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  1. Was I unreasonably happy that Buntsy got to recap an episode with a D.B. Cooper reference? Yes I was.
  2. Not a lot to say on this ep, but if The Good Place never has an episode called "Chidi Chidi Bang Bang" I'll be sorely miffed.
  3. MSCL's Very Special Teacher episode really falls down when compared to Veronica Mars'.
  4. Let's see if I can get this straight. This is the order it happens in, as I understand it: Veronica and Lily are the same age, but she is in the class with Duncan and Logan and Lilly is in the class ahead, so the homecoming dance is Veronica, Duncan, Logan's Freshman Year and Lilly's sophomore year. The next year Veronica returns to school and Duncan doesn't acknowledge her, Celeste has told him that they are sisters. Lilly tells her Duncan is weird, or something like it. Veronica is hurt. she is still Lilly's friend and hangs out with her. Veronica meets a new friend who kisses Loga
  5. Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone, of course.
  6. I think you're all missing the implication of Robert staying on the island, combined with what we saw from Simon in their final chess match - Robert arranged it all- had himself shot down, had his father killed, and stayed on the island long enough that he wouldn't be implicated or suspected. I'm looking forward to a Cyrus semi-redemption arc. I'm not sure how they can get me on his side, but they managed it with Helena. It does occur to me that Robert wasn't around for the paternity questions, and has never himself been tested.
  7. I know that she's said that S&P wouldn't approve the song, but I also can't think of anywhere in the last few episodes this would have fit. I really think it was originally intended to be a running gag of a song that they never got to sing, and was only expanded due to popular demand.
  8. This episode really could have used about 20 minutes more of "Previously On..." It seems like every show does an Underground Fight Club episode or storyline. And its never worthwhile. I think Robert is going to spend 5 years on a hellish island, return to save his country. He'd better start working on those bow-and-arrow skills. I saw the Lord Chamberlain/gigolo switcharoo coming from a mile away. Still amusing, and any opportunity for Elizabeth Hurley to show that she's still got it is welcome by me. Really this show is so entertainingly batshit insane, I wish it had mo
  9. I have to say they did a really good job replicating the look of the '80s Vigilante, a character notable only for the fact that Alan Moore wrote two issues of his comic. (And it was among the least interesting things Alan Moore ever wrote.)
  10. I believe it was paid out of George VI's own incomes, which is why the Queen Mother was eager to cut it off. George also had to buy him out of various private possessions of the monarch, like Sandringham, which aren't automatically owned by whoever wears the crown. As a recent Outlander binge-er every mention of Sandringham is amusing.
  11. A question for current New Yorkers - does "Harlem" actually still exist? That is, is it really still an organic, predominantly African-American community, or is it like Little Italy, a few soul-food restaurants and gospel brunches primarily for tourists surrounded by more recent immigrant populations and waves of gentrification?
  12. I find nothing in this article with which to disagree.
  13. I would move "The Slap" to the suburbs of Toronto, where it would become "The Apology."
  14. As (probably) the only straight, male viewer of Younger, I say Huzzah!
  15. I hope you're happy that I thoroughly confused my family while watching the Tonys, because every time they mentioned the nominated play "The Humans" I muttered "Heard of 'em."
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