oh please let there be a "Will Dave Hate This?" segment about a Fuller-run Trek series! :)
  11. Sheena

    The Phrase That Doesn't Pay Guessing Zone

    Was it 80-year-old prospector?
  12. Sheena

    EHG 34: Never Poop In Westeros

    Hey Dave, I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I try to download the episode via Direct Download link, I get redirected to the download for the previous episode... would it be possible to check on the Direct Download please? I'm really looking forward to hearing it! :)
  13. Sheena

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    My husband would echo all of that. :) Seconded! While I do enjoy some of them, they are often very slow burn dramas and if I'm not in the right mood for them, they'll knock me right out. Except for Hell on Wheels, but largely because it's a goldmine for playing Spot the Canadian Actor... and I may have a crush on Christopher Heyerdahl. But yeah, they can be a massive slog. So could I! :) Murder She Wrote is TV comfort food for me, I just love it.
  14. Sheena

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Same! I thought that Bela was a hoot, she was just fun every time she turned up... I was really sad when she died, too, and I think that her story was among the more tragic of the show. And while I'm sure Misha is a very nice person, and I know that he does some great charity work... he was in a film the existence of-which I'm not especially happy (which, I realize, is a me-thing) so no, I don't do the fangirl shuffle over him either. *goes in to Witness Protection* Yes. THIS. So much this! :D I'm of the general view that Sam and Dean are written and acted as being straight as well- I think that Dean and Cass can play off of each other well, but I never really saw where the sexual attraction was supposed to kick in with them. And the fact that Wincest is a thing... it weirds me out, more than a little. Like.. just why, people? They're related! Incest isn't sexy! I'm mostly with you on the ship front too, except that I accidentally (like, my words after the episode were "Aww, they're strangely cute together, that'd be really interesti-- DAMN IT") found myself (for the all of two or three episodes it was of relevance) shipping Cass and Meg. But I haven't shipped any duo/trio before or since- so long as they're hunting, I actually kind of prefer them romantically unattached. *gets massive surgical adjustments to face in addition to going in to Witness Protection*
  15. Sheena

    Through the Gate: The Cast in Other Roles

    I was rewatching Flash Forward a couple of years back (not in any order, I just saw episodes available and went on a nostalgia trip) and ran across this... it definitely gave me pause, lol: