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  1. EricJ

    S04.E07: Something Stupid

    Was I unreasonably happy that Buntsy got to recap an episode with a D.B. Cooper reference? Yes I was.
  2. Not a lot to say on this ep, but if The Good Place never has an episode called "Chidi Chidi Bang Bang" I'll be sorely miffed.
  3. MSCL's Very Special Teacher episode really falls down when compared to Veronica Mars'.
  4. Let's see if I can get this straight. This is the order it happens in, as I understand it: Veronica and Lily are the same age, but she is in the class with Duncan and Logan and Lilly is in the class ahead, so the homecoming dance is Veronica, Duncan, Logan's Freshman Year and Lilly's sophomore year. The next year Veronica returns to school and Duncan doesn't acknowledge her, Celeste has told him that they are sisters. Lilly tells her Duncan is weird, or something like it. Veronica is hurt. she is still Lilly's friend and hangs out with her. Veronica meets a new friend who kisses Logan, who Logan kisses knowing it will get back to Lilly and break them up, but Veronica self righteously takes this upon herself and loses a friend and learns not to follow orders from Lilly, anyway it is a meaningful experience for her. At the car wash Lilly tells Veronica she has a good secret, although she has many this is almost certainly having sex with Aaron, which Lilly would find gossip worthy, It is uncertain if this is an ongoing affair, she may be going to meet him to have sex for the first time after the car wash.. Anyway, Lilly is then killed. Duncan's parents, assuming he is the killer, take him out of the picture, medicate him and hospitalize him, he is not available to Veronica or Logan as a friend. Keith loses his job, probably by Christmas. Lianne leaves. Keith starts PI business. Veronica helps him sell stuff, maybe sell house, find apartment, find place of business, does receptionist duties, starts doing surveillance, working a couple full time jobs and going to school. This means Logan is abandoned, takes it out on Veronica in the spring, bullies and ostracizes her. Tells people she has 'chosen her father over her friends'. She starts to toughen up, while learning the PI business. At the end of the school year party that Shelley holds Veronica decides to give the group of 09ers a fuck you and goes to the party, but does something stupid, takes a drink from an enemy (I suspect Madison and Veronica have bad blood all along, but we never learn the details), and eventually is sexually assaulted by Logan and then raped by Cassidy and Duncan. She goes to the paternalistic (her Dad was sheriff) institution for help, Lamb the current Sheriff tells her to go see the wizard. She realizes if she now goes to her Dad he will lose it, beat up Lamb and be arrested, she can't tell him. She sees the Wizard, decides to be the person who helps the people paternalistic society will not help. Cuts hair, changes style. Continues to work as a PI, doing actual cases. The next fall goes to school, her junior year, cuts Wallace off flagpole. And we are off! Thank you for that pre-show timeline. I've never seen it laid out like that, and it's really helpful.
  5. EricJ

    EHG Mini: Important TV Telephones

    Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone, of course.
  6. I think you're all missing the implication of Robert staying on the island, combined with what we saw from Simon in their final chess match - Robert arranged it all- had himself shot down, had his father killed, and stayed on the island long enough that he wouldn't be implicated or suspected. I'm looking forward to a Cyrus semi-redemption arc. I'm not sure how they can get me on his side, but they managed it with Helena. It does occur to me that Robert wasn't around for the paternity questions, and has never himself been tested.
  7. I know that she's said that S&P wouldn't approve the song, but I also can't think of anywhere in the last few episodes this would have fit. I really think it was originally intended to be a running gag of a song that they never got to sing, and was only expanded due to popular demand.
  8. This episode really could have used about 20 minutes more of "Previously On..." It seems like every show does an Underground Fight Club episode or storyline. And its never worthwhile. I think Robert is going to spend 5 years on a hellish island, return to save his country. He'd better start working on those bow-and-arrow skills. I saw the Lord Chamberlain/gigolo switcharoo coming from a mile away. Still amusing, and any opportunity for Elizabeth Hurley to show that she's still got it is welcome by me. Really this show is so entertainingly batshit insane, I wish it had more buzz. I'd really like to see an off-format episode done as a BBC special showing the Alternate History that led to King Cyrus - when did the Royal succession break from the one we know? What parallels exist, and what changed? Was there an abdication crisis in the 30s? Did the Empire decline at the same rate and in the same way as in our world? I'm sure most of the crew working on the show don't care, but I bet you there's one or two writers who have spent hours working out all of the backstory.
  9. EricJ

    S05.E07: Vigilante

    I have to say they did a really good job replicating the look of the '80s Vigilante, a character notable only for the fact that Alan Moore wrote two issues of his comic. (And it was among the least interesting things Alan Moore ever wrote.)
  10. EricJ

    S01.E03: Windsor

    I believe it was paid out of George VI's own incomes, which is why the Queen Mother was eager to cut it off. George also had to buy him out of various private possessions of the monarch, like Sandringham, which aren't automatically owned by whoever wears the crown. As a recent Outlander binge-er every mention of Sandringham is amusing.
  11. EricJ

    Luke Cage

    A question for current New Yorkers - does "Harlem" actually still exist? That is, is it really still an organic, predominantly African-American community, or is it like Little Italy, a few soul-food restaurants and gospel brunches primarily for tourists surrounded by more recent immigrant populations and waves of gentrification?
  12. EricJ

    30 Rock's Doctor Was All About Comedy

    I find nothing in this article with which to disagree.
  13. EricJ

    EHG Mini: Transplanting TV-eh

    I would move "The Slap" to the suburbs of Toronto, where it would become "The Apology."
  14. EricJ

    TV Land Has Picked Up Younger For A Fourth Season

    As (probably) the only straight, male viewer of Younger, I say Huzzah!
  15. EricJ

    EHG 119: Tackling O.J.: Made In America

    I hope you're happy that I thoroughly confused my family while watching the Tonys, because every time they mentioned the nominated play "The Humans" I muttered "Heard of 'em."